It Girl Facebook Game Guide 2: More tips, tricks, strategies, cheats, how to build confidence, and information

It Girl is a very popular Facebook game by Crowdstar in which you buy clothes, go all around the world, go to various stores and parties, compete in showdowns with other "it girls" and try to become the most fashionable, jet-setting 'it girl' in the game. You can customize your character's look almost any way you want to, go to the salon and/or buy clothes (all of which contribute to your hotness level, which enables you to win showdowns), and the more different pieces of clothing you have in your closet, the more "closet points" you get, which also contributes to whether or not you will win a showdown against another girl. And the more friends you have who play the game, the bigger you can grow your 'clique'. Find more clothes and win more showdowns to earn more money and experience points.

For tips and tricks on how to become the 'it girl' faster, easier and more quickly, read on.

First of all, for a very quick money boost while you are playing It Girl, click the "like" button while you are playing, and like It Girl. You will instantly get 300 extra cash.

A lot of girls have been asking how you can chat in the game. The bad news is: you can't chat. The chatting that appears to go on in the game is simply computer-generated chatting done by non-player characters who repeat the same lines over and over.

You will get free cash for every hour of time that passes in It Girl, for doing absolutely nothing. However, there is a limit to how much free cash will just dump on the ground, so check back even when you don't plan to spend time with the game, in order to pick up your free cash. Around 10 free wads of cash at the most will fall at a time, so pick them up every 10 hours or so to make as much free cash as possible.

Speed up your experience point gains by not limiting your energy use simply to searching store shelves, but also by going out into the city (or cities, depending on how far into the game you are) and searching ads, billboards, and news stands every day. Each ad and billboard will earn you 2 exp points and 5 dollars, and each newsstand will earn you 4 exp points and 10 dollars.

Speed up your experience gain even more, by not even wasting time engaging in showdowns with girls in stores or out in the city. Use your confidence points on showdowns with girls at parties. Pick the parties which pay the highest experience point gain for completing the party - early on, the outdoor parties in the park, which are of easy to medium difficulty, are excellent, especially the weekend BBQ at the park, which is a difficulty of just 3, requires beating just 2 girls in showdowns, and gives a bonus of 24 experience points.

You start off each event/party/etc as a 'bronze player'. After you complete a certain amount of parties, you will become a 'silver' player (this is after 5 parties), and then with every further 5 parties, you will gain a party level again, to "gold" player and then to "platinum" player. This will cause the difficulty of the party to increase, as well as both the number of girls you will need to beat in showdowns in order to complete the party, and the bonus experience points that you gain increase as well.

If you see a member of your clique around on the street, at a store or at a party, click her and hit "call" to get a free confidence boost. You can also get more confidence points by clicking on "share" posts that your friends who play the game post after they win a showdown, as well as by calling a clique member in your clique bar. Call a higher-level member for more confidence.

Dress appropriately for each event, because if you wear clothing that is irrelevant to the particular event that you attend (I.E. wear a black tie item to an outdoor party), they won't count toward your hotness. However, when you engage in showdowns on the street, in salons or in stores, all of the clothing items you are wearing will count toward your hotness.

That's all for now. Got more tips? Post them!

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PaNiZo0 6 years ago

hey peace lol dude how do i get confidence ??

Krystal 6 years ago

go down to ur time and click and fast forward time.. it will give u energy and con. but be aware it will always make ur restock time go into days and not hours!

carla 6 years ago

can you help me get confidence

Nada 6 years ago

Where is the salon?

tina  6 years ago

the game is not downloading it keeps on refreshing every 2 seconds! any idea how to fix this?

to krystal 6 years ago

that really helped! i do that it and it gives me so much stuff its really awesome (:

Lloydisha 6 years ago

Ohk this a cheat for anyone who is asking for more confidence! ohk first u know where the time is located on Ur computer at the right down corner. double click it or triple click it.and then this clock thing will pop the side it will have the time where u change it with the two arrows up or down.for the hour set it to 9.and leave the min and sec alone!and click OK and then Ur confidence and energy will be filling p real fast.if want to see it in action.go to youtube and type in more confidence on it girl ill show u

Charlie x 6 years ago

Are there any money cheats on it girl??

mona 6 years ago

they didn't work

Little Lauren 6 years ago

how can you unlock the other citys

alexas 6 years ago

its to hard

alexas 6 years ago

how can we chat

randomgirllxxxx 6 years ago

How do you chat on It Girl? I see everyone else chatting especially at parties and I can't figure out how to :(

barrym 6 years ago

does anyone know where this clock is for time?? i'd love to speed up! can't see it!!

