How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube - Rubiks Revenge - 4x4 Rubik's Cube Solution

Concluding with this series of tutorials, we will see now How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube.

The main purpose of the series, is that you learn in a much more effective way how to solve the Rubik's cubes.

We have seen that the resolution of the Junior Cube it's a subset of the steps for the resolution of Standard Cube.

We will see now that in the case of 4x4 Rubik's Cube (and bigger cubes), the method of resolution of the Standard Cube is the base of resolution of more complex cubes.

A way to solve more complex Rubik's Cubes is accomplished through using what is commonly called the 3x3x3 reduction method.

In this method it is necessary that you know how to solve the Standard Cube. If you need to learn how to solve the Standard Cube, please read 'How To Solve A 3x3x3 Rubiks Cube'.

How to solve a 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube
How to solve a 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube


For simplicity this tutorial is divided in four pages, in this first page terms are defined and the method is described.

How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube

In order to understand How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube, you need to be familiar with the notation. If you don't know it, please read 'How to solve a Rubiks Cube' before continuing.

For the purposes of the following tutorial, a series of colors will be chosen for the faces, you can choose others.

Pieces and Faces

  • Corner ..- a physical corner piece. A corner piece has three sides. There are eight corners.
  • Edge .....- a physical edge piece. An edge piece has two sides. There are twenty four edges.
  • Centre ...- a physical centre piece. A centre piece has one side. There are twenty four centres.
  • Face .....- a side of the cube. There are six external faces and six internal faces.

Aditional Faces

A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube has internal faces, they are named with a lowercase letter.

  • Internal Upper Face - u
  • Internal Down Face  - d
  • Internal Left Face  - l
  • Internal Right Face - r
  • Internal Front Face - f
  • Internal Back Face  - b

Turn Of An Internal Face

In a 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube, the internal faces can turn.

To facilitate the turn (and the notation) of an internal face, this is rotated together with the outer face.

See the difference in the following examples of a clockwise turn of the External and the Internal Upper Face (also note the double arrow, which denotes to turn two faces).

How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube - Description Of The Algorithm

The algorithm is divided in three steps.

Step 1, Solving The Centres

The first step in the solution is to solve the 4 Centre Pieces on each face of the cube.

Step 2, Pairing up the Edges

The next step is to Pair up the 24 Edges into 12 distinct Double Edge Pairs (Dedges)

Step 3, Finishing the Cube

When you have solved the Centres and Paired up the Edges, you should see your 4x4x4 Rubik Cube like a 3x3x3 Rubik Cube.

You can finish off the cube in the same way as a 3x3x3.


The Color Scheme

The 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube is an even cube and has no fixed Centre pieces to refer to.

There is no quick way to determine which color goes where in relation to the others. It is helpful to have a color scheme memorised:

Standard Color Scheme

  • Yellow opposite White
  • Blue opposite Green
  • Red opposite Orange

If your cube is scrambled (or it doesn't have the standard color scheme), there is an easy way to determine the scheme.

Simply solve the corners of your 4x4x4 (assuming that you can solve the Corners of a 3x3x3).

Once you've figured out your colour scheme, memorize it or write it down.

Swapping Two Opposite Centres

At some point in your 4x4x4 Rubik Cube solving it is possible that you make a mistake with your Centres, such as transposing two Opposite Centres.

There is an easy way to fix it.

u2 - R2 - L2 - u2
u2 - R2 - L2 - u2

How To Solve A 4x4x4 Rubiks Cube - Algorithm

Now that you understood the method, it is time to put in practice.

Begin with the first step: Solving The Centres.


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        Acknowledgement : Table Of Contents by Darkside

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Comments 70 comments

sara 8 years ago

it just tells you what step to do not how to do the step.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 8 years ago Author


This is the first page of a four page tutorial.

Follow the links and you will find the "how to do the steps" :)

Refster profile image

Refster 8 years ago

Cool. I can't figure out the Rubik's cube from start to finish exactly. I've always been a fan of the Rubik's series. I can do the Rubik's Pyramid everytime in less than a minute. Did it in 6 seconds once.

Time to get to work on the cube.

May 8 years ago

I can solve both the 2x2x2 and 3x3x3 but this 4x4x4 is really hard!Can you have a simpler instructions instead of these unreadable instructions!PLEASE!

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 8 years ago Author

No, sorry. Simpler than this it's difficult.

Don't give up, try it again and good luck!!

rbix champ 8 years ago

it looks easy enough

Liza 7 years ago

It's more complicated than ever! How can I imagine it as a 3x3 if I can't even do the center part. You should expand the solutions more. 2x2 and 3x3 are much more the same. I've done it! ;)

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Hi Liza.

I agree that the 4x cube it's more difficult and requires a little more work and attention.

