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How To Get Free IMVU Credits

People are always asking:

  • “How do I get free IMVU credits?” *or*
  • “How do I get IMVU credits without paying for them?” *or*
  • “What is the easiest way to get free IMVU credits?” *or*
  • “Is there a real way to get free IMVU credits?” *or*
  • “Where can I get free IMVU credits?”

The answers are at!

It's the biggest and most accurate list of ways to get free IMVU credits on the Internet.
Each method listed is works and is legit, so no worries about getting your account banned!

The list is constantly updated, so posting here would just be double the work! The top methods on the list right now are listed below.

Earn IMVU Credits by playing games, taking surveys, doing tasks & more!

  • Many people disapprove of this site but it’s becoming really popular among IMVU users. Join metaRL and find out what all the fuss is about. At metaRL you earn metaPoints which you can transfer into your account & get free IMVU Credits!
  • There is a new site on the block called ZEHX. It’s very similar to metaRL except you earn “PED” that can be cashed out as IMVU credits (and other game currencies). Currently 1 PED = 320 IMVU credits.
  • Prize Rebel is another one where you complete offers, earn points and then cash them out for prizes and money for online games. One of their prizes, is of course free IMVU credits! Join Prize Rebel and start earning free credits now! With just 10 points you can get 10,000 credits!
  • The short version = Join these 3 sites:
    1. metaRL **
    2. ZEHX **
    3. Prize Rebel **

Earn IMVU Credits by Searching on the Internet

Swagbucks is a cool site where you earn points just for using their search engine. You don’t get points every time you search, which is why you have to use the search engine constantly in order to increase your chances of getting points.

  • First you have to: join Swagbucks at
  • Then you have to perform searches on a regular basis to earn points.
  • You can also find FREE Swag codes all over the Web. There is usually one floating around every other day.
  • You can also complete free offers to earn Swag codes (kind of like metaRL, ZEHX and Prize Rebel).
  • Once you get 50 Swagbucks, you can trade them in for 50 Ultimate Points that can then be used to get free IMVU credits at

For a lot more ways to earn, visit!

Special Deals Just For You

*Use At Your Own Risk* Sometimes works, sometimes doesn't.

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Comments 35 comments

Imvu User: Novalefe 7 years ago

It doesn't work! ive tried this before with my gmail account, and I NEVER get creds. I even invited a REAL friend and I still got nothing.

Chachafance profile image

Chachafance 7 years ago from Eufaula, AL Author

Thanks for the tip Novalefe. I guess it works for some but doesn't work for others...... Many people claims it works for them.

livi667 7 years ago

um chacha, im livi667(that's my imvu account) um i was hoping that maybe you culd hook me up with lots of credits. my parents wont get my credits at all so please!!!!!!!! :) and thank you

Chachafance profile image

Chachafance 7 years ago from Eufaula, AL Author

Sorry I don't "give" out credits I just give people tips on how to earn them.......

brianna 7 years ago

it doesn't work ANYMORE this worked with the old imvu but ppl like her posted this everywhere and imvu fixed it so if u do it with the same IP adress it wont work but if u download the older version of imvu u can still use it, my name is SmexyKitteh1, check my HP out sometime

Chachafance profile image

Chachafance 6 years ago from Eufaula, AL Author

@Brianna Sorry it doesn't work anymore :( Nothing works forever I guess.

Free IMVU 6 years ago

Thanks for the update, it works now!

StacyStock 6 years ago

Sabrina you need to chill. This person posted this out of the goodness of their hearts.

lil trey 6 years ago

thes is cool

rodney branch 6 years ago

do you have to buy that imvu crd

ZEHZPAYER 6 years ago

Or you could just use We are an authorized IMVU affliates and we give out free creidts all the time

Chachafance profile image

Chachafance 6 years ago from Eufaula, AL Author was added to the list.

jennifer 6 years ago

it don't work, seriously. i did the same exact thing and i never got my creds

Alarius 6 years ago

this only gets u the credits when the invited friend signs up for imvu using your invite anyone knows this....

kevinswaggerr 6 years ago

I've been tryinq 2 earn credits but all I know that's if som1 needz credits I give credits/ gifts :) hitme up my avatar is kevinswaggerr I'm a creator:)

Monss123 6 years ago

hey guys i was just wondering if anyone would like 3/4 percent discount off the next credits you buy.. sorry this doesn't really help but it will really help me and mean a lot thank you! PLEASE use this code , it would mean a lot.. thanks :)


CrazyCrazyBaby 5 years ago

Would Anyone Like 10$ Of Any 50$ Purchase Of IMVU Credits??

If You Would Then Go To The Buy Credits Page And Above The "Checkout" Button There Is Something That Will Say Something About A Coupon Code. Click It And Enter This :



nataSuper 5 years ago

omg doesent work so

kk 5 years ago

this sucks they hacked my acc and took all my credits now theres no were toget my 20k back

imvunation 5 years ago

Free avatar names, cheat, hacks, ways to make creds and more imvu discussion! join now!

ryan 5 years ago

i need credits on imvu

queenlynn1437 5 years ago

i need credits on imvu

queenlynn1437 5 years ago

i need credits on imvu

Haley 5 years ago

Well too bad there are no hints, tricks or cheats to get Imvu credits for free. But there is It is incredibly easy & completely free. There are other rewards other then Imvu credits. You can get ipods, ipad's and anything else you can think of. All you have to do is play games, do tasks(they are easy peesy lemon squeezy) or answer SHORT surveys and you are rewarded with a lot of points.

^There is the website, check it out :)

wled0h 5 years ago


swampboy 5 years ago

how do i get free credit

haha 4 years ago

haha i joined prizego but did not clicking your link that would give u points in prizego lol so haha rofl ur tricks is shit i know better i have my imvu generator haha i have earned 1 million imvu credits with that lol but still needs a vip hack if u know how to hack vip please give me othwerwise stfu i don't need credits nigga

t23t 4 years ago

will u plz hlp me get free imvu credits :)

diamond 4 years ago

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ok good good

profile image

emilyshea41 3 years ago


I just got free IMVU credits from imvucreditsgenerator{dot}com


YPTHAPRINCE23 3 years ago

AYY HaHa can u give me sum creds bro im in need here holla at me

widmer 3 years ago

hello,chacha,give me credit?(100000),for imvu?tank you,my name avatar is eolo3000,if is not posible,patienta

profile image

Catie Perrie 2 years ago

they don't give me poop in my country not even surveys how do they think others survive here

deja 2 years ago

These comments doee

MAC 2 years ago

Does anyone have a real IMVU generator?

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