rocky junor-hughes 6 years ago

add me please 6 years ago

add me too i play it girl...............facebook....................................

sweetnsilly 6 years ago

i get a quest that talk to jade or april at a party

i really don't know how to talk ??

especially when chatting is not allowed!!

n the main thing is that there is no one called jade OR april :'(

Kenley 6 years ago

To sweetnsilly: all you need to do is attend the party and press the girl with the white bubble filled with pink dots over her head

sweetnsilly 6 years ago

thank u veryyy much Kenley i already did tht but thts sooo sweeet of u xx

YuenYee 6 years ago

Where is the old navy gold clutch found? Been looking for it but can't find it

sum1 6 years ago

wen they say find rare item at accecrries do v have 2 buy also

prishgirl30 6 years ago

to sum1: no its not necessary:::: but by buying it u will not only incrase ur wardrobe qty( which will help u during showdowns), but also increase ur hotness.

6 years ago

how can i get a boyfriend. when i check my status it reads. " oh no you don't have a boyfriend"

beautifly_25 6 years ago

is there some type of way to restock the stores without paying??

sharkkk 6 years ago

can someone pls tell me how to get a boyfriend on It girl

Devin 6 years ago

i need help here i'm on level 18 on it girl on facebook the game & i was wondering how do you get a bf on there i'm a man not a girl add me on facebook the email is

lacey 6 years ago

Lloydisha: you made my day lol

Shut Up! 6 years ago

How can you enter inside the tent?

I saw the girl entering the tent. And I don't know how!

cean 6 years ago

how will you finish the nightlife dress thing?

hi 6 years ago

need bf!!!!! help!!!

and can any1 tell me how 2 do da facebook credits hack? i don't get it!!!

tipsy^^ 6 years ago



barbiedawle 6 years ago


isha 6 years ago

to yuenyee -the old navy gold clutch is in old navy shop and i know as i got it a moment ago

hey 6 years ago

where is the studio?

Hanana 6 years ago

itx awsmmm thnxx alottt........!!!! BTW lov the time cheat thnxxxxxxxx

Sahri 6 years ago

It was great until they changed it, now showdowns are more difficult because all the girls in them have way more hotness. Not to mention, I keep searching for the last few items in a few shops and they NEVER give them to me!

mansi 6 years ago

how to increase the cash? i m on level 23, i need to buy the clothes from the stores which gets open, bt i have only 360 rs:(

:) :P :D 6 years ago

how do we get a boyfriend on it?!?!?!

Nan's house 6 years ago

boy friend?please

Hanana 6 years ago

hey...! the time cheat is not working now :( wht to dooo????????????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!

afzal bhhhd 6 years ago

) :P :D 39 hours ago

how do we get a boyfriend on it?!?!?!

Nan's house 18 hours ago

boy friend?please

Hanana 3 hours ago

hey...! the time cheat is not working now :( wht to dooo????????????????? HELP!!!!!!!!!

crystal 6 years ago

the time change of the computer really works!!! lol

Hanana 6 years ago

How do we change the make up?????????

itgirl1234 6 years ago

where do you find a boyfriend once you get him? I can't find him

blah blah blah 6 years ago

where can you find an item worth 12 hotness?

anymonyous 6 years ago

how do you get a boyfriend on this game? i can't find one

profile image

ryrizka 6 years ago

i can't find a boyfriend!! and how to increase the reputation?

a simpson 6 years ago

how do i get clique member besides you face book friends ?

syam 6 years ago

i need boyfriand!!!

sanskruti 6 years ago

yippeeee..i got a boyfriend!! im sooo happiee!! and syam-you did not get your boyfriend?what level r u in?

RAMZ 6 years ago

hey,Where did u find him pl let us know

i m searching i couldn't find him

kkkkk 6 years ago

how do you get a boyfriend??? I'm level 19!

sanskruti 6 years ago level 26 and i got a boyfriend "gregory".soooo swwet he is!! he gives me such awesome gifts! i love him soo much! :PPPP ;DDD

kkkkk 6 years ago

@sanskruti how did you get a boyfriend? i can't find him.

sanskruti 6 years ago

umm...can u see boys around roaming there in the game?if yes then go n put your pointer there!if it pops up...see it will be written "flirt"!!if u find all this then flirt with the boy of your dreams!n voila' u find yours!i found him like that! happiee gaming!hehe...

