High Noon 2 - The Best iPhone Game - Cheats, Tricks and Tips - 2015

Game Interface
Game Interface
Anyone who wants to battle add me! My ID can be found at the bottom
Anyone who wants to battle add me! My ID can be found at the bottom

High Noon 2, Latest iPhone Addiction

High Noon 2 is an intense real-time multi-player action game that is free and comes readily available in the iTunes Store. Did I mentioned that it's Free? This is by far the most addictive iPhone game ever.
Go download it, you'll love it even if you're not a fan of the West.

Don't skip this just yet! Read below for some awesome High Noon no-brainer tricks and tips !


  • Real-time multiplayer duels
  • Realistic holstering, aiming, shooting, and reloading actions
  • Robbing your opponents (You can get caught! Do this only to piss people off)
  • Three gun types: Rifle, Shotgun and Revolver
  • More than a dozen equipments to gear you up for your battle
  • Customize your characters

High Noon 2 Tricks and Tips

I have to admit that when I first started to play High Noon, I totally suck at it. I couldn't even aim properly and 75% of the time I got killed.

That came to an end when I discovered some tricks of my own. Trust me if you follow these simple steps, you will have 90% more success rate!

Tip #1

You need to have a good grip and control on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The reason why I say this is because High noon requires you to have precise aiming so that you will be able to perform better and win more Gold! Playing bare with your iPhone is a No No. I personally use an otterbox cover as it gives me the best grip and feels good too. Otherwise, any silicon cover will do just as well.

Tip #2

If you suck at aiming with a rifle, I suggest you should just invest on a shotgun. As soon as you reach level 9, go grab the Double-barrel Shotgun. A lot of people will be aiming for the Royal Hunting Rifle (the golden rifle). But don't worry about them. You will be 100x way better of with a shot gun. When you reach Level 15, don't think twice about getting Stagemaster Shotgun. That will give you more Wins !

Slightly off target, but it's just below the naval.
Slightly off target, but it's just below the naval.

Tip #3

Using the shotgun is simple and very effective. Always aim at the "crotch area". You will realize that you will have more damage points if you place your cross-hair at that area.

Do this right and you only have to make minimum 3 shots to knock off your opponent. That is with a Stagemaster Shotgun though.

Dynamite Double!
Dynamite Double!
Cast Iron Plate
Cast Iron Plate

Tip #4

What do you do when you have lotsa GOLD? Don't keep it. Invest on it! Like what rich people do. They buy property! So do the same with High Noon. Keep in mind not to spend on useless junks. Personally, I only purchase 2 items.

  1. Dynamite, Double (50HP Damage) Cost only 1100 Gold
  2. Cast Iron Plate, Cost only 1800 Gold

These 2 items help me tremendously in winning countless of battle. If you are dueling against someone who uses a Shotgun, make sure you're equipped with the Cast Iron Plate so that you won't take much damage.

When you battle against any other rifleman, it's best to just keep a Dynamite. Use it only when your opponent's HP is like 50HP or less.

Tip #5

When you know you're going to lose, hit the RUN button. Don't worry, it's good to chicken out. At least when you run, you're opponent won't get any GOLD!

That will piss him off a little.

Update: Apparently this doesn't work anymore. The developer of High Noon must have somehow read my tips and made the update. Sorry Guys!


Conclusion? Just download this game and start battling!

If you want to battle me, add my High Noon ID: 141505704

Looking forward to battle with all you losers out there.

If you have a tip, share it with us! Write it at out comments page! I would love to see the contributions by others!

How to Kill a Hacker

If you want to kill a hacker, the first thing you have to do is figure out what cheat he is using. Once you know what his cheats are, you will be able to identify his weakness. Below are some lists of the 5 most common cheats, and how to overcome them.

  1. Head-shot Cheat
    Use metal choppers (3500 Gold) and the 4 Shot Royal Rifle.
  2. Body-shot Cheat
    Use steel plate (10 Wampums) or take your chance with just the cowboy cocktail (200 Gold)
  3. Early Start Cheat
    Use Jalapeno (6 Wampums) or salt (1200 Gold) and throw it once you hear the ding sound.
  4. No reload Cheat
    Use the steel plate. Another alternative is to use triple dynamite.
  5. Invincible Cheat
    This is the only cheat that you cannot beat.

The information above is retrieved from facebook.com/highnoonrangers.
Some text and grammar have been modified to improve the communication and readability by users.

Free Bonus Hack and Cheat for High Noon 2014

For a limited time only, I am sharing with you guys some exclusive cheats such as Unlimited Wampuns, Unlimited Gold, Unlimited Health etc. You will definitely WIN every fight.

Get it here!

How to prevent yourself from getting banned

For those hackers, to prevent yourself from getting banned, Rule no. 1:

  1. Never ever use auto head shot, you will get suspected almost immediately.
  2. Modify the hack so that you will only hit the body.
  3. If they blind you by throwing salt, DO NOT HIT them. They will know that you cheated because a blind man never hits his target.

A must read for those who play Angry Birds!
A must read for those who play Angry Birds!

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Tom 19 months ago

Those are good tips

Jeff Gordon 24 months ago

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Man 2 years ago

Of and Off are not the same.

