Gomu Collectible Erasers Can Make Homework Fun

New Collectible Gomu Erasers

Erasers are essential tools need for school, but when they come in funky colors and detailed shapes then they inspire kids imagination too. The new gomu collectible erasers made by Spin Master Toys (the makers of Squinkies and Zoobles) is a series of shaped collectible erasers that are both useful and fun to collect. Gomu means 'eraser' in Japanese. Japanese Erasers started trend in collectible erasers that come in intricate forms. Gomu Collectible Erasers are made in this same tradition with intricate shapes but it is not the same as the original Iwako Japanese Erasers .

Iwako Japanese Erasers
Iwako Japanese Erasers | Source

Iwako Japanese Erasers vs Gomu Erasers

Iwako Japanese Erasers are the original shaped collectible earsers made in Japan. They are - Recyclable.

2- Non-toxic lead-free safe materials.

3- Non-PVC releases no toxic fume.

4- Energy saving production.

5- Recycled paper packaging.

6- 100% Made in Japan in clean environmental friendly factories.

7- Meet all international standards in safety and environmental care.

 Collectible Gomu Erasers
Collectible Gomu Erasers

Collectible Gomu Eraser Games

Kids love taking their favorite collectibles to school, what better way to have collectibles that can used at school too. Squinkies nd Zoobles Toys may be fun but cant be used in school. Collectible Gomu Erasers on the other hand can be used in the classroom and during recess too.

Titled the Gomu Eraserland, the Gomu collectible erasers is a series of shaped erasers, that kids can collect and best of all use for school and playtime.The Gomu Eraserland series 1 is made up of a total of 100 erasers. Each pack is unique encouraging kids to swap and share their Gomu Collectible Erasers. Erasers shapes from the Eraserland Series One includes fashion, music, sport, home , gadgets and many more shapes include alarm clock, animals, fashion items like sandals, home items like an alarm clock, frame and lava lamp. The most sought after Gomu Collectible Erasers are the key shaped erasers.Each Eraser has a special value.The Gomu official web page offers a guide for the whole collection and the eraser tool allows kids to keep track of all their Gomu Collectible Erasers and the value of their collection.

What to Do With Gomu Collectible Erasers

Gomu Collectible Erasers can be used to inspire kids imagination. Apart from drawing the shapes of their eraser they can also use them as story aids or simply display them.

List Of Gomu Erasers To Collect

Gou Erasers To Collect
Gou Erasers To Collect | Source

Which Is Your Favorite Collectible Gomu Erasers

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The Gomu Eraser Commercial

The funky music of the Gomu Eraser ads definitely adds to the popularity of the product. The 30sec launch commercial shows how Gomu Collectible Erasers can be  used they can be mixed and mixed to create different combinations. each Gomu eraser also has its own point. The most valuable is the Key Eraser.

Lyrics of the Gomu Commercial Song

Gomu, gomu go-go-gomu g-g-g-g-g-gomu.Cool colorful eraser fun ..Gomu Time has just begun.

Buy Gomu Collectible Erasers Online

Gomu Erasers come in sealed packs come in 3 different options including,

  • Single packs with 1 eraser in a blind pack,
  • Packs with 3 erasers (2 visible and 1 hidden)
  • Packs with 6 erasers (4 visible and 2 hidden).

Gomu Collectible Erasers are available in Walmart, Toys R Us , Kmart and Target. You can also find them online from $0.99.per single pack or $3 for the pack of 3 Gomu Erasers.

Gomu Eraser Commercial

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mariiiboop 5 years ago

Eu adoreii os gomus mas procuro em todo lugar e não acho,procurei na loja de brinquedos que era onde eu achei que tinha!Mas fui na superlegal e outras e não tem vou ver se acho nas lojas franças obrigada por postar os gomuss !! bjs

olga 5 years ago

i love the new gomu erasers

Kylie 5 years ago

Hi love it but I can't seem to find it in toys r us so I'm so sad

Jade 5 years ago

I collect the gomu series and think they are sooooooooooooo cool!!! If you are looking for a collection, go for GOMU!!!

By the way... I'm 10 years old so don't think I'm an adult cause adults wouldn't collect these awesome erasers! ...........................................................

or do they?

amy crawford 5 years ago

I just found out about gomus today and I love them! I only have 3 gomu's, but their awesome!!!

subrina 5 years ago

I love gomu but i want to know what ile its in at walmart

kdub 5 years ago

I got some today but they are the Iwako ones...do these have points too? It says they are the original ones so that should make them better, right?

sarah 5 years ago

I love gomu

sarah 5 years ago

I love gomu

hailey 5 years ago

i have 12 gomus i love gomus

Anonymous 5 years ago

i think the original IWAKO is better

linz 5 years ago

i have 63 gomus!!!they are so cool!i love them!!!

jj 5 years ago


kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 5 years ago Author

Hi jj..thanks for the visit! Glad you love the Gomu Erasers!Wow 80 Gomu Erasers already!..only 20 more to complete your Gomu Collection.

zoe anne cottell 5 years ago

where do you get gomu`s in corby. and how old are gomu`s

lara 4 years ago


jett 3 years ago

i have all the gomus they are so awesome

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