The Green Hornet Action Figures And Toy Car Black Beauty

The Green Hornet Action Figures

The Green Hornet is the classic superhero made popular in a 1930's radio serial. The 2011 release of the Green Hornet stars funny man Seth Rogan, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz. The Green Hornet is the story of a media magnate by day and social do gooder by night named Britt Reid who inherits his father’s media empire. Now having  the financial means to save the city while his driver Kato has the martial arts skills to defend themselves from the bad guys, the two combine skills to become the The Green Hornet. Green Hornet action figures are modelled on the characters Billy Reid and Kato as well as the Green Hornet car called Black Beauty.

Other Green Hornet Merchandise includes Costumes of Billy Reid and Kato costumes as well as the masked Green Hornet Costume for woman.

The Green Hornet Action Figure
The Green Hornet Action Figure | Source

Where to Buy Green Hornet Action Figures

Green Hornet Action Figures are available on Amazon. Listed below are some of the green hornet action figures on offer.

The Green Hornet Movie Collector Green Hornet Action Figure

  • Unlike most super hero’s the Green Hornet has no special costume-he saves the day in his day clothes concealing his identity only with an eye mask. The Green Hornet Action Figure is a six inch collectible figure sculptured by Alex Heinke.
  • The Green Hornet Action Figures includes the green hornets Gas Gun weapon.
  • This green Hornet Action Figure retails from $14.99. (As advertised 10. 01.2011).

Kato Action Figure
Kato Action Figure | Source

The Green Hornet Movie Collector Kato Action Figure

  • Kato is the driver of Media Magnate Billy Reid by day and by night he’s the able sidekick of the Green Hornet. The masked Kato action figure is 6 inchces tall and comes with multiple articulation points to recreate several poses.
  • The Kato action figure also come with alternate hand poses to display different fist movements. The Kato figure is dressed in driver’s uniform with black cap and mask.
  • This collector’s edition Kato action figure is sculptured by Alex Heinke.
  • The Kato figure currently retails from $14.99. (As advertised 10. 01.2011).

The Green Hornet Black Beauty Car
The Green Hornet Black Beauty Car | Source

The Green Hornet Movie Black Beauty Car

  • All super heroes must have a super armoured getaway vehicle. The Green Hornet duo Billy Reid and Kato they have Black Beauty. The 1966 Chrysler Crown Imperial is available in a 1:50 scale toy replica.
  • There are two Black Beauty Green Hornet Vehicles available in the Black Beauty Street Mode or Black Beauty Firepower Mode displaying all its weaponry.
  • The green Hornet Black Beauty Cars retail from $ 49.99.(As advertised 10. 01.2011).

Black Beauty Firepower Mode
Black Beauty Firepower Mode | Source

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i love the green hornet and love the action figures

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Hi Lucax6 thanks for the visit. Glad you like the Green Hornet Action Figures.

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