FIFA 2010 PS3 Game

FIFA Soccer 10 (PS3)
FIFA Soccer 10 (PS3)

FIFA Soccer 2010 Presentation

Even before kickoff, FIFA 10 is dazzling. A superb presentation recalls television coverage and allows you to gradually immerse yourself into the game, making you discover the basics. When you enter the field, players enjoy an authentic modelization, similar to their real world counterparts, in both their appearance and their behavior: they try to influence the decisions of the referee, they interact with their teammates and they express their joy dramatically after scoring a goal. Faced with such attention to detail, it is as entertaining to watch a game than to play one.

Similarly, the soundtrack adds to the realism during the game: the players are talking, sometimes the fans ignite with chants specific to their club and the remarks of the advised commentators help you follow the action, going as far as to mention certain incidents that happened earlier in the meeting.

If you play online, it can even keep you informed of what's happening in the real world of football between games with a live news ticker.

FIFA Soccer 10 Gameplay

As the owner of the FIFA 08, 09 and UEFA, I was pleasantly surprised by the changes undergone by this new version.

FIFA 10 is a dream for real fans of football. With dozens of teams available, from various world championships, you'll have no trouble to quickly dive into the gameplay and lead your team to victory. The best way to win is to master the subtle art of passing, since the realism is the main asset of FIFA. Even if the players perform well dribbling, only the most talented attackers are able to dribble between all opposing players. You will thus need to fully exploit the strengths of all your players and not just those of the star of the team.

All sorts of factors play a role in the abilities of your players on the field. The dynamics of a shot or pass depends on the weight, size and physical condition of players, of the marking of the opponent, of the speed of the ball and even of the foot used (left or right). On the other hand, weather such as snow and rain can also affect the quality of your play, as the referee who is smart enough to let the advantage in any action, then come back to the fault after the fact to punish with a yellow card the player who had committed a foul.

To play a quick game, choose exhibition games. You also have the opportunity to participate in a cup or championship. The Career mode puts you behind the bench and let you live the ups and downs of a coach, while coaching your favorite team. You manage the club sponsors, player transfers and many other options. You can then watch a simulated game or play yourself.

The Virtual Pro functionality lets you create a player (using the Game Face option if you put your picture online) and use it in all sorts of game modes, while in the Live Season, you can download the state and stats of real teams, following their progress weekly and then integrating it with FIFA 10. This comprehensive method also retrieves the actual schedule of your team.

The 360 degrees dribbling system is a definite plus. It really is possible to leave behind an opponent by choosing the right angle/direction to run to after a pass. And the training mode is finally complete. It is now possible to train in a game situation with 11 players on the field and a team in opposition. Kicks trainig also finally becomes interesting. It is also possible to change player in a simple manner (R1) and choose a right or left handed shooter. 

Another innovation is the ability to play a quick free kick: Properly exploited, this option can destabilize a poorly positioned opponent and create good opportunities for attack. 

FIFA 2010 PS3 Game Screenshots
FIFA 2010 PS3 Game Screenshots

FIFA 10 Multiplayer Mode

The main and most interesting feature of any football game is its multiplayer options and FIFA 10 does not disappoint on that front. Most modes are customizable, whether it's a small single match or a full championship, online or offline. Up to 20 players can battle at any time (two teams of 10) in the online pro club championship mode, each player controlling only one of the team players. You can also limit the number of players and face some friends or team up with them.

The gameplay remains as fluid as it is detailed and we appreciate it even more thanks to the unpredictability of games where you play with other talented players, either in cooperation or confrontation. Now that we can create and save combinations on set pieces, you will have more tactical options and alternatives to gain advantage over your rivals.


In short, though without radical changes, FIFA 10 is an investment that is fully justified for the virtual football fan.

FIFA 2010 PS3 Game

FIFA Soccer 10 - Playstation 3
FIFA Soccer 10 - Playstation 3

FIFA Soccer 10 for the playstation 3 (PS3) console



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