Johnb217 2 years ago

I appreciate, cause I found just what I was looking for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye gbacddkegbgb

Hambone43 profile image

Hambone43 2 years ago from Franklinville, North Carolina

Hey, can anybody tell me how to move around and side to side on the game?

hack 3 years ago

الي يبي هاك ٣٠ الفw بهاينون يكلمني بالعبة هذا رقمي


Ali 3 years ago

Add me high noon level 55

I'd:225744810 add me

هااااي 4 years ago

أبي احمل دبليو كيف

Installous315@gmail.com 4 years ago


Sharlick 4 years ago

that game its awesome everyone like these game High Noon you will have fun with these game play with people in all country play in iphon or i phad or more..

xstumbilickx 4 years ago

hey,people,your high noon version all different than ,mine,lets say the stagemaster shotgun is 50 wampum for u guys,for me is 500 wampum,royal hunting rifle is 600 wampum and for u guys are 60 wampum,i know why,your version for high noon is un realoaded,mine is realoaded,if u want realoaded,new version,u jus need to make another account and once u start it,it will be different,very interesting

xstumbilickx 4 years ago

hey,guys,u know this bandana competition,i got 200 kills and i challenge lovely lola,when i win her i got a pink special bandana,i got 300 kills with that and i challenge her again,i won her,she gave a stupid 1,00000 gold,when i got 9,00000 wampum,she gave me 1,00000 gold,lol,doh doh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

catch ya later aliegator,anywaythanks for ya cheats and tips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

xstumbilickx 4 years ago

i am back,i got 900000 wampum,so cool man,i bought every thing in the stalls,great,i also bought the 9999 moustache,i am only lv 25 in high noon and i broken the record,i nevereven hack to get wampum,i bought the 20,000 wampum a lot of times,first record was old man chan,than it was a lv 9 dumb,his name was doh doh,than it was spartmastig,than it was me,yah,i wil tell u ma hn number tomorrow because i forgot it,bai bai

Cheerios 4 years ago

How is head-shot a cheat?

Is it bad to use mostly a head and crotch shot on all of your opponents or will you get suspected? (I don't)

Sorry, I had some additions and I've forgotten what they were.

Add me to your shitlist:) I am only Level 17, but I've started playing again and I'm hope of becoming 20 sometime around next week

ID: 956455865

AH.ha.m.d.i"" 4 years ago

I need wampum

4 years ago

شباب تكفون ابي وامبووووم Hi my friend I need wumpum please

kk 4 years ago

this is a really good game coming from a girl lol

i am tooooooooooooo noooooooooooob 4 years ago

i win a lot of people using hang me down shotgun, i got win before seighmaster using it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me 4 years ago

I use snipers but wen im blinded I still take the shot an 80% of the time I get them

emadbar123 4 years ago

add me emadbar123

vampire 4 years ago

hi my name at high noon vampire and who want a wumpum tell me at high noon last week i said my id and im from kuwait thank u that what i want to say

mean ass liza jane 4 years ago

what can you buy with your gold

Dimitri 4 years ago

i am dimitri. my name on high noon is mesdimo. i DO NOT hack but mostly shoot perfectly when im blinded. and i have the royal hunting rifle and do two head shots without hack really fast and win. and ya thats it will i get banned if im good cuz my friend got banned for no reason. add me my high noon id is: 641082686

ABOD 4 years ago


Kuwaiti_Guy 4 years ago

Hi, I come from Kuwait and I play high noon, I have all weapons and I am L39 with 1,915 reward.

Add me ID 980127702

Name: ? ???????? ??? ??? ??????? ?

vampre 4 years ago

hey guys im a muslim and im from kuwait i did say what my id so add me and i will give youwumpum and im leavel 23 and i have alot of wumpum

bader sheamus 4 years ago

hay guys im in level 16


oh my god

Alfonsocal 4 years ago

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Flanders 4 years ago

How do u beat drunken farther?

حسين طارق 4 years ago


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Jake 4 years ago

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Boy-_-power_q8 4 years ago

I want 2000w for high noon plaese

vampire 4 years ago

how i be hackers somebody now say for me and we will talk in high noon my high id is 1662652470 and im vampire

vampire 4 years ago

hi my id is 1662652470 and my name in high noon vampire and i now if some body want a wumpum will just go to complet actions to get free wumpum i now and who what to shitlist me oright im from kuwait and that what i want to say thank you all of you

no say names 4 years ago

ohhh nooo the old man is a tayed me i want to win of this man my brother is name in high noon evile man and sory i dont now english so much becuse im from kuwait

i dont say my name 4 years ago

yes old man is a strong we can not win with him i wish that i win of old man that what i wish inshallahh

Admi 4 years ago

Ok guys here are some answers to your questions:

1) If you "kill" your opponent and he is still spinning and does not die it means your connection suxs.


Admi 4 years ago

Ok guys here are some answers to your questions:

1) If you "kill" your opponent and he is still spinning and does not die it means your connection suxs.


CamelToe 4 years ago

Is there a hack for suicide bomb?

samadali 4 years ago

i want 150 wampun now

israel 4 years ago

i know an unlimited wampum hack if interested

add me high noon id:876643652

add me and we wil talk im online everyday

JustinR. 4 years ago

I love the game I play it every day a trick is NEVER EVER use shot guns or rifles they only get 2 ur 3 shots and a revolver gets 6 and speed loaders give unlimited ammo they are only 200 gold but its worth every cent and a revolver shoots faster and I haven't lost except between the levels of 1-7 I know if you wana bet my number is 803123677. And I am L 14 and age 11

Logan 4 years ago

Is there a cheat for getting wampam plz i need it so bad and i am level 26 plz tell me if there is im begging Plz subscribe

THENICKRULZ 4 years ago

Anyone know when its coming for android?

Anyone have the release date?

Tiki_fala 4 years ago

Hackers are the worst. This would be the perfect gamr without them. And what the hell is up with the scoring system? I've tried to understand it and i just cant. I can win 3 in a row and get nothing, then lose the next and get 2 taken away.WTF

Misterme7 4 years ago

Telling people how to not get caught cheating is a no-no.

@mokaemaldfa 4 years ago


Gc 4 years ago

Lucky leprechaun - I killed him got nothing - what's the point in fighting him?

zox knight 4 years ago

i am in level 9 but don't tease me because i am just 10 years old.my father says iam very good. i always headshot my opponents. true story. challenge me, my id is:394158118

George  4 years ago

?????I have 150 wampum the way to get wampum is download tapjoy to get symbols download emoji thanks ???? I don kno my HN but my user name is ????N3@R???? challenge me

Saleh 4 years ago

How to do hacker

soroush 4 years ago

id highnoon me 239012725 222222w

 4 years ago

I Want 200 wampum

 4 years ago


pele 007 5 years ago

my id 937549792

some guy 5 years ago

There is something wrong with my game, whenever I go to the cinema it says "Sold out" and when I go to et more wampum it say "complete the actions to get free wampum" but it never says anything about install app

Bob 5 years ago

Hi everyone How do u get the symbols next to your name?

