Happy Feet Two Plush Toys Include Erik Boadicia and Atticus Toys

New Plush Toys From Happy Feet 2 Movie

Happy Feet Toys currently include plush toys of lead characters in the New Happy Feet 2 movie due for release in November 2011. Apart from plush toys, movie fans can expect to find a host of Happy Feet themed games and play sets too. Unfortunately like most Holiday season movie releases Happy Feet 2 toys do come with a less than pleasing price tag.Compare prices below from EBay and Amazon.

In case you missed the first Happy Feet movie back in 2005-then lets recap. Happy Feet is the tale of Mumble the penguin who couldn’t find his heart song-but he was good at tap dancing-now that is something no ordinary penguin can do. Alienated by his group-Mumble leaves home in search of his voice, but ends up rescuing the group by charming the aliens (aka humans) with his extraordinary tap dancing ability. Mumble returns in Happy Feet 2 but takes a back seat to his and Gloria’s new arrival, son Erik-who like Mumble struggles to find his ‘voice’.

Ramon Plush
Ramon Plush | Source

Happy Feet Two Character Plush Toys

This edition of the movie features a few new characters -voiced by big names including Pink, Brat Pitt, Matt Damn, Elijah Wood and Robin Williams to name a few. Returning characters in the film includes Mumble, Gloria and Ramon. Penguin characters in the movie represent different species of Penguins.Mumble and Eric for example are Emperor Penguins-Mumble the adult while Eric still has a fluffy coat of grey feathers. Other Penguin species includes Ramon the Gentoo Penguin and Lovelace the Southern Rock Hopper.

Ramon Plush Toy

  • Voiced by Robin Williams, Ramon is nicknamed Loco Motion’ he may be considered crazy but is also always on the move-this must be where is nick name comes from.
  • Ramon is a red billed penguin from Happy Feet 1 with a recurring role in the sequel.
  • The Ramon plush is available in an 11 inch plush toy. Buy from $14.99. (As advertised 17.11.2011)

Erik Plush Toy

  • Voiced by E.G. Daily, Erik is the son of Mumble and lead character in Happy Feet 2. The Erik Plush is available in a 12 inch singing plush-one that’s sings songs form the movie.
  • The Happy Feet 2 Dancing and Singing Erik retails from $19.42 (As advertised 20.11.2011).

Boadicia Plush Toys
Boadicia Plush Toys | Source

Boadica Plush Toy

  • Bodacia voiced by Meibh Campbell is described as the Sweet Chick, must have something to do with her sweet voice. Boadicia is one of Erik’s buddies. The Bodacia Plush is a 12 inch doll operated by batteries and can sing a few lines from the movie.
  • Current Retail Price: $54.99.

Atticus Plush
Atticus Plush | Source

Atticus Plush Toy

  • Voiced by Lil P-Nut, Atticus is the Emcee-fearful and definately not frightful—unless you are one of his enemies. Atticus introduces the rap genre to the Penguins heart song-listen out for his take on Justin Timberlake Sexy Back, titled Bring'in Fluffy Back!
  • The Atticus plush, like Erick is also available in a 12 inch singing plush toy.
  • Currently retails from $ 42.03

The Mighty Sven Plush Toy
The Mighty Sven Plush Toy | Source

The Mighty Sven Plush Toy

  • Voiced by Hank Azaria, Sven is not as Scandinavian as he sounds. He ads comic relief as the only penguin with some ability to fly or at least he thinks so.
  • The Talking Sven Plush is battery operated repeating phrases form the movie.
    Current Retail Price: $42.30.

Other Characters

Other characters of note includes the terrible two- Will the Krill and Bill the Krill voiced by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon respectively. The bad guy in the movie is new character The Beach Master (an elephant seal) voiced by Richard Carter.

Happy Feet Two Movie Series 2 Collectible Figurine Gift Set Erik, Sven, Lovelace, Ramon and Carmen.
Happy Feet Two Movie Series 2 Collectible Figurine Gift Set Erik, Sven, Lovelace, Ramon and Carmen. | Source

Special Edition Happy Feet Two Toys

  • Special edition toys feature asset of five penguins, Happy Feet Two Movie Series 2 Collectible Figurine Gift Set Erik, Sven, Lovelace, Ramon and Carmen.
  • Current Retail Price: $20.99 for six mini figures. (As advertised 17.11.2011).

Which is Your Favorite Happy Feet 2 Character Plush Toy?

  • Erik Plush Toy
  • Boadicia Plush Toy
  • Atticus Plush Toy
  • Ramon Plush Toy
  • Gloria Plush Toy
  • Mumble Plush Toy
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Happy Feet 2 Official Trailer

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Julie 5 years ago

Cool Toys! Erik is adorable but my favoritest happy feet toy is Atticus

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