kkkkk 6 years ago

there are no boys roaming around :( anyway, thank you! 6 years ago

aww...that's bad! im sorry for u! well welcomee! :))) well people add me please!! i need more clique!! i'll send all gifts! :DDD

Hanana 6 years ago

where is the studio ??????? PLXxxxxxxxx help 6 years ago

looking for the studio aswell...

and please add me guys. need more clique members! :D

love 6 years ago

what level do you have to be un to find a boyfriend

sanskruti 6 years ago

hehe..katrin!we are friends!!lol...more people send me sure!lol ;PP

Jess 6 years ago

Can anyone tell my where a boyfriend is?!? I can't find any!!!

zahirah 6 years ago

where is that boyfriend, been walking for ages and i can't find him LOL!! HELPPPP!!!

Shania 6 years ago

I think you can have a boyfriend when you have 6 clique members!!!

itgal 6 years ago

6 cliques at what level exactly???? and da timing trick didn't work on restock!?

Bubbles 6 years ago

You have to have 11 cluiqe members to get a boyfriend. I don't know what level you have to be. An also you don't walk aroun with your boyfriend or anything, you will probably never see him again or anything, if you go to your status though you can send him gifts and stuff.

itgal 6 years ago

how to find the little black dress, anyone?

jfhefkl 6 years ago

I have a quest to find a pair of beige strappy heels from lola brio. The thing is i had already brought them before the quest was given to me. Ive had this quest for at least 3 months now, but it still says you have to find a pair of beige strappy heels even though i already have a pair. What should i do? Please help!

6 years ago

Details About My Boyfriend:

I have had a boyfriend for 2.5 days, I am level 20 with 23 clique members. When I first noticed boys walking around the streets and at parties, I found one I liked and clicked "flirt" and we started dating. My boyfriend is named Sean and he is a pilot. He follows me to parties and stores because I clicked on the little "hang out" box inside my status. My boyfriend's manliness fluctuates between 19 and 21, but I don't know what makes it change. His reliability is 94, but I don't know what that means. In the first day he gave me several gifts, but he hasn't given me anything in the second day. He has given me purses, roses, thank you notes, and energy bars. His happiness is 95% and I kiss him every 8 hours. When I first started dating him my reputation was 50 and now it is 95. I have introduced him to my friends, and if they accept the introduction they receive experience points and my boyfriend receives happiness points.

I hope this helps, for those who wanted to know more. Good luck!

6 years ago

@ jfhefkl:

When I have been in that situation (it has happened several times), I go ahead and buy the item again. Usually the reward is still greater than the price you have to pay to buy the item a second time.

cherrie 6 years ago

to the girl asking for the beige strappy heels that has been already bought:

somehting similar happened to me and i had to buy again the item and so the quest was complete, after that i sold the item (for less money) :)

katrina 6 years ago

How can I increase my boyfriend's happiness? If I don't have any credits?

cherrie. 6 years ago

@katrina: you can kiss him

6 years ago

where can u find the mysterious black dress

riley 6 years ago

i need to buy a beach dress from 'emma's room' but the thing is... I had already bought it before the quest popped up, now it has been 3 days and the shop has not restocked, help me please i really wanna get past this !!!! why won't it restock and how can i buy the dress again if i have already bought it???? 6 years ago





Tessa Koterba 6 years ago



Lyzette 6 years ago and Tessa Koterba, I'll add you guys in facebook and in my clique in need it for the boyfriend thing.


everyone need a clique member? just add me

Thanks again.

lala 6 years ago

i'm in level 6 and have 5 clicks and i already have a boyfriend. i think these are the minimum requirements to have a boyfriend

lala 6 years ago

i'm in level 6 and have 5 clicks and i already have a boyfriend. i think these are the minimum requirements to have a boyfriend

profile image

ItGirlFan93 6 years ago

Add me please!!! I play It Girl faithfully!! I send gifts and all =)

I also need clique members to get a bf!!

LeXa 6 years ago

I NEED TO INCREASE MY REPUTATION!!!! how to?? i dunno :/

Cristal 6 years ago

PLz add need a clique!

lala 6 years ago

itgirlfan, u need a boyfriend to increase your reputation

tipsy^^ 6 years ago

hi everyone...I only have 5378 cash for now...if you have more than mine....can you tell me what's your secret, let me say your strategy? :D

abena 6 years ago

i beg,pls add me to ur abena kusi on facebook.pls,i need a bf.

carla 6 years ago

how to increase reputation chet pl;zz

sheril 6 years ago

what is the highest manliness point ?

and how to increase reputation?