5 years ago

it is wumpum

The one 5 years ago

How do u get a lot of wampums

Fun Sparky 5 years ago

How do you know when a cheat is being used?

الحزن قدري 5 years ago

Greet game

Foxxstory 5 years ago

@ Abdullah ....... I had felt bad and left you alone and forgotten... I am guessing you are crying a lil because I keep stealing your gold.... well.. not my fault you do not get a safe..... that said.... protect your gold.. because I am coming after it

billy joe bob shaqunta 5 years ago

mr. dumbass trex, rems whatever the hell your name is. no you should not duel people lower than you because that would not be fair for them,(WELL I TAKE THAT BACK YOU SUCK SO THAT WOULD BE FAIR to them)......HOW WOULD YOU do, THE WELL IN YOUR WORDS- SCORING/ REWARD CALCULATion?

Rex Remes 5 years ago

I agree with the complaints about the scoring/reward calculation. About 50% of the time when I lose, I get -2 reward (even if the person I lost to is much higher level and reward than me). When I win, i rarely get +2.

Should I only duel with people who are lower than me?

And, how to tell if someone is using a cheat?

Abdullah 5 years ago

Hey guys help someone shit me and he always steal my gold how can i reamove him please

zack ryder woo3 5 years ago

hey gays! my id number is 673820048 please add me.

طلال 5 years ago

??? ???? ???? ??? ??? ??????????

Lucas Morinho 5 years ago

Damn i'm so angry against cheater, right now i've just had a fight against a lvl 17 (i'm lvl 25), i've sent him a salt (blind for 7 seconds), but no matter, he shot me 2 head shots with the tatanka gun and know me down.

Are they any way to kick the ass of these cheaters ?

Sorry for my frenchi's english

شتبي .. 5 years ago

1000 wampum

Doulicious 5 years ago

I discovered a way to earn wampums through a website. It’s very simple. If you are interested just drop me a MSG with your email address and follow the steps in the email. Any enquiry on how to get the wampums, just drop me a MSG and I will guide u along with my very best. Gd luck =] email me at liling_toh@hotmail.com

the best 5 years ago

hey guys high noon is the best i am level 30 i have 11 guns but may favourite sultans rifle my name is ??? ?????? ????? my high noon id 717553746

Awesomedude386 5 years ago

hi my high noon account is MrCornCakez. the id is 469163102. add me and i'll tell u how to earn lots of wampum! i got about 90 in about 25 minutes, with no hacks. send me a message saying "show me the wampumfax" lol im kidding just send me a message having something to do with asking for wampum. i might have you do something for me, but it'll be worth it!

T-Bone 5 years ago

Does anyone know the strategy to steal gold? I used to think it was random (butterfingers, lose an energy, or successful steal) but apparently there's a way to do it so you maximise the amount you steal.

Azhar Kamar profile image

Azhar Kamar 5 years ago from Singapore

lol wampum wampun wars

awesome tips and tricks man!

Thijs 5 years ago

Is it possible to buy gold with wampum? Or can i only fight and steal for gold?

Filber41 5 years ago

I dueled EL BANDIDO and right when the ding went off he shot me ounce and my health bar was down to nothing (flashing red)I figured he had to cheat he has a Royal Hunting Rifle. I do like the game but people like him suck. filber41

xuezhe 5 years ago

hi, my high noon id is 432425142

person 5 years ago

my id is 220036583

hombrelobo 5 years ago

-sorry,yes,you can shot blindfolded through the salt,if the opponent is hanging on that lasso that is,you get used to the swing and "see" the opponent...this takes time....

Woody 5 years ago

I don't get when I knock someone down to 0 hp and they just keep spinning and I keep hitting them and all the sudden I die!!!???

Khalood 5 years ago

Is there any wampum cheat

Abdulla alyami 5 years ago

I like highnoon because highnoon is the best game in my ipad

Super cutii 5 years ago

My I'd is 532511525 my problem is that I dont now how to do the cheats !!!

freddy 5 years ago


ahmed ali 5 years ago

who want my id my id is 658142196

DangerousBen 5 years ago

I think game is freaken awesome the only thing is hackers i ones was unholstering and got killed instantly

aidan 5 years ago

oh good

aLIYA bIEBER 5 years ago

MY ID IS 174944324


deno 5 years ago

high noon is awesome

profile image

red solo cup 5 years ago

i quess no one does, and mr. hub guy can you tell me well, for instance i have an i-pod with highnoon and getting a new i-pod and going to get highnoon on it. i have 392,238 gold on lvl 23 and i really don't want to lose my progress, so is there anyway i can get my progress off off of my old i-pod on to my new i-pod?

profile image

red solo cup 5 years ago

does anyone have a motorola atrix 4g is so tell me if you like and where is the sleep button like on the i-phone

abcdefg 5 years ago

my id is 675536634

محمد 5 years ago


Gods'RightHand 5 years ago

What's up with these Kuwait guys and Sultan Rifles, they get to do 3 headshots and kill me, before I even get a chance to aim, and I know I'm not that bad. Also, scoring system is a sheer cataclysm, it must have been developed by someone mentally challenged. Nearly every second time I get killed, I get -2 taken off me, but if I kill a much higher player I get only +1 about 70% of the time, 0 about 20% of the time, and one out of ten higher level kills I might get rewarded with +2 if I'm very lucky. Just recently I played 11 duels, won 8 and lost 3 and miraculously my reward hasn't changed after 11 duels. Maths is simple: for the 3 losses I got -2 for each, for 6 wins I got +1, and for 2 wins - complete zero. Damn annoying this...

