Inflatable Flying Fish Toy From Airswimmers for Indoor Use Only

RC Inflatable Flying Fish Toys

Moms and Dads if the kids are asking for flying fish toys then they may be referring to the inflatable fish toys from Air Swimmers. Invented by a father and son team now the William Mark Corporation the Air Swimmers is one of the many new lines of revolutionary ‘flying toys’. Powered by helium these inflatable’s have the appearance of flying, as they glide through the air. They are remote controlled so can be steered move without crashing into items like light fixtures or moms precious ornaments. The infra red sensor contained in the inflatable responds to the signal from the remote. The Air Swimmers are recommend for kids eight years and older and may require some adult supervision when inflating the toy. Apart from purchasing the toy you may want to purchase your own helium tank or take the inflatable fish to the local party store or florist when it deflates. The toy is also recommended for indoor use only. Exposure to external wind will make the inflates fly quicker-but once it is out of reach of the 40 feet parameter you will not be able to recover your flying fish toy so it is best to play indoors only.

Airwimmers Inflatable Flying Fish Toys

Air Swimmers are made from “ultra-durable nylon” a type of nylon more resilient than normal balloons. The official site recommends refilling the balloon with caution. There is a delicate one-way valve on the back of the balloon under the tail motor .Once torn it cannot be reused. At the moment there is no sale of small parts only replacement balloons.

Characters on offer include Sharks and a Clown Fish (like the character from Finding Nemo). Air Swimmer Inflatable Sharks Toy. Do watch out for cheap knockoffs. The original Air Swimmers will be appropriately labelled with product information.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark | Source
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish
Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish | Source

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Shark

The inflatable shark is a near life size replica of a small shark measuring 57 x 36 inches. The battery operated remote control requires 4 AAA batteries and has a range of up to 40 feet. The product description suggests that the toy remains inflated for up to two weeks once inflated. It does not include a helium tank these are sold separately or you can have the toy inflated at a local party store or florist.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish

  • If the kids love Nemo then they will adore the Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish. This giant Clownfish measures 57 x 36 inches.
  • Similar to the Shark it also has a range of 40 feet when operated via remote control.

How To Inflate Flying Fish Toys

  • First read the manufacturers instructions and recommendations prior to filling your inflatable fish toys.
  • When filling your helium tanks do take note that there are different types of Helium- these in the Disposable Helium tanks are called ‘party mix’ and are diluted with other gases. This type is best for helium balloons .As a result of the thicker material of the helium toys you require what is called pure helium. This can be filled at the party store or florist who often have gas tanks with the ability to fill pure helium or the mixed type.

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shailudhakad 4 years ago from GWALIOR,M.P.,INDIA

Really interesting hub and your Remote Control Flying Clownfish will be liked most by the children.

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kids-toy-box 4 years ago Author

thanks shailudakad..yes I'm sure most Finding Nemo fans will love the Clownfish.

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