Chrissie 6 years ago

hey, can anyone tell me how can I increase my credits? i only have 3 credits and can´t buy any gifts with that :( help please!

Chrissie 6 years ago

hey, can anyone tell me how can I increase my credits? i only have 3 credits and can´t buy any gifts with that :( help please!

profile image

Chau Cao 6 years ago

add me to your clique! will send gifts!

thanks ? ? ?

Diana 6 years ago

where do I find the muted purple dress?


Seryth 6 years ago

I NEED HELP??? I don't know how to get more clique members. I only have one and I need two more for a boyfriend. How to get more...?

McKenzie 6 years ago

Where is the studio?

Alana 6 years ago

how do i get a BF in the game???? its quite confusing... $__$

Natalia 6 years ago

u get a boyf in this game like this: first you have to have minimum 3 clique members (like neighbours, your friends need to accept the request and they'll be in your clique) and then you should search on streets, or in shops or in parties for a boy then flirt to him(you need to have some confidence and energy to do this) and then if he'll like you, he will ask you out. It's great having a boyf coz hes giving you gifts, but you need to make sure you kiss him every 7/8hours and make sure your friends can meet him(all this options you can find by clicking on your boyfriend and clicking on `details`. I had already 6 boyfriends and dumped all of them already. I'm single now but i'm looking for really hot buy with confidence 20-something or 30-somehing cos before i had some that were 10-ish and 7ish :\ . It's really fun still having a boyf cuz he follows you everywhere and you can hang out with him! :) If you don't want that click again on ur bf and select details and tick/or not tick option `hang out`. (: Good luck! I'm level 11 now so if you want a boyf with hotness 20-ish and 30-ish you need to have 10 or 9 clique members. Again, good luck!! :)

And i need help too, lol. I don't know how to increase reputtion cos that's how guys see you as attractive. Coz i want my reputation to be 100 (i don't want to pay anytihng lol) and then find a perfect guy and flirt with him, coz now i have low reputation and no sexy guy wants me! :( Just some nerds.... PLEASE HELP!!!! :(

Leena 6 years ago

How to build up ur reputation????

Chrissie 6 years ago

Please help, tell me how to increase facebook credits so that I can buy gifts to my boyfriend? Thanks...

Ashara 6 years ago

OMG where is the muted purple printed dress ? I know the store but i can't find it anywhere?

profile image

ramyasarang 6 years ago

AznChic 6 years ago

Does anyone know how to get better reputation??Please Help?

profile image

cheryllogic 6 years ago

Hey guys, please add me! I need more clique members :D

Taniya 6 years ago

hai frnds, PLZ ADD ME.... I NEED MORE CLIQUE.... PLZ DO ADD ME!/profile.php?id=100001057078740

Taniya 6 years ago

hai frnds, PLZ ADD ME.... I NEED MORE CLIQUE.... PLZ DO ADD ME!/profile.php?id=100001057078740&sk=wall

ma name is Taniya mathew any one can add me.... plz help me out!

diliana 6 years ago


it girl 6 years ago

My reputation is ruined , help ?!

Brittany 6 years ago

Need more Clique memebers add me please Thanks

XALEA.ALEXA 6 years ago

everybody that's needs a clique && gifts , don't get shy to add me =]

send me gifts and i'll return it too !

ashlee mckinlay 6 years ago

Hiyaa people can you add my facebook and add me in your clique please, need more girlies, I send gifts all the time, look for me my name is ashlee mckinlay, thanks xxx

Gemini 6 years ago

Add me as friend so you can be in my clique plzes. look for FRANCES LINDO (no caps) i really want a boyfriend. Plez write a messge saying that you wanna join my clique or i'll hafta decline

Capri 6 years ago

Where is the muted purple printed dress in Lola Brio??? I searched all the racks and can't find it!!!

jing 6 years ago

I play it girl too and right now im at level 10 and i got a boyfriend,he's so sweet.

iwubitgirl 6 years ago

Hey guys! I was wondering, how do you increase your reputation? Because I've broken up with 4 guys already, and I have an 80 reputation. How do you increase it?

I have a boyfriend, but the 15+ manliness guys always reject me. What's wrong?

TASYA 6 years ago

hey i`m it girl player, i need ur help.

i have to find white satin dress in central station, but i don`t know where is it.

please help me :(

really need ur help

zahirah 6 years ago

where do i find the studio?