Tiki Fala 5 years ago

I agree with High Noon Addict and mad30135 in regards to the developers jacking up the game and not taking the feedback of the player to improve upon what was and almost isn't fantastic game. They should spend more time on weeding out the hackers and giving us more guns to go after. This is the stuff that keeps me coming back time after time. When I see my reward go down -2 after a loss and only up 1 point every other win, there is something wrong. I'm a level 39 player so when I get beat by a level 29 player who has a $1860 reward, I get a little miffed. If we notice players who have odd rewards and abilities, then the developers should also take notice.

One thing that High Noon addict said the will ring true, when someone else comes out with a game like High Noon but improved, we will mosey on to the next town. Fans can make you or break you. Take note High Noon. Not a sermon, just a thought.

Unknown 5 years ago

Guys can you pls add me I need friends I am lvl 37 and my reward is 1853 i have every gun except for the bankers revolver and double barrel shotgun I faught with cowboy frank 5 times and won 4 times high noon id:922423376

High Noon Addict profile image

High Noon Addict 5 years ago

The scoring system used by Happylatte is one of the worst systems to use on a eye hand coronation game. They use a system that they claim is us in chest! Yes chest! Really stupid move on Happylatte part. The idea is that a score is calculated by the reward of you and your opponent. Then by the length of the game. And here the stupid part... The longer the game the more you win. The shorter the game the more you loss???? What the *=£€$&@" are they thinking.

They also state that the higher you are... The more you have to win to increase your score. So if you are a baseball player with a 750 batting average you would loss points. I can win 8 of 11 dukes and watch my reward go down. And this sucks.

Well I hope you learn a little something and compain to Happylatte. They will not do any thing about it. But when a new and better game comes out. They will know why we all left.

profile image

mad30135 5 years ago

getting very mad at this game....I'm on level 36 n whenever I lose a dual, sometimes I get 2 points taking away from my reward n the person that I lose to is on a higher level. Whenever I win a dual, sometimes I do not get any reward. Has anyone ran into this problem?

Silver Bandit 5 years ago

O an for "jimbo" forget u witcha trapazoid head!!

Silver bandit 5 years ago

Red solo cup this is for u:

"red solo cuo.... I lift u up.... Lets have a party, proceed the party"

profile image

red solo cup 5 years ago

no one wants to add you, hige noon and also go back to the first grade and learn how to spell high. and i think you are high on crack! crack head

hige noon 5 years ago

Ad me guys?-202356077

profile image

red solo cup 5 years ago

hello everyone

jimbo 5 years ago

!fahda AND AND MR. FAGGOT silverbandit NEED TO READ THIS!

well on the highnoon update fahda you can watch vidieos for wampum and also you can download games, also on the vidieos they are only 10 to 35 seconds long. also silverbandit you are on crack why would you want to beat old man chang, are you retarted he is just a hacker not a highnoon legend you tard

Silver Bandit 5 years ago

I want to beat Old Man Chan Ah Kau......hes like a high noon legend!!!

Fahad 5 years ago

I need some tips 4 wumpam

Khaled 5 years ago

The guns I have are us navy revolver, repeating rifle,bafullo rifle,ranchers rifle,double barrel shotgun,tanaka rifle, and royal hunting rifle I have 60 wampum I am level 25 I have 293,670 gold how do u get w please help me my I'd is 946176912

Dropsection/philippines 5 years ago

Thank for the tips men!! Ur awesome!!!

jimbo 5 years ago

nobody cares cornflake, and frosted flakes are way better.

cornflakes 5 years ago

I got the Rancher's Rifle and I thought it would be easier as you advised, but in fact it's much more difficult. It's a Level 3 Excellent gun, but Buffalo is just way better, even if it's only a Level 2. Precision is just really important.

Always aim for the groin or the head. Equally true. But you should try and save your money. I blew some for that rifle and it was such a mistake.

You guys should add me, i'm only on Level 15 with a 900 reward, but I only started playing four days ago.

My ID is: 956455865

Bye Bye,

x cornflakes

honda 150 5 years ago

bobbyd- how do you become a hacker you hack it, hacking is cheating which if you get caught you will get banned from the game. if you do hack highnoon either you are gay or you suck and do not want anyone to find out.


bobbyb 5 years ago

how can u become a hacker?

Silver bandit 5 years ago

Im lvl 25

Guns: sultans rifle, is navy revolver, royal hunting rifle, double barrel shotgun , tatanka rifle,buffalo rifle, and ranchers rifle

