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BTW, much better to say "Ether" or "Aether", not "Air"

Glowbugs - homebrew (DIY) tube gadgets, receivers and transmitters, dedicated to the Golden Era of Amateur Radio. Generally, any small, home-built tube-type transmitter or receiver may be referred to as a glowbug. The majority of glowbug transmitters are designed to be used in the CW radiotelegraphy mode. A number of radio amateurs also build their own tube receivers and AM voice transmitters. A growing number of hams are "getting back to their roots" by assembling glowbugs on steel chassis, tin cakepans, and wooden boards, and putting them on the air. More on Wiki...

In this Squidoo lens I want to introduce Glowbugs as not only trivial HAM-Radio group of tedious high skilled technicians , but artistic, slightly decadence Steampunk Radio hobby, to observe some great Glowbugs Homebrewer's sites and to place a bunch of links to Glowbugs related Amateur Radio Museums, Groups e.t.c. Enjoy the Glowing Soul of contemporary Amateur Radio!

Glowbugs Researchers and Homebrewers - Amateur Radio Station W9QZ

Best Steampunk Radio Ever
Best Steampunk Radio Ever

1929 vintage Hartley transmitter with built-in power supply. Shown with rare Blue Arcturus vacuum tubes. All 1929 vintage components except for wood and repro capacitor.

I enjoy building home-brewed ham gear using schematics from 1929-era ARRL handbooks and old copies of QST Magazines. It is difficult to find parts nowadays, but eBay makes that a bit easier now, if not quite a bit more costly!

Steampunk Transmitters In The Real Air - VE7SL: BUILDING A 1929 STYLE TNT TRANSMITTER

VE3AWA Transmitter
VE3AWA Transmitter

Glowbugs Radio Hosts - QST Magazine - Vintage Radio Column

Ernie Hite's Collection
Ernie Hite's Collection

W0VLZ Vintage Radio Blog

W0VLZ Hartley Transmitter
W0VLZ Hartley Transmitter

Blog about ham radio experiences including vintage homebrew, QRP operating and the National Radio company.

Guestbook - Steampunk not dead, eh? 6 comments

ElizabethSheppard profile image

ElizabethSheppard 6 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

How fun! I like these steampunk glowbugs. Now I want one.

anonymous 5 years ago

this is great!! I inherited a HUGE collection of antique radio "stuff" from a HAM locally....I am now a licensed Amateur. I run Tube equipment, collect tubes....LOVE tubes!! soon, we too will build a home-brew transmitter!!!

anonymous 5 years ago

I've always marveled at others who can work and repair these, very creative article, *blessed!*

agoofyidea profile image

agoofyidea 4 years ago

This looks like a lot of fun. I have several friends who are ham radio junkies, but their equipment doesn't look this cool.

Jonathan Jenkins profile image

Jonathan Jenkins 3 years ago

great stuff, and lovely pictures,

Jon, G4LJW.

steadytracker lm profile image

steadytracker lm 3 years ago

I love these old rigs. Thanks for sharing this lens. 73s -kc8ual

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