This tutorial is divided in four pages for a better understanding. Anyway it's a whole together with the other pages (introduction, resolution of the 2x cube, resolution of the 3x cube), and it will be easier of understanding if they are read in that order (as it's implicit in the introductions).

If you think that some part deserves a detailed explanation, please send me a PM (via the contact link at the top of the page) and tell me where you find difficulties.

bobby 7 years ago

hey i followed this guide and still got an error. i hav got everything solved except one last corner piece. it is in the right place but its the only one where the colors are not on their respective faces. if i do the move just like the 3x3x3 cube it'll mess the entire cube up because i cant do the move nd screw up all the other top layer corner pieces.

what do i do?

p.s. -- i'm very sure that no one messed with the stickers on the cube so that is not the problem

keailoveu 7 years ago

thanks to the pattern that you post...... i get an idea to solve it

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Hi Bobby, sorry for the delay.

The Corner Pieces which need to be oriented should be corrected in step 6 (Orient the Top Layer Corners). My suggestion is that you carry out the following movements (placing the wrong Corner Piece at the Front-Right) :

U R U' L' U R' U' L

This way the four Corner Pieces will need to be oriented, and you will be able to continue with the steps 6 and 7.

Hope this helps.

hanif 7 years ago

i want to know how to solve 6x6x6 rubik cube..please help me..

This Is Crazy. 7 years ago

This Is Crazy. I Can Quickly Solve A 3x3x3 Cube, Well, fast for someone my age, and 2x2x2 is not a challenge at all. But the instructions here are absolutly unreadable! PLZ HELP!

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Here, in this page, there are not instructions.

This is only a preliminary introduction.

Follow the links to find the instructions.

alanis 7 years ago

it's simple enuf adi........

i spent less than 1 hr to master it

thx to stefan

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Hi alanis.


The feedback is really appreciated.


Valerie 7 years ago

Hey, thanks for the help. I could never figure out how to solve a rubiks cube because i got too frustrated.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Hi Valerie

I'm more than happy to be of help.

Arcel 7 years ago

Thanks for the tips... i got it... it took me an hour to figure it out... now i can solve it less than 10 minutes.. AWESOME.. im looking for 5x5x5 now!!

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Hi Arcel

It is good to hear that. Thanks for the feedback.

Lai 7 years ago

Thanks man,i finally solve it!!!

LJS 7 years ago

so hard...

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

Nobody said that it is "so easy..." ;)

gorafun 7 years ago

Thanks. Finally able to solve.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 7 years ago Author

That's great. Happy of having been of help.

Tom 6 years ago

i have the same problem that bobby had and i did what was said but it still had one corner in the wrong way. any help or do i have to re build my cube

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Tom

If you have only one corner piece not well oriented, executing the specified movements the four corner pieces should be not well oriented, does it happen to you?

I repeat the steps: (placing the wrong Corner Piece at the Front-Right) U R U' L' U R' U' L

Once the four corner pieces are not well oriented, they are corrected following the movements of the Step 6 (Orient the Top Layer Corners).

Every time that you correct a corner and look for the next one, remember to not rotate the cube, only the Top Layer.

nRgd 6 years ago

this is so hard. Cant it be any easier?? D:

Arif Febriyanto 6 years ago

great, thank you very much ^_^

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Arif

Thanks for stopping by and left your comment.

faisal94 6 years ago

i have my own formula...

but i think just i will understand that formula...

Anna 6 years ago

Hi i have 2 edges wrong just wrong... i mean i can do what i want to but i doensnt help, maybe thers an algorithm for it, plz i need help...

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Anna:

If You mean two Adjacent Edges in position but flipped, try this:

Placing the wrong Adjacent Edges at the Front

r2 R2 B2 U2 l L' U2 r' R U2 r R' U2 F2 r R' F2 l' L B2 r2 R2

billie joe 6 years ago

4x4x4 cubes are verry hard waaaaa

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Billie, don't give up !!!

Hawkempire 6 years ago

All I need to complete the 4X4 is to be able to swap 2 corners and diagonal corners. Your instructions don't work sorry. I've tried it several times even with a completed cube just to see the two corners swap but they don't. The instruction look great and are otherwise awesome. Please help.



StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Dean

I will assume that you refer to these movements:

The only thing you have to be careful about is that the r,l,u,d,f,b movements rotates two layers (the internal and the external) and the R,L,U,D,F,B movements rotates one layer (the external).

Chase 6 years ago

My problem is when trying to finish off the edges of the yellow tips, I have two colors that need to be swapped, but they are adjacent, not opposite. Is there an algorithm to switch the two adjacent colors and then go on to putting the corners in the right spot?

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Chase

If I understand correctly your problem, the solution is this:

Hope this helps.

jen 6 years ago

What are the commas in the notation for?

jen 6 years ago

What do the apostrophes in the notation mean?

jen 6 years ago

Sorry, just the second question.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author

Hi Jen

A face can be turned clockwise or counter-clockwise, the apostrophe represents a counter-clockwise.

