High School Musical Dolls

While I was doing some quick research on Amazon for my hub on the Disney Channel Movies, I noticed all the extremely cute High School Musical dolls. Since they looked like a lot of fun and I'm a big fan of fashion dolls, I thought they deserved a hub of their own.

The High School Musical dolls are all fashion-sized dolls made by Mattel, so it isn't too surprising that they have a lot in common with Barbie dolls. In fact, I suspect Barbie will be stealing Sharpay's outfits very soon.

In addition to the dolls, there's also a playset so your dolls have someplace to hang out. There are three different series of dolls, one for each film. I'll start with the most recent movie first and work my way backwards.

High School Musical 3 Dolls
High School Musical 3 Dolls

High School Musical 3 Dolls

For High School Musical 3, you have several sets of dolls in various outfits. You can find them paired up in their prom attire or get Troy and Gabriella in the clothes they were wearing during the treehouse scene.

Also, each of the main characters are available in their red & white graduation gowns. You can buy them individually or as a set.

High School Musical 2 Dolls

For High School Musical 2, tit's time for summer fun at the Country Club and the kids perform at the annual talent show. There are a few sets of dolls: Troy & Gabriella, Chad & Taylor and Sharpay and Ryan.

Sharpay is also available in three different sets. There's a set with her pink convertible (though the toy car is the wrong color pink as far as I remember). Or you can get a "poolside fabulous" set of Sharpay and her pool accessories from the Fabulous number in HSM 2. And finally, Sharpay and her golf cart.

I also think the Talent Show gift set with Troy, Gabriella and Sharpay in their country club talent show outfits are very cute.

the first High School Musical dolls

For the first High School Musical movie, one of the cutest sets of dolls features Gabriella and Troy performing "Breaking Free". Each doll plays a clip from the song as it was done in the movie. Troy is dressed in his Wildcats basketball uniform and Gabriella is in her red dress. Cute dolls and a cute song!

Mattel High School Musical Gabriella & Troy 2-Pack
Mattel High School Musical Gabriella & Troy 2-Pack

Troy performs in his basketball outfit and Gabriella is wearing her gorgeous red dress!


Troy and Gabriella sing Breaking Free

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michy 6 years ago

i like this high school musicale movie

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