Level Up Quickly in World of Warcraft

17 Steps to Level Up Quickly in World of Warcraft

Everyone wants to level up quickly. You’ve probably even heard of players who can get to level 60 in just one or two weeks. Although this is possible, fast leveling is such an elusive process for most players.

Here, we’ll debunk this myth. Anyone can learn to level fast. All it takes is some dedication, specialized knowledge and the willingness to try new things.

How to Play World of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft Tips

These 17 tips are designed to really jumpstart your leveling.

1) Take on Quests. It can be very tempting to just shoot from town to town murdering things and gaining EXP. However, it really doesn’t take that long to just run around town collecting quests. Once you’ve got your quests, you’ll get a lot of extra EXP, gold and loot from completing your quests.

2) Make sure you get all your quests before you start killing. Most players waste a lot of time by taking a quest and finishing it then running back to town. Instead, just collect all the quests you can before you start running around killing enemies.

3) Invest in bag space. It’s very annoying to find a quest item only to find that you don’t have the bag space to store it. You’ll often waste a lot of time deciding what to dump. You’ll also waste gold because you’re not selling as many items as you could be. Invest in four 14 slot bags as quickly as you can.

4) Avoid the Auction House as much as you can. Unless you truly need gear, try to just work with items you get from quests or drops. This will help you save a lot of gold and a lot of time. You can often get to level 60 without even having to use the Auction House. This way, you can save up and really purchase some awesome items.

5) Plan out your grinding/farming and your questing. It doesn’t make any sense to go killing enemies in one area and run back to town when you could have completed a nearby quest just as easily. A small degree of planning can greatly enhance the time you spend killing enemies.

6) In the beginning of the game, as soon as you hit level 10 you can make a lot of EXP by running over to other starting points and completing all the green quests quickly. This is a great way to rack up some quick EXP points.

7) Target enemies that are at your level. If they’re too far below your level, the EXP is negligible. If they’re too far ahead of your level, it takes too long and you might die.

8) If your plan is to level up quickly, consider having skinning as your first profession. This is a great way to make extra gold doing what you’re already doing: Killing lots of monsters. The 3 seconds it takes to skin aren’t wasted; you’re actually recovering your health and mana at the same time.

9) You should invest in a mount as fast as you can. Your mount will instantly increase your travel speed drastically. Faster travel speed means less time invested in non-EXP gaining activities, which means faster leveling overall. Save up for your mount and get your mount as fast as you can!

World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks

10) A leveling guide is a great investment when it comes to leveling up. Most of the top World of Warcraft players use leveling guides to assist them in fast leveling. Joana’s guide is probably the most popular leveling guide available today.

11) Take on green quests. Green quests are quests that show up green because they’re a few levels below you. This is a great way to rack up some quick and easy EXP.

12) Using bots is an effective and common way to level up quickly. They can help you fight the repetitive and boring fights with weaker monsters and help you gain a lot of EXP, even when you’re not in front of the computer. That said, bots are against the rules and you stand the chance of getting banned. It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen.

13) Spend as little time as you can looking for people for quests. Try to solo through as much of the game as you can. This is help you conserve time so that you gain more experience faster.

14) Being part of a great, well co-ordinated group can help you level up a lot faster. Make sure you really are part of a great group before you join, because a bumbling group can waste your time just as quickly. If you’re after a fast level up, there are really only two choices: Finding a great group or going solo. There is no in between.

15) Get new skills and use your talent points as fast as possible. There’s no point in holding on to it. The more time you spend not having used your talent points, the slower you are at killing enemies.

16) A lot of top World of Warcraft players don’t get professions at all. A lot of people find that professions just take up too much time and gold. Instead, these players invest the gold in bags and mounts and save up for epic items. Although this streamlined strategy is very efficient, it’s not for everyone.

17) One crucial thing to keep in mind is your overall speed as you move through the game. It can be very tempting to spend time hanging around chatting, to hang out in the Auction House, to spend time in between quests looking for people, etc. This is all fun and part of the game, but it really does detract from your leveling speed.

If you want to level up quickly, it’s important to keep your mind on the timing and speed of everything. Do everything as quickly as you possibly can. Focus and you’ll find your level up speed skyrocketing very quickly.

If you follow these 17 tips, you’ll find that you’ll quickly skyrocket ahead of other World of Warcraft players. These 17 tips will help you level up very quickly.

Best of luck!

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