How to do a simple card trick - easy clear steps to perform effective magic


Amaze your friends and family with this simple but effective card trick that you can learn in minuets!


All you need is a deck of cards , turn the bottom card over facing up.


  • Ask a volunteer to pick a card . Fan out the deck face down and let them chose.
  • As they are looking at the card flip the deck over so all the cards are upside down except the top card.(try too do this with out looking at he deck)
  • Take the volunteers card and slot it into the middle of the deck.
  • Ask them if they can remember their card and pass the deck from one hand to another turning it over back how it was. (it helps if you make eye contact)
  • Tell them you can read minds and have turned over their card. Fan through the deck their card will be upright.
  • Ask them to take their card and as they do switch the bottom card the right way around.
  • Enjoy their reaction and allow them to inspect the cards.


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should look something like this


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