Reward: 1346

High Noon ID:922423376

~~~~~~~~~~Add Me:D~~~~~~~

killer727822 5 years ago

i love this game

Sheriff_Woody* 5 years ago

How do u put symbols next to ur name...like lightning or guns etc..

bob or fartface 5 years ago

well you are on here to,C

5 years ago

I think everyone on here hade intentions of cheating !!!

bob or fartface 5 years ago

are you really that dumb you cant even read

BOB or FARTFACE 5 years ago


ABZUG 5 years ago

@fartface bob- why the hell do U need to hack? Do u suck that bad or do u just want to get banned? I just don't get it?!?

bob or fartface 5 years ago

hey,mr.owner dude of this hubcap what hack did you use with the shotgun? And is there a hack where they are invisible no salt sacks ect. i just could not see them they were invisible! PLEASE REPLY....

bob or fartface 5 years ago

with no hacks

bob or fartface 5 years ago

does anybody think that 377,331 gold is good for lvl 22?

if you think yes put a (Y) if you think no put a (N)!

please reply anybody.

bob or fartface 5 years ago

anonymus, i want to tell you something that might help you out.... when the fight starts do not touch your screen and zoom down your gun sight because chances are that they are going to start moving right after the fight starts that means you have to follow them while you are zoomed and the sight moves slower than when you are not zoomed, when they stop get the aim moving while you are not zoomed aim at them and then zoom in for the head and fire do this consecitively and you will do pretty good, i did the same thing with my stagemaster except aiming for the head i aimed for the lower stomach i find the stagemaster to take more points of health off there than in the crotch area. this might help you to do not let anyone chalenge you as soon as you are done with a fight hit wildcat chalenge unless you want to fight a certain person. once you hit the widlcat chalenge button holster it and tap the red box that tells you how long you have before you have to holster it as soon as it comes up while you are HOLSTERED you screen will probably come up before your opponet's does it works if you do it correctly

Anonymus 5 years ago

Just added you. Level 33 ? Wow I definitely used your tips, but only one problem: I don't know how to use shotguns. I tried to teach myself but it's not as effective as a rifle or even a revolver! Would u write any tips about rifles? That would be awesome. By the way thanks, apart from the shotgun, all of the other tips are really helpful!

bob or fartface 5 years ago


A.B.Z. 5 years ago

This game needs to add more extras and some different scenery. Maybe different towns or something.

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

if you were to ask me, it's not a good gun Unless you're perfect and fast in your aiming and shot accuracy. Then it's a GREAT GUN. But if u lack that skill, then I suggest u should stick to the shotgun. Read my Tip #2.

But since you already purchased it, you should start to practice your aiming skills..

With all the hackers around including myself (*used to be one), you will have a hard time winning them.



bob or fartface 5 years ago

dear, whoever reads this.

i just bought the royal hunting rifle but i did not get to fight with it........ give me a me reply is it a good gun.I was going to keep my stagemaster but every lvl people go up they get more points of health and the stagemaster was just not cutting it but it is something good to invest in on lvl 15.


kefinator 5 years ago

u kinda have toi suvk to hack at this game...that said im lvl 14 kicked cowboy frank ass..diddnt get anything and couldn't steal from him cause im too low lvl wat kind of bs his that!

bob or fartface 5 years ago

3:10 to yuma

high noon 5 years ago

iam level 37 i have all the guns and all the indian trading posts lol

my number in high noon:568166190

Suhas 5 years ago

Just won a duel against Cowboy Frank. I nailed him using my Rancher's Rifle(4 shots) and I didn't get any reward gold to collect but when I tried to steal gold from him, guess what? I got 10000 gold coins.

bob or fartface 5 years ago

hey mr. author dude of this joint should i get the sultan rifle or keep my stagemaster? please give though a answer..... i am on lvl 22 and have a little over 340,000 gold!unless someone stole any...... would any body consider that good for lvl 22 with no hacks...PLEASE give me a answer:-)!.....

bob or fartface 5 years ago

i wish that all the hackers were gone

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Hey guys, would like to hear your voice...what do you wish to have for Future High Noon Update? Maybe the developer of this game can hear your voice and they will do something about it hopefully for the next update..

امشاري 5 years ago

high noon

Mike 5 years ago

I fought someone the other day who was a level 15 and had the royal hunting rifle - is this possible or a hack?

Bo Mrzoog 5 years ago

1000000 gold 1000wampum

bob or fart face 5 years ago

if any one wants my highnoon number just say i will post it as soon as i can just say my name is twisting and i am on level 21 almost 22,have a little over 300,000 gold! and i want some advice should i keep my stagemaster or should i buy the sultan when i get to lvl 25?

bob or fartface 5 years ago

post a pivture of what u look like now on highnoon so they do not have to do have to type in your high noon number to see what you lokk like and what hacks did u use just wandering:-)

Jojo 5 years ago

I beat frank and I didn't get a thing. Just slower gaming . Had to turn my I phone off and on again .

TikiFala 5 years ago

Frankenstien is like the beer knome. It is provided by the developers to give you free stuff like gold, wampum and other bobbles if you beat him.

peeved 5 years ago

yeah i just fought that frankenstein guy. cowboy frank He didn't have to reaload. just kept shooting. and never stopped moving. Obviously killed me. Either a dev or a hacker prick.

FCespedes95 5 years ago

Did anyone else duel against some weird Frankenstein character named "Cowboy Frank"? You apparently can't add him to your shitlist, he has a presidential revolver. Looks exactly like frankenstein for the Halloween theme, but I didn't see any costume like it for sale??? Is this some exclusive character or something?

tikifala 5 years ago

The Tzar is 1 million gold and the Presidential is $500,000. gold

jobarjo 5 years ago

any1 knows presidential revolver and tsar's shotgun price?

Hih 5 years ago

Angry gnome

Use tatanka u will destroy

tikifala 5 years ago

The beer knome is no hack, it is part of the High Noon Admins to give you free stuff if you defeat him. I have faced him 3 times. The sultan would be better over the Royal hunting rifle. If you are banned, you are banned for life.

Lv20 5 years ago


i'm worried because i want a choose gun between

Royal-hunting or Sultan.

what is a btter?

Wesman108 5 years ago

I had to fight that stupid Knome also! I was just wanting to see if anyone else had to fight him. I guess he is a hacker and next time I will hit the run button. That will piss him off :)