Please see the notation here:

iamxxx 6 years ago

i cant understand about the code, how to use this solve?

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 6 years ago Author


This is the first page of the tutorial, follow the links.

If you don't understand the notacion, first go here:

Brandon 375 5 years ago

i can solve my entire cube but the corners. when i have done all of the centers and the corners, i understand to solve it like a 3x3, but when i do so, all of the corners are left unsolved and the 3x3 method does not work to change the corners, ive been looking at videos for a long time and not 1 has shown me this or what is wrong, is it my cube, plz help

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 5 years ago Author

Hi Brandon

If you've managed to solve the centers, the corners and the dedges, then you have half of the way done

From here you have to see your 4x4 as an unresolved 3x3.

The corners are not resolved together, the layers are solved from the bottom up.

Please see my tutorial on the 3x3:

I hope this helps

lanakhabbaz 5 years ago

i want to buy one ,,, i dont know where to find ,, can you7 help me

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 5 years ago Author

Hi lanakhabbaz.

In this very page, you can find a "Rubik's Revenge Cube 4 X 4" link to the product's Amazon Store at a very good price.

Meh Bleh 5 years ago

Hi, thanks for the tutorial and stuf it's really good ;)

but i have a problem, being the following: i only need to solve the top-layer, and i have the incomplete cross... but each time when i use the algoritm i mess up my cube :/ any help please?

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 5 years ago Author

Hi Meh

Just to be sure, have you read the warning on that page?

Anonymous 5 years ago

Does anyone know what the "2" means in something such as 2b? Answer as quickly as possible. I am starting to become hopeless.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 5 years ago Author

Where you have seen such notacion? (put a link)

Skoyntoyflis 5 years ago

Very nice ... thank you !!!

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 5 years ago Author

Hi Skoyntoyflis, You are welcome.

MouseWalker profile image

MouseWalker 5 years ago from FEDERAL WAY, WA

Anonymous any time you see a 2 as in 2B 2b or B2 b2 it is a half turn of that face Stefan uses B as the outer face and b as the back half

Alexander Blum 4 years ago


since I own the 2x2x2, the 3x3x3 and the 4x4x4 I thank you very much for uploading all the solutions, even though I only made use of your 4x4x4 solution.

Keep up the good work, maybe you can add a 5x5x5 solution some day. Thumbs up!

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 4 years ago Author

Hi Alexander

I am more than happy if this tutorial has helped you to solve your cube. Thanks for stopping by.

Sam 4 years ago


why in case of Internal face turn,external face is also rotated. Is there any specific reason for that.I have seen some algo in which only internal faces are rotated.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 4 years ago Author

Hi Sam

Only to make things easier.

cae 4 years ago


it has happened to me a few times. At the end of solving the cube i have two corners in the wrong position and the algorithm i know from the 3x3 only works if there are 3 or more corners in the wrong place. Do you know any algorithm that may help me?

ps: the algorithm i was trying was R' , U , L , U' , R , U , L' , U'

and yes i all the colors are in their right order.

Cae 4 years ago

i forgot to say that also sometimes, instead of the problem arising from the cornes it comes from the edges. Again in the last layer i can't solve it. The "cross" seems to be impossible to form. only three or one edge remains facing up. How can i solve it?

ps: I used to use the algorithm B, L, U, L', U', B'

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 4 years ago Author

Hi Cae.

You are facing a problem called Parity Error. For solutions, go here, I hope this helps:

(Please read the Warning at the top of the page, is important.)

Free Gamers profile image

Free Gamers 3 years ago

I never knew it would be so complicated. Nice tutorial and hub!

Kaila Shanmukh Raj 2 years ago

I have done the 3x3x3 rubiks cube and i am stuck at the pairing of the edges of 4x4x4 rubiks cube . I NEED SOME HELP IN THAT.

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 2 years ago Author

stan 2 years ago

Same problem as billy and tom. What you're suggesting is just bringin me to the same point... Any ideas why?

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 2 years ago Author

Hello Stan.

The movements shown are a well known algorithm to swap three corners. I can only think that you are making a mistake. Keep in mind that You have to put your not oriented corner at the Front-Right.

For more details, please follow this link and read the Note, You will find a detailed picture.

haseem 2 years ago

Hello respected sir/madam

I am able to solve 3x3x3 in three min.

But now I want to learn 4x4x4 rubik cube. ..

Pl tell me steps to solve this

StefanMDP profile image

StefanMDP 2 years ago Author

Hi Hassem

This is the first page of a four page tutorial, follow the links in the table of contents to find the resolution method (You can start here: ).

Please keep in mind that this is a method for beginners, is not a tutorial for speedcubing.

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