XALEA.ALEXA 6 years ago

i already got 2 boyfriends . but they all SUCKS !

my first boyfriend just last for 2 days and only gave me 1 gift .

my second boyfriend (present) has only given me 1 garment gift and about 3 powerups :(

should i break them up ? and hu are those recommended boyfriends ?

tayna 6 years ago

hey i wanna know how i do to find the beige strappy heels at lola brio... because i went there and i didn't find no heels.... its kind of impossible?.

XALEA.ALEXA 6 years ago

just keep searchin' the racks and u'll find it.

sophia 6 years ago

i need reputation.. it was 95 but then after ending my relationship with my boyfriend its now only 50 and a can't seem to get a boyfriend because of my reputation:( and idea's how to get it higher?

6 years ago

does anyone know where to find the mysterious black dress i can't get any new tasks till i find it thanks

tori 6 years ago

same.idk how to get more ruptation

alys 6 years ago my clique members please..tq :)

ItGirl02 6 years ago

For those who don't have boyfriends on It Girl- there's a Quest to get a boyfriend, that's when boys will roam around the streets and parties...

For those looking for reputation- you could get a boyfriend or click the "+" sign beside your reputation number thing then buy..

ItGirl02 6 years ago

By the way, as said in the Tips, you can't chat in the game, they're just computer-generated.. :)

fan of it girl 6 years ago

hey guys does anyone know how to chat in it girl,because i saw in parties and stores chatting at each other,please someone tell me how to do it pleassssssssssssse

ItGirl02 6 years ago

TO fan of it girl: You can't chat in the game, YET... The people who are chatting in the game are not online and not really chatting.. The chats are computer-generated..

abbie 6 years ago

to gain more money i actually 'kill' my opponent during showdowns.. i mean i make it to a point that her confidence meter says zero :)

antonrosa profile image

antonrosa 6 years ago from USA

An interesting hub, thanks for sharing!!

twiley17 6 years ago

hey could you please tell me how to get reputation points?

rachelle 6 years ago

can your boyfriends dump YOU? because when I first started dating my boyfriend on it girl he always said things like "You make me so happy" and "You are so beautiful" "Don't you ever change" and stuff like that but now they are all negative like "Um..hi" "You are acting weird lately" "You caught me by surprise" and his maniliness and happiness keeps going down. I kiss him every 8 hours but it doesn't help should I break up with him? Thanks :)

First lady 6 years ago

add me i need more friends

profile image

Chau Cao 6 years ago

tipsy^^ 6 years ago


choco lava 6 years ago

can you help me ?!!!!!

where is the muted purple printed dress ..???

i know the store .. but i can't find the muted purple printed dress please help me .. :(

and .also add me i need more friends :))

twiley17 6 years ago

hey could you please add me on facebook? my email is please!! i need more clique members.

twiley17 6 years ago

hey could you please add me on facebook? my email is please!! i need more clique members.

denise daniels 6 years ago

need clique

random :P 6 years ago

wheres the purple muted dress?

Monica 6 years ago

Need Clique Members!!! Add me please! :)

twilight17 6 years ago

hey could someone help me find the mysterious black dress in Soho?please i couldn't find it.. it has been my quest for months now....

Disha 6 years ago

Add Me on Facebook

And don't 4get 2 mention dat u want 2 b my clique member..

windhy 6 years ago

add me. I need more clique. Thank you

Júlia 6 years ago

Hey! I cannot find the black trench jacket. Is for a quest called "a chilly fall in paris". Do you know in what stores is it?? I'm in level 13. Thanks!

eesa 6 years ago

how do i find the muted purple printed dress?

Alison 6 years ago

Add me on fb and invite me to your clique! Click above

Amy 6 years ago

I also was wondering about the reputation. But I figured out that if you buy something it increases your rep by one point. That's the only way I know how to increase it other than to use credits which i don't have haha.

Amy 6 years ago

I take it not sure what i did to gain the rep point but it doesn't work every time u buy clothes..sorry

mags 6 years ago

please, add me. I need more clique members =)

Sophia 6 years ago

Pls Add Me on My facebook Account and be my clique Pls..

Sophia 6 years ago

Here is the link in my FB Account

Sophia 6 years ago

Here is the link in my FB Account

DaiSa 6 years ago


I play it girl too and would like more clique members.. feel free 2 add me!

(Daisa Maria Salguero -

Jessica 6 years ago

Is there a cheat to getting free clothes or free energy or cash?

