iBomber Defense - Quickplay and Bonus Level Guides Index

This guide continues the walkthrough of the video game iBomber Defense, covering all of the Quick Play and Bonus Level maps. These guides are written for the Veteran difficulty (hardest) and demonstrate methods used to get a Perfect rating on every single map. These strategies are meant to be used in order to also achieve the Survivor, Base Defender and Turret Guard medals for each map, which pertain to the Guard, Survivor and Defender achievements for the Veteran and lower difficulties.

Note: Although I previously mentioned otherwise, the Quickplay missions do differ significantly from the campaign missions in that you will face slightly different waves with more limited turret options. For this reason I decided to continue the guide for these missions. Each level is linked below, each having its own guide and page.

**This guide and its subsections are currently WIP. As the guides for each mission are completed and published, you will find this page updated with the links to each.

Allied Quick Play Levels:

  1. Western Europe
  2. Western Mediterranean
  3. North West Africa
  4. Western Europe
  5. Southeast Europe
  6. Eastern Mediterranean
  7. Southern Europe
  8. Western Russia
  9. North East Europe
  10. Northern Europe
  11. Germany

Axis Quick Play Levels:

  1. Northern Europe
  2. Western Russia
  3. North East Europe
  4. North East Africa
  5. South East Europe
  6. Eastern Mediterranean
  7. North West Africa
  8. Southern Europe
  9. Western Mediterranean
  10. Western Europe
  11. Great Britain

Bonus Missions:

  1. Bitter Harvest
  2. Among The Ruins

Other iBomber Defense Guides:

Allied Campaign Walkthrough
Axis Campaign Walkthrough

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yojig 4 years ago


yojig 4 years ago

well, where is other levels? whery interesting last missions in axis quickplay levels. i can't do them :(

SOE profile image

SOE 4 years ago Author

Hey, yeah I know this guide needs a lot of work. I started it a little while ago and got caught up with iBomber Defense Pacific's release. I've been really busy trying to work on a little bit of everything, but I still intend to get around to finishing this.

yojig 4 years ago

Thanks for your great work, imagine how it is not easy :) last three levels of play (on veteran) is really hard. but other levels can be completed by your video walkthroughs. expect to continue!

sorry for the poor translation. google translate helped me as best he could ;)

Arsenic 4 years ago

Great work on these guides man. Very helpful on completing some of the levels. Need help on the Quickplay levels though .Difficult with the limited turret options. :(

eastx profile image

eastx 4 years ago

Please do continue with the Quick Play guides. We need all the help we can get! :)

yojig 4 years ago

wow guys, i did it with artmoney :D got all achievements

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