Overcoming your inertia:From Boredome to Enthusiasm!

Everything in this world has two sides -one of pleasure (+) and the other of pain (-).

It is our choice what we choose to have first.

However,whatever comes first is of shorter duration or intensity,while whatever comes later comes magnified with interest.This is the universal law of short term pain and long term gain.

Your mind wants instant gratification in the easiest,shortest and fastest way.

Nevertheless,the pleasure of instant gratification is inevitably followed by the magnified pain later.

When you delay with positive thinking the gratification of your mind's strong urge to have instant pleasure,you strengthen your will power.

MORE THE DELAY OF MIND'S GRATIFICATION,more strong becomes your will power.

Thus,more you are able to conquer your inertia and procrastination,the stronger willed person you become.

Please note:Delay,but don't deny your gratification.


Formula for increasing will power:

B.O.R.E.D . M.P.S. Had. No. Fun.

B : Break a big task into smaller steps.(Divide and conquer)

O : One step at a time.

R : Reward yourself even for the small steps covered by you.

E : Easy to face situation now and today rather than tomorrow.

D : Distract yourself from temptation 5 minutes at a time.

M : More important to do a thing rather than do it perfectly.




Achievable-Yes, but only sometimes.

P : Positive thinking.

S : Save the "slips" from occuring.

H : Help others climb the hill of stronger willpower.

N : Never ever compare yourself with others.

F: Forgive yourself and others for the slips and mistakes that may still occur because you all are so human afterall.


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Abhinaya 9 years ago

Great hub!Great definition!Great information!Great tips!

Best of luck for your future entries.

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 9 years ago

Very Well Done Clean Clover!! Excellent and Unique Hub!! Thank you so much for sharing!! Blessings to you and yours this Season of Joy!! Earth Angel!!

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