How To Get Runescape Membership in Secret Without Your Parents Finding Out!

Paying For Runescape Membership Secretly and Discreetly

Alright kiddies, I know why you're here. Mom and Dad won't let you pay for Runescape membership eh? Well I'm not one to tell you to go against your parents, but if I were this is how I would go about getting Runescape membership without Mom and Dad finding out.

Why am I doing this?

Well you see, I believe that all Runescape players are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and Runescape membership.

Ways to Pay For Runescape Without Anyone Finding Out

Perhaps you ain't a child after all and you just want to pay for Runescape membership in secret for whatever reason. Don't want it showing up on your invoices? Well the way I figure, there are three methods you can taket to buy Runescape membership:

  • Mail in Cash
  • Purchase A Runescape Membership Card or Jagex Card
  • PayPal
  • Wallie Card (for Europeans and Mexico)

Which method to choose is the question, however. I'll take you through these four discreet methods of paying for Runescape membership.

Ahh, the beauty of Runescape.
Ahh, the beauty of Runescape.

Mail in Cash For Secret Runescape Membership

PayByCash, Jagex's method for accepting cash payments makes acquiring your Runescape membership incredibly simple. Just mail in the required amount of money and voilá, instant Runescape membership. PayByCash will cost you a tad more than other methods of payment due to the convenience and private nature involved.

Purchase a Runescape Membership Card Without Your Parents Knowing

If sending cash through the mail doesn't appeal to you (and I can see why it wouldn't) then the next best thing is to purchase a Runescape Membership Card or Jagex Card.  What's the difference between these two cards?  Well first of all, Runescape Membership Cards are only sold at Target retailers and they are only valid toward purchase of a Runescape membership.  Jagex Cards are sold elsewhere and valid for FunOrb as well.

However, as FunOrb is kinda pointless and Target is really convenient I recommend just going for the Runescape Card.  It's the easiest way of obtaining membership in secret.

Paying For Runescape Membership With PayPal

Paying for Runescape membership with PayPal is convenient as well, the minor catch however is that you are required to be 18 to have a PayPal account.  If for whatever reason you're under 18 and you have a PayPal account then this is a decent method.  Check out my guide for earning a free Runescape membership, as it has a bunch of links regarding methods of acquiring PayPal cash online quickly and easily... all without the folks finding out!!!

Use Wallie For Secret Runescape Membership?

Alright so when I first heard of "Wallie Cards" I thought they were talking about a certain Pixar robot, but it turns out Wallie Cards are a sort of "internet wallet." Available in a host of European countries, as well as Mexico, Wallie Cards provide a discreet way to pay for Runescape membership for players not living in the USA.

Godspeed, Children

Again, use my advice at your own risk. If you over thirteen, you're legally allowed to play Runescape without parental permission, but you should still listen to your parents. I'm sure they have good reasons for you not to play... like concentrating on schoolwork... or even socializing.

Have fun with your secret Runescape membership and use it to make lots of Runescape Gold!!

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Janetta 7 years ago

Jack, Jack, Jack...aiding in the delinquency of minors again?? tsk tsk :D

lumberjack profile image

lumberjack 7 years ago Author


mate 7 years ago


Hunter Eberly profile image

Hunter Eberly 7 years ago from United States

hahaha i love

"Well you see, I believe that all Runescape players are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and Runescape membership. "Declaration Of Independance/ Thomas Jefferson

I was like Wtf? 7 years ago

Erm...You can't pay via Paypal without a Credit Card...

Steve 6 years ago

thanks, that works really good, but this works even better

brent 6 years ago

Runescape Membership 6 years ago

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shuturmouth 6 years ago

ok ok ok i love how ur trying to start a rebelion but just stfu and ill buy u an ice-cream

Luke 6 years ago

Luke 6 years ago

the best 6 years ago

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freecodeftw? 6 years ago

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Bond$ 6 years ago

Brilliant! Perhaps you can also show these kids a secret way to get free bond $$ to get them out of jail!

badk0 profile image

badk0 6 years ago go to this site and send me your link and ill go to it to get u free codes

assassian 6 years ago

is there anyone who want to die from my sharp blade

palidin ace 6 years ago

how do i put in the jagex card?

Free Runescape Membership 6 years ago

Wow, Thank you, It's work, I just get my Free Runescape Membership PIN at

deborah 6 years ago

how dare you to encourage miner s to lie or other people , about buying runescape memberships. to keep it a secret.. what the heck are you tryin to do

create liers.. in children or yong adults .. what kind of joker are you

you can buy a card form ur local 7-11 for 6.00 per month

without a credit card and pay pal requires funds of some source

how dare you encourage betrayal to a parent . or other persons

jim 6 years ago

Free Runescape Membership Codes 6 years ago

Thanks for the codes!

6 years ago


He's not exactly telling people to "betray" or "lie"...He's simply giving other options to pay, because said people's parents refuse to pay. Their parents won't use their he/she uses theirs to pay.

Jake 6 years ago

The best way to get one is with this webite-

jessica 6 years ago

Dam. I have Asian parents... they go against any type of games except for chess/mindsweeper... who plays that? Jeez. :( and I live in Hong Kong which really sucks. NO walmarts no game cards. FMl

Julianda 5 years ago

All this is so fake.. There is no way in the world you can have free membership unless someone else pays for you..

jason 5 years ago

guys i cant find this out its kinda hard really

BabyBlues 5 years ago

I live in Hong Kong -_- none of these can help me sneak out with mems. Mail is too risky, I wish I lived in USA!!!

doorman 5 years ago

PIN GENERATOR WEBSITE ARE FAKE!!! They will hack your runescape account!

If you want a runescape membership pin so bad use this website:

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legomanc3r 5 years ago

go here and get the link and tell people to search it and you get codes for every 5 people to goto it

jejesillo 5 years ago

if 5 people click this link because of you, get free membership :D

Dave 5 years ago

Random 5 years ago

Hey i must say, here's my tip: If u have an older cousin who haves credit card. You can ask them. Give them money 4 membership and ask them not to tell anyone. This is a good way. But you must know if you can trust them!

Zezima 5 years ago

the best way to get a free membership is by emailing your username and password to ""

Mike 5 years ago

Um Im turning 10 and My last birthday I didn't get the card for a month its 8.00$ And they wont ever buy it And I live in a Aparment what should I do :(

Bob Lukas 5 years ago

You could do that or do something even quicker and go to this site :

Its free and you get it within less than 30 seconds!

Anonymous 5 years ago

Try signing up at prizerebel+filling out some surveys. It's never failed me in the past when I needed rs p2p

james clark 5 years ago

someone sell me a member ship card for 10m?

i wanna be mem 5 years ago

any one give me mem acc plzzz

Squire 5 years ago

Just go to 7 eleven and get ir

Xerxes Aura 5 years ago

I'm just here because I found this site whilst doing homework.

yo mama ain't dumb 5 years ago

what is the address in mailing in the cash for membership???

desalus 5 years ago

for people that are in hong kong, you can buy "Mycards" in 7-11- just ask as they are most likely hidden behind the shelves. Then just go and make a paybycash account, and select the paybycash option to pay for membership.

lalalalala 4 years ago

oh dang in Asia there's no other way then begging mom to use credit card...fml fml fml

carlos 4 years ago


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