bob or fartface 5 years ago

me like the stagemaster shotgun and mocasins and poffy white stuff (salt)or ( flour) and lasso

BlowitBytheO 5 years ago

how come i always get the last shot first on on ppl, and i still die !!

They stat spinning like crazy in circles like they do when u kill someone.

And i get shot still and go down instantly ??? is it lagg or what i never seem to have crash reports

Justin 5 years ago

How many days i will get banned if i hack the game ?

high noon best 5 years ago

my id 80312275

bob or fartface 5 years ago

my name is twisting pn high noon i am on level 17 almost 18 i play almost every week mornings around 7:35 to 7:50 i will have the stage master shotgun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bob or fartface 5 years ago

i am noticing that i am fighting people on level 20 and up i fought a guy with a sultans rifle and kicked his butt and i keep fighting that stupid knome with the beer he is a hacker i wish i could fight people on my level so the people above me could not cry over being beat by me on level 17 and some sometimes getting a win and they would suck if they had to fight people on their level

Jane 5 years ago

please add me. my high noon id is 231906874

Alsub3ie 5 years ago


@dd!ct 5 years ago

Game is full of dirty arabs. Every time someone is cheating, they have an arab name. I pwn them all...

bob or fartface 5 years ago

the stage master shotgun is good for fast people the ranchers rifle is good for fast people but not that fast of people the takana or the buffalo is good for slow people without indian shoes (mocasins) wright back to me i am both bob or fartface

bob or fart face 5 years ago

my name is twisting so fight me i will have a stagemaster shotgun or a ranchers rifle and also fight bookum dano he will probably have the royal hunting rifle and billy bob 1234 he will probably have the double barrel shotgun or mabey the buffalo rifle and also frog 225 or something like that he will probably have the takana rifle. they are both on my shitlistand i am probably on thiers so if you find me you find them if you find them you will be able to find me

amir\ 5 years ago

hello guys how do i have to get the hacker !

fartface or bob 5 years ago

what up jack

Jack 5 years ago




I love this game ?

fart face 5 years ago

i am the same dude as bob i posted that comment and fight bookum dano and billy bob 1234

fart face 5 years ago

i like mc donalds chichen nuggets with bbq sauce and french fries and i also like the stage master shot gun better than i like the mcdonalds my name is twisting on high noon HA HA

Eddie 5 years ago

add me 130993785

DeliWVU 5 years ago

Game is fun, and I have noticed that some players are just really good but you can tell when you are killed by a hacker... But hey, it's nothing new... They live with their parents all their life and do nothing but figure out how to cheat at games so if that makes them feel better about their lives then so be it... Lol

D luffy 5 years ago

Royal hunting rifle is the best gun if you know how to use it

Johnathan 5 years ago

my high noon ID is 234524395

Josh103103 5 years ago

Can u plzz tell me a cheat

Space case 5 years ago

I have fought the angry beer gnome 3 times, you get 10000 gold and drinks from him each time

devil digger 5 years ago

what's up with the anger beer gnome? if you win what do you win?

profile image

tikifala 5 years ago

I'm a level 31 player and last night won a fight with a huge gnome with a revolver! Has anyone else encountered this and WTF is that about?

PS: Hackers SUCK D !

Jane 5 years ago

my high noon id is 233456560

the man 5 years ago

add me baby

add me this is my namber


bob 5 years ago

i like the stagemaster shotgun 2

Q8 Messi 5 years ago

Guys add me 642390722

Aha, You smell funny! 5 years ago

Level : 20

Favorite Gun : Sultan Rifle

High Noon I.D :748814512

Whoever adds me, i'll add you back.

AliveAsCanBE!!!!!! 5 years ago

Level : 39

Favorite Gun : Sultan Rifle ( I have all guns )

I like the sultan cause it's strong. If you like shotguns, do the 1 shot reload trick because it's faster. If I were you, i'd choose sultan of tsar.

Btw gtfo hackers.

Sir Jack Off 5 years ago


Jane 5 years ago

I like to play that game as it is fun, exiting,challenging and mostly I can download free games to get wampum to buy weapons,items,western wear,mouths,beards,hairstyes and from the idian trading post.Anyway,you can challenge me.My username is denisemence.And next time,I will tell you my high noon id and how many wampums I have.Thanks!

5 years ago

I like to play that game as I can get free wampum.

Daniel Fool 5 years ago

I can shoot my opponents while I m blind XD by using revolver!! With blind shoot

Dinky.Kid 5 years ago

Hackers and cheats are not welcome in my town so get your coat and sling your horse. I fight fair without items and do well. See you at the Gulch

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

@Bloodklot Because I Can :)

Bloodklot 5 years ago

Why would you cheat on a video game. How do you get any joy out of that? You let a computer think for you too? Pathetic.

ooo 5 years ago

add me if you wont to challenge:147948719

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

i cant i already got banned. ehehehe

Black 8 5 years ago

Thanx for the tips : )

If you want to battle me, add my High Noon ID: 286409987

Looking forward to battle with all you losers out there.

amazonrus, added u, lets see how good you are :)

Gingerbabe 5 years ago

Check it out!

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

sorry mate, i cant help you anymore. I was once one of the hackers. LOL. and i got banned. Damn. Nvm though Im still earning money from this.. hehehe

belfastdave 5 years ago

hi my name is belfastdave on high noon but i connected to itunes an now im called shawtop for some reason and had to start back at the start ive got back up to level 17 but want belfastdave back.

Money maker 5 years ago

Does anyone know if when you tie with someone if you both lose or what because it always says I lose :(

Karen 5 years ago

I know there is a way to transfer game when you upgrade your phone without losing everything. I just don't know how. Can someone advise? Thanks!!?

Diver_4u 5 years ago

I've played longtime and now level 29 which sucks cause before they raised levels to 50 I'd be done maxed this game out at 30. It's frustrating playing with latency... Killing them and watching them spin for 3 seconds and suddenly get a bullet in the head and die. WTF frustrating. If there are hackers and cheats for headshots whatever... Why doesn't the game makers fix it so it can't be hacked. And what's up with drunk father... Kicked my butt twice. Good game but I dont see myself hitting level 50 until I'm 50 yrs old the way they've got it set for each level. They mustive if hacked the levels cause there is no way some if those guys could if reached it that fast. I okay all the time with the lucky stuff and still trying to hit 30 lvl. I feel like a donkey w a carrot dangling in front if me

