Families Should Try Including Educational Products or Educational Toys in Gift Giving to Children

Reasoning Behind Educational Gifts or Toys

Family members should try to include a few educational products in with their gift giving to children. Many families appear to be doing that from what I’ve seen when shopping at various stores. Children need to find education or learning fun. They could also use the extra study without knowing they are actually doing it. The gift of an education is a gift of love. We all want our children to succeed in life and to become some talented adult person one day. Education is the key to success. Knowledge is used only when it is exercised in some aspect of our daily life. Buying educational toys is just a good way of making sure that even when our children aren’t at school, they are getting something to enhance their learning and developing their skills. This can also give us comfort in knowing that we are contributing in some way to that child’s educational well-being. We don’t have to be the parent, we could be a friend or other family member giving such a wonderful gift to a child. A sibling could choose something educational for a brother or sister.  Parents will definitely want to include it in the mix of things when purchasing toys. Education gifts are a winner, but not the only thing to rely on. So, don’t go overboard, of course, with shopping educationally, but bring a little of it into the mix. Children need a variety of things to do to keep them engaged. Some things help keep them fit, some keep them entertained, while other things work their little brain cells.


Educational Toy Promoting the World Map

My son liked maps of all kinds.  This was a good educational toy that he loved playing with just for fun. You click and learn about different places in the world.
My son liked maps of all kinds. This was a good educational toy that he loved playing with just for fun. You click and learn about different places in the world.

Consider Your Child's Hobbies and Educational Interests

 Pay attention to what educational area interests your child also.  This could be a telling sign of what they may do for a career as an adult.  They may love Math, Science, animals, solving puzzles, reading, writing, fiddling with the computer, and so many other things.  I noticed my oldest daughter loved math years ago.  She liked Math games.  She joined the Math Club in high school.  Guess what her major was in college?  You got it, Math!  You never know what a little play could be leading to and/or indicating.  Even the love for drawing could be something that leads to, not just the great artist, but also architecture, graphic designing, and even an engineer of sorts, and much, much more.  Building blocks may lead to the construction worker, the designer, the handyman, or any of these type vocations.  My youngest daughter had one of those big head-hair dresser toys.  She loved doing the head’s hair in different styles, using the rollers, putting in ponytails and using various designs.  She found herself being a pretty good hair dresser on the side as an adult.  My sister loved dressing dolls in various outfits as a child.  She was the outfit guru of the family.  She even did well at sewing and making various outfits for the dolls.  She decided to study a little fashion designing in college.  My youngest son has loved reading about and doing activities using maps of the United States and the Continents, the Universe, and specifically shark study since 1st grade.  I don’t know for sure what he will be when he grows up, but I have an unction that it will be in one of those scientific or geographical areas.  A friend of mine made jewelry as a child for everyone in the family for gifts every Christmas.  She now dabbles in jewelry sales and designs.  My eldest  son loves music, singing, writing songs, and writing in general in his journal.  He may be showing a little of his mother in him (smile).  I just don’t write songs!  This could lead him into a variety of writing gigs or research and reporting later on in life.  Look back into your own childhood and you may be able to see some things you enjoyed as a child, books you loved reading, or activities you love doing that you brought over into adulthood, or that influenced your career aspirations.  You just never know.  Be watchful and you may just have some ESP into your child’s educational future.

Giving That Quality Time

Playing with the child and boosting their interest.
Playing with the child and boosting their interest.

Some Toys Can Lead to a Career or Vocation

Don’t’ hesitate to get educational games for your child , as well as, games that encourage fitness.  The Wii games develop the fitness aspect into video gaming.  Your child may be a Physical Education Teacher, a coach, a ball player, a gymnast, a hockey player, a skater, a swimmer, a runner, a fitness instructor, and so much more.  There are educational games for the Playstation, or X-Box.  You just really have to look and pay attention with those.  Even the other games may lead your child into the software design or game design.  There are starter laptops, educational board games, scholastic touch tablet., Vtech games, Leap Frog, MySims, digital camera and camcorder for the photographer in your child, Mobigo, building, and many more types of games that influence a child’s educational growth, stimulates their mind, and develops their finger dexterity, hand-eye coordination, reading ability, and technological skills.  Instruments are good for children also.  You never know what skills you will foster in a child that will enhance their educational outcome and/or lead them to finding their career or vocational niche.  I still believe in the simplicity of doing things together also.  Making the time to do some things with your child can never be replaced with just an item.  Board games for the family are something that can be educational and foster family unity and boost the family relationship.   Quality time is a special gift to your children.  It is the best gift of all time, regardless of any holiday, birthday, or any other special occasion.  I go more into this in another hub. 

Just think about including some learning or education toys that are fun into your gift giving to your children whenever the time arises to give them something.  It could be Christmas, their Birthday, or any occasion of sharing a gift.  Gifts should be well rounded and varied in their function.  Include toys that are just for fun.  Believe me, there is something else that toy is doing than being just for fun. 

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schoolmarm profile image

schoolmarm 6 years ago from Florida

The Leap Frog toy is wonderful. I got this for my brother last year, he is disabled and is not able to read on his own. He still enjoys being read to, but nothing compares to being able to enjoy a book all by yourself. Great hub!

workn2it profile image

workn2it 6 years ago from Missouri Author

Thanks for your comment. My son enjoys playing all sorts of learning games. I am glad he does. These types of toys are really helpful and fun for children. I appreciate your comment. I will be checking in more frequently in the future.

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