How To Get: Not Just Microsoft Points, Free Collectibles like Magic The Gathering Too

Free Microsoft Points is One Option... Magic The Gathering and other Collectibles is another

There are a few good sites out there that can get you started on a new system that can earn you free stuff (and cash via paypal) through and their new reward system. Many people work this system to get things like Free Microsoft Points but that is not just the only product you can acquire... you can get anything you want, from via their new rewards system and all it requires is that you are 13+ years of age, have an internet connection, and an email address (you can collect Microsoft Points for instance via this email address as Microsoft sends you codes this way).

This system is fully documented, with FAQ, Testimonials and a HOW TO GUIDE on:

Check out the youtube video on the home page as well as that will get you started.

Magic 2011 here we come!
Magic 2011 here we come!
Premium Foil Shards booster!
Premium Foil Shards booster!
Rise of the Eldrazi!
Rise of the Eldrazi!


This new website is concise and to the point. It gives you the details, bluntly and plainly and the layout is simple and clean. The site is easy to Navigate and getting started is a breeze. All it requires is that you confirm you are 13+ years of age (with parents permission under 18 years of age) and have an email address which can be EASILY created at or via hotmail. There is no reason why anyone shouldn't at least try this new site, as the rewards site they document will give you a free $1 bill in the post just for trying them out and asking them to 'prove it' that they can get free stuff.

All in all I rate this site:


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