Kawthar 6 years ago

if you have two kinds of places to go on it girl eg. computer and laptop then that's good cause i know how to buil up reputation without paying.

go on your computer and see how much your reputation is then go on your laptop and then your reputaion is up.

my one went 3% up when i went on the laptop and boys accepted to be my boyfriend.

Kawthar 6 years ago

If you have a boyfriend and he's happiness went upto 55 or less then straight away dump him because if you let him dump you then your reputation will go so low that you can't get a boyfriend anymore but if you dump him then it'll only go about 5% lower but if he dumps you it'll go about 15% down cause i dumped him once and lost hardly any reputation but when he dumped i couldn't go out with another guy anymore.

so if i were you i would dump him straight after he's happiness goes upto 50% or lower cause if it goes any lower than 40% then he'll dump you.

m.e. 6 years ago

help! i can't find the mysterious black dress :( and does anyone have a strategy for fast level up ? :) tnx.

angel123 6 years ago

when is the houses r coming??how do i talk in it girl facebook game??please tell me i know how to get a boyfriend

sophiee 6 years ago

please add me on it girl soon is there any cheats t geT clique members

LiiCull 'Stahh 6 years ago

Okay so my boyfriend broke up with me, after his happiness getting lower and lower as i log on!..and my reputation is 46 now,

1)can i get a boyfriend?

2)when i click on a boy, to flirt it says i need to more clique members,because they like social girls, is that normal?

3)Confidence runs out pretty quickly, time thong sometimes does not help

It will be much appreciated if you answer my questions for me, or 2 people to add to my clique, and i'll come to yours as well..

LiiCull 'Stahh - add me on fb, to be in my clique

(picture of a anime girl) or however way you do it

Thanks alot xx

sarah  6 years ago

were do you find the purple muted dress???

jam 6 years ago

to level up faster i always attend parties. i always choose party with the highest reward of confidence and money. and i think there's sumthing wrong with it girl coz i can always attend the same party again and again everyday. (crowdstar said that you can attend a party just once in a day) there's no limit. maybe a glitch..

Pavithra 6 years ago ADD me please!!! i need clique members.... i will send a gift every day :)

nicole 6 years ago

How to raise my reputation?

sierra 6 years ago

Where is the muted purple printed dress ? I know the store but i can't find it anywhere? and why can't i chat? help, pleasee!(: oh and how do you add someone that's not your friend on facebook..?

Al 6 years ago

For all you confused boyfriend wanters... you have to have a certain amount of clique members - but no certain level.

and actually you can see him. if you click the my status button next to your clique members theres a box that you can check and it says Hang Out.

ria 6 years ago

plz where can i find the purple muted dress and how?

Shae 6 years ago

I apologize if this offends anyone, but I laugh at most of these comments. Confidence and energy: Patience. Money: don't spend so much money while shopping. If you've already found the item you want, chances are you can find it again. Honestly this stuff isn't that hard, you just simply have to wait, as for boyfriends, suck it up, if you need more clique members, request for more, if he rejects you, he rejects you. No big deal. I honestly mean no disrespect but, don't be idiots.

Priyanka khurana 6 years ago

hiiiii every1...i need new clique members so pleassssssseeeeeeeeeee add me on fb...ill send u new gifts every level 20 and my fb profile pic is kristen stewart.please add me...luv u al...

Izzybee 6 years ago

Does anybody know were the studio is?

McKenzie 6 years ago

Add me! I need clique members!/profile.php?id=1462890389

Sheraton number 1 6 years ago

Hey everyone if you want to have a boyfriend just flirt on boys they will ask you to be their girlfriend but others with th 34 hotness they are not easy to get


skate 6 years ago

is there any way to cheat without changing the time?

emma 6 years ago

i want facebook i am 16 why meee

melissa 6 years ago

add mee i need more clique members!

Anya 6 years ago

i have two question for you, the first is: where I can find the purple muted dress at Lola Brio? I don't find it anywhere in the store and the problem is that I haven't any other quest, is possible?

The second question is: Is there a way to recognise the different type of bonus of each boyfriend before flirting? I hope to receive answer to my questions. If you want to add me to your clique this is my facebook profile

Mabel 6 years ago

@Anya :) Its hard to find it but you just need to search it and wait for the restock ^^ And no :( You can't :S The only thing that you can see is their work their name their level of manly and what type of guy it is :P And just for all to know it girl currently is in Alpha mode that means its not complitly developet So it has lots of bugs and There are some few options not avaible ^^

Nicole S.  6 years ago

How to get more money??