LolLiam 5 years ago

Gay hackers on High Noon. I'm not as interested in this game anymore. Hackers, hackers and even more hackers! There ruining the game. I reckon they should all go.

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Anyone wants to battle? Im online now

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

I buy it.

La BEZ 5 years ago

so hard to obtain enough gold to buy good rifle!!!

Do you guys buy some W or just won it by downloading apps?

thanks for tips, I'm ready to fight: 823215596

Blacsheap 5 years ago

Use the minigun,its the best weapon by a long shot!

You need to kill 5 people with dynamite to earn it up

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Another great advice by Carldunk! Guys, lets contribute, already we have learn a lot from the comments from other users!

CarlDunk 5 years ago

I love this game but, I'm a lvl 37 and every time I play now I get lassoed in the first second. I try and defend with a salt sack but only succeed 3 times out of 10. Don't wanna resort to using a lasso every game cuz it's not financially viable and I personally think it's use straight away is ruining the game and gets on my nerves. I've abandoned my character and started a new one from the beginning clearly stating in my name that I don't use items and I'm having the most fun I've had in the game for a long time. It's just a shame that I kno eventually it's gonna end up the same way.

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Yes u can, but if im not mistaken, you need to have wampums for it, which is ridiculous

victor 5 years ago

can u change ur name once u have already been playing a while

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Sultan rifle is good if you can aim. But if you're a bobo shooter, Shotgun is the way to go!

CarlDunk 5 years ago

Reward 1796

Level 37

HNID 890022597

Sultans rifle is by far the best gun.

Download free wampum get all Indian items. They increase health, dodging speed, and total energy regeneration down to 45 mins as well as added bonus (luck) items that giv u extra health or bullets cause more damage every time u duel. 1st hit is as crucial as the second hit, don't think that uve got a clean, uninterrupted shot as the latency (speed of network connection feeding live game play) can have a time delay which can fool u into thinking yr opponent is blinded and explains y sometimes u get killed wen u think uve already killed them. Hate the dicks who lasso b4 they've even fired a shot. I use salt sack for defence purpose only.

Think u got wot it takes to no item fight me, butter my bottom and call me a biscuit? Add me and prepare to be punish edd.

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Awesome! That's some great tip u got there!

I SPURN YOU 5 years ago

Hi, everyone!

I am a noob several days ago but now I've almost reached level 19. Literally, I do have some different tips for you all:

1st You should download as many of the free apps as possible to get more wampum. Then invest them reasonable.

2nd About running away from a duel, here is an instruction from FAQ in Facebook,

“The penalty for running from a challenge works depending on level:

- Level 1 to 9: No penalty for running.

- Level 10 to 19: Lose 1 energy for running.

- Level 20 to 30: Lose 1 energy, and lose reward if you run too much.

Note: You'll only lose reward if you run from more than 75% of duels.”


Your opponent will get the gold if you run away in the duel after you click the fight button, but if you click ‘run’ early before the fight, he will get nothing! Running away is not a shame if you are not prepared.

3rd Buy a safe to protect your gold from thieves. Generally, one can steal from dozens of gold to about three thousand. If you steal too much like 5 or 6 times, you will be caught by sheriff (namely the system itself) and pay for the huge penalty (always thousands of gold).

4th My personal suggestion is to buy a scoped rifle (such as Tatanka Rifle, cost 40 W) and some flour sacks during the fighting. For me, I usually aim the enemy's head by the first shot and put the crosshair in his upper body to shot again quickly. If lucky, I can nail the enemy down by only two shots. Remember to throw out the sack when you reload your gun. Locate the opponent and move your crosshair together with his moving and aim when he stops, then shoot...

5th Try your best to buy some stuff in the Indian Trading Post. Trust me! Everything in this shop has its function and arming with them can make you more powerful. BTW, if you want to rank top of the world position, save your wampum and purchase all the equipments here. Of course, you may lack w at first time but don’t worry~ it’s just a mater of time to earn enough.

P.S. My HN: 665844353

You are welcome to challenge me any time!

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

Update guys, Now high noon does not stop at Level 30!

camatis 5 years ago


daily playa...add me peeps


AG Shooter 5 years ago

Stagemaster shotgun gun sucks! What a waste of 50 wampum! Bad advice

AloOosh-26- 5 years ago

heey i added u , iam level 31 and 1600 reward, prepare for your nightmare lool byez

High Noon Addict profile image

High Noon Addict 5 years ago

This game is good. But could be better.

They changed the levels when guns can be purchased. This is all for the better... however the players that were able to purchase before the new criteria have an unfair advantage.

Another flaw in the game is not being able to see ones health when someone tosses a bag of Flour,salt, or whatever. Your health is yours. Not your opponents. If I were in a real gun fight (I never want to be EVER) but if I were... I'd know what my health was if some dumb ass tossed a bag of flour at me.

And Why not let me know what the guy I'm about to fight is bring to the fight??? I hate hanging on a rope. It pisses me off. I remember you when you bring a rope to the fight and never play that player again. They already let me know what gun your bringing. So why not let me know what else there bringing?? They can still change it like the gun after I see. So what would it hurt.

Any ways just my idea on things.


Mr bitey 5 years ago

Totally agree with petro. Fun game but it's ruined by all the losers who use hacks and cheat. It's a game of skill, so if you don't have any, you should just leave it to people who want to play fairly one on one.

Petro 5 years ago

This game is garbage! Fun at first but then you come across all the cheaters and a potentially great game turns to shit. People have been complaining for a while and the developers do nothing. Stagemaster has been hacked, so has the Sultan's rifle. Seems like nearly half have aiming bots. There's no point playing if you're just going to end up frustrated and dead.

HighNoonBeast 5 years ago

Saying* not say sorry. And I know im a noob, high noon is my favourite game on iPod now, so i'm kind of addicted to these sites.


HighNoonBeast 5 years ago