I have only 26.. In an hour I get only 36..

That is not enough....

Viola 6 years ago

where's the "like" button u mentioned in the begining? I couldn't find it anywhere :(. Did u mean the like button when we try a new item?

itgirlhelp 6 years ago

where do you get the "mysterious black dress" in SOHO?????

priyanka 6 years ago

if any1 of u needs a clique member add me...

arianagrande 6 years ago

Dear Nicole S, level up as much as you can, and win parties!

felicia 6 years ago

how do u talk to other people ?

blala 6 years ago

you can't talk they just talk because the computers make the characters do it i know that is just mean

yas it girl 6 years ago

you know, with the time cheat like you can get automatic energy and confidence, you can finish girls off, if you continue to showdown one girl, you get extra points and money plus as you showdown the same girl over and over again you will see her confidence shrinking.. at the end finish her confidence off and then you will somehow get 3 stars and 3 things of money, its pretty cool! hope i helped :)

hannah 6 years ago

i need help :( im on level 41 and i still have the stupid espie quest, i only have one item left and its the beige ruffle collarblazer jacket. it says i bought it but it also has a question mark like i haven't even found it before and its been at least 2 months and i can't find it :( and because of that, i haven't done any quests because of that :( help please

Kirsten_fay 6 years ago

i only had to have 4 clique members i got one at the start of the game !!!!!! :D

meme 6 years ago

i do not know how to chat at all can someone help me please

Marina Lindana 6 years ago

How can I get confidence and more money? Instead of ur all of the staff that u have mentioned!

mariam 6 years ago

how to have confidence without credit!!??

sandra 6 years ago

please add me on facebook. i need clique members.!/profile.php?id=100000795995681

Alyssa 6 years ago

When are the houses coming???

Rach 6 years ago

Please add me to your facebook I need clique members

samy 6 years ago

facebook account:

please add me i need clique members

CLIQUEME 6 years ago

click this and ill be in your clique automatically. thanks|0NbRkW4fFNIWkV9xdo1eQnziMT8

CLIQUE ME 6 years ago

ill be in ur clique automatically click me :)

Sarah 6 years ago

There is a new quest called the 7 days of kisses, but how do i complete the quest? Where do I look for boys to kiss?

qwe 6 years ago


--How do you get your automatic clique request link?

Alyssa 6 years ago

where do you get the 90's platform shoes????

to qwe 6 years ago

you can't just kiss ANY boy you has to be your boy frnd....

Lee 6 years ago

I tried that time thing but it didn't change my conf/energy also it said restock now but it didn't restock... did I do something wrong can anyone help?

Lee 6 years ago

@Alyssa Im on the same mission.. I have to wait to hit level 17 but it states you have to go to Mason Street. There is a store called Mason Street Vintage in SOHO I believe that's where they are

Alyssa 6 years ago

@Lee thanks lol i just realized that lol

just helping :D 6 years ago

don't look anywhere for the studio. just hover you mouse on your character then click customize. THAT'S IT! ^^,

Kala 6 years ago

Add me to facebook and then add me to your clique as i need more, and i know many of you need more, it girl is constantly wanting more clique members.

jsl 6 years ago

ol ppl who hav CONFIDENCE PROBLEM...u cn ask ur clique members 2 click on ur details n VOUCH

em 6 years ago

i just got a boyfriend and then he broke up with me. is that possible?!?!

lol: 6 years ago

where can i change my make up .... where is the studio-salon

heyyyy3333 6 years ago

okay to girls who want a boyfriend on it girl:

there are guys on streets or at parties click on one then hit flirt but you have to have at least one clique member.

Elle 6 years ago

There is no reason to spend real money to get your reputation up, keep your boyfriend happy by kissing him and introducing him to your friends, as long as your friends meet him, his happiness will go up and so will your reputation. It helps to have a very large clique though to get enough friends to introduce him to. My boyfriend's happiness has been at 100 for the last couple of days and my reputation is also at 100 now, I didn't spend any money at all x

sassmaster223 6 years ago

How do you get a boyfriend without a big clique? not that many of my friends play!

helena 6 years ago

where do you get the "mysterious black dress" in SOHO?????

kiara 6 years ago

how do u shame an opponent

MW 6 years ago

Auto-add me to your clique, please!