To answer Hunkel Berry's question, I think you get a shirt say #1 Dad.

HighNoonBeast 5 years ago

Hello, i'd like to inform everyone that sultan rifle is the best gun in the game. I am level 39, and personally I think that the sultan is better then royal and tsar shotty.

Bodzz 5 years ago


Add my High Noon ID : 748814512

People that add me, i'll accept you as soon as possible.


Hunkle Berry 5 years ago

Does any1 know what do you get from killing old jet nesbit on fathers day??

Dirtie Harry 5 years ago

You get a Sultan rifle at lvl 25 with 70 wampum, if not mistaken, it packs alot of punch, 2 shots to the head and your home free for gold, provided you dont miss. However, a Royal rifle gives you 4 consecutive shots and with luck dmg,your winning chances are better.- to answer Junior's Q..cheers..P/S I HATE LASSO NOOBS >D!!

Edward Mendoza 5 years ago

add me high noon 252849860

wobbly ringo 5 years ago

i think when you reload, you are moving side to side.

Jakeyx 5 years ago

How much is the Sultan Rifle and what level Do you get it at?

Boosted2K 5 years ago

when you RUN, the other player will get the money. Am 100% sure

Shiersy (HNID 920191982) 5 years ago

Quality game indeed. Agree with a lot of the tips here - like others I also think the Sioux Mocassins are essential. The first wound is all-important so try not to miss with that first shot.

Question - does anyone know what the offline noises signify?

BorinGuy 5 years ago

I prefer Wampum than Gold

Xwing73 5 years ago

Shotgun definitively the best

Dynamite or beer when fighting

Sultan Riffle not bad but you need to train a lot.

Network connection is critical otherwise you think you killed opponent but not in fact...

HighNoonMaster 5 years ago

what app are you talking about? Could do with 110 Wampun! THanks :)

ps. amazonrus, added u, lets see how good you are :)

AJM1980 5 years ago

If you've got an ipad there's an app for sale for £1.19, you get 110 wampum! Bargain! Best gun is the revolver, easy money. Deffo best game ever too.

VERYLUX 5 years ago

Wrong about the "Run" button. If you run from more than 75% of your matches, you forfeit the reward and your opponent will automatically get the money without a fight. After Level 20, that run limit drops to 20-25% percent. (If you run from more than 25% of your matches, you forfeit the money.)

JohnBoots 5 years ago

Best gun: Banker's revolver + quick reload bullet pack for 200 gold. Can get opponents down in 4-6 quick shots before they can even aim! Get the socks to move more quickly. I disagree about not saving gold ... The Presidential Revolver at level 30 is 500,000 gold. Need to save up for that. If you steal gold, usually you receive a fine larger than the amount you stole. Happy fighting!

Stetson 5 years ago

How do u scroll side to side during duel?

andrebreynolds profile image

andrebreynolds 5 years ago

Great hub.

5 years ago

wonder how I can get a canon?

kw85 5 years ago

Wow junji, you're so cool for calling him a noob. I bet he read that and he was like, "oh I'm such a sad panda now cause he called me a noob." This is a 6 month old article you fucking tool, they've updated it since then to address the issue.

Jinju 5 years ago

Uh wrong. I still collect gold when they run. U must be a noob.

Alex 5 years ago

On the screen where you can pay for wampum, if you go right to the bottom of the costs there's one that says download apps to get more wampum. you download (free) apps and you get anything between 3 and eleven wampum, all you haveto do is download the app, open it once, and then delete it, and you get the wampum!! muhahahahaha

high noon 5 years ago

awesome game but some glitches when u kill someone

Footballer Jeff  5 years ago

Can u hack it

Footballer Jeff  5 years ago

Can u hack it

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 5 years ago from Earth Author

@Flat It's automated. You cannot control.

Flat  5 years ago

How do you move side to side?

iBodon 5 years ago

What's the best gun?

Oluff 5 years ago

What do the luck% do/help ??

Waste of wampum?

Marlon21 5 years ago

I disagree when running will not get any gold.. I got 1 opponent , he run when he was about to loose, i get the gold

hiyg 5 years ago

Hn 975536642 add me up!

THENICKRULZ 5 years ago

What is the best gun that costs money not wapum???..

Junior 5 years ago

anyone have any idea which rifle is good?

Sultan or Royal?

i only have enough Wampum for one of this baby...

Any suggestion?

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Interesting stuff in here with great photos.

anson goh 5 years ago

i know a way of getting free wanpum at about 1 or 2 just touch your profile and go to get more and scroll down at the last and you will see install apps to get free wanpum and then click it one of the apps and install it . if you want to add me my id is 906908316. Thanks.

Lukasima 5 years ago

i thinknfor WamPuM, there's no cheats...u need to purchase, win to next level or playing the game everyday to get the surprise gifts, such as WamPum, GoLds and staffnfor duels...Enjoy PeoPle....*cheeRss!!

Sam 5 years ago

Hi there wot lvl r u ???

ann  6 years ago

what is a sandbox?

is there a way to get free Wampum?

kyemeister 6 years ago

i need some tips 4 wampun

Sharpshooter 9000 6 years ago

How much wampum does the stagemaster shotgun cost

colin walker 6 years ago

can u change ur name once u r started

Mr high Noon Rock 6 years ago

Add me mi I'd is 695946776

ant2210 6 years ago

id 198967195

Mr High Noon Rock 6 years ago

What is the wampum hack head shot and body shot hack I want to know more about the hack

Hack 6 years ago

Email Hnhacker@hotmail.sg for headshot/bodyshot hack

Derb 6 years ago

@amazonrus. No prob :-) incredible write up btw!

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 6 years ago from Earth Author

Yes Phill, probably the creator of High Noon read my tips and tricks haha.

You're right Derb. It is indeed Wampum! Not Wampun pardon me!

Derb 6 years ago

@amazonrus it is indeed wampuM not wampuN. Here's a link for you: http://www.google.com/m/search?oe=UTF-8&client...

Phill 6 years ago

There is an update. If you run from battle the enemy STILL gets gold. :(

Jeremy 6 years ago

Hi, my high noon id is 537619104

Thomas 6 years ago

Hey my fav game is High Noon And Really thanks for the tips!!

My high noon ID is 755001667

joseph tilburn 6 years ago

nice page you got here.. thanks for tactics.. hope to own you soon... har har. btw, look at how secret santa look like here... http://ccdosage.com/iphone-high-noons-secret-santa...

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 6 years ago from Earth Author

I'm not aware of any cheat to get wampuns.

But I doubt so..

Rancho 6 years ago

is there any cheat to get wampun!

amazonrus profile image

amazonrus 6 years ago from Earth Author

It is wampun!

Vinni 6 years ago

Hey thanks for the tips. I am so much addictive to High noon.. !

How much Stagemaster Shotgun costs? I hope its not wampum..

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