Or click the above "MW" link to add me as a friend if you want to be able to send me requests. Just mention you're from It Girl.

zsa 6 years ago

can I make boy character in it girl?

twiley17 6 years ago

please add me on it girl!!

please don't forget to mention you are from it girl! need more clique members

mae 6 years ago

the clock thing is not working!! help!!

maram 6 years ago

ppl does any body know how to get more money?!?!?!?!

i really need help

ajeelisa 6 years ago

how do you have people automatically add you to their clique?

and add me on fb

Jules 6 years ago

First things first, GET YOUR IT GIRL NUMBER.

1) go to dress up and take a photo of your IT GIRL self

2) go to your Facebook profile photo albums and look for IT GIRL photo album

3) scroll down and look for

"Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link:"

you will see a link like this:

4) copy the number with "&id=731521296". THAT's your IT GIRL number.


1) this is my instant add link.

2) copy and paste link.

3) change the numbers on "sender=" to your IT GIRL number.

and there you have it!!!


1) its similar to instant add except you have to paste your IT GIRL number TWO TIMES!


1) get a sample VIP pass link. here's mine:

2) copy and paste and change the numbers in "sender=" and in "refid=" to your IT GIRL NUMBER.


pretty_cez07 6 years ago

can't finish the espie quest..can't find all items! please help!

Please answer my ??? 6 years ago

how do you add people to your clique

where do you find black platform sandals for the paris mission

Chloe 6 years ago

okay I have had a few boyfriends, and I kiss them every 8 hours and introduce them to my friends but still after a few days their happiness decreases, but I can't afford any gifts because i don't have enough facebook credits! how can i get more without buying them?

Grace 6 years ago

what happens when your boyfriend gives you like 8/8 gifts? can he give you more or is that it?

Erica 6 years ago

You don't actually chat on It Girl, it's automated.

Desiree 6 years ago

I have a question.

On It Girl, I have a boyfriend and his happiness stays at 100%. And my reputation actually got to be 100 as well and had stayed that way for several days. Then today, I get on and my reputation has dropped to 44, when my "boyfriend's" happiness is still at 100%. Do you know what might be causing this?

mas 6 years ago

i need more clique!!

profile image

lov3pink 6 years ago

i need more clique members =( add me please cheat 6 years ago

hey every1! i have a new cheat!

see first of all you can see an awards tab at d bottom right corner of the it girl screen. there is an award in it for shaming an opponent. next you have to go and win a party. choose a girl out of the ones you have beaten and click on the showdown button again(repeatedly till her confidence gets exhausted.)when her confidence fully drains out, she leaves the party as you have "shamed " her. plus, for shaming every girl, you get 3 wads of cash and 3 xp stars!!!! good luck!!!1

trgrgttgr 6 years ago

if you see this i am from israel

Ali 5 years ago

where are the beige strappy heels in lola brio? ive searched every rack and i can't find them!!!!

zette 5 years ago

why i can't get a bf?????????

TAJANA 5 years ago

i'm 39 level and I can't find duchess. where is she?

Artificial. 5 years ago

Where is the Black Tutu Skirt at Stop by at 9?

I just cannot seem to find it.

Artificial. 5 years ago

Oops. I meant Swing by at 9.

twiley17 5 years ago

just search all the racks again and again.

dd 5 years ago

Does anyone have those smart pink sneakers?(those hot pink sneakers,adidas type,with white stripes) Where can i find them?? I see everyone with them on, but has anyone gotten them for free? I really want them. Thanks!

btw, i have a little trick to increase my energy and confidence.. Make another facebook acount and add yourself.Then,click on "send gift" and send thank you notes or candy bars. From each doll, I can send myself about 80 of them. Hope I helped someone! :)

dd 5 years ago

never mind my last comment...I FOUND THE SHOES AT ECCENTRICIZE!! yaay lol

muly  5 years ago

I cnt find all the espie items..also very rare item at eccentricize.

Natefo  5 years ago

Please add me, i need more clique friends. Any one?

priyanka....@ muly 5 years ago

@ muly: i no honey....even i can't complete these 2 quests even if i search d racks again and again

wynne 5 years ago

where i can get the rare black tutu dress???

i can't find it in javier quenteros.....arrrrghhh.....have no idea....T,T

nour 5 years ago

how to talk i can't find the bubble that is filled with pink things plz help me?

cece 5 years ago

to get a boyfriend all you have to do is flirt unless you have a friend if you break up with him you'll have to get two more cliques and that's all

Natalie Hollaway 5 years ago

Add me on it girl!

Mady 5 years ago

add me to your clique!!!

click this ;) !!

yuka 5 years ago

Me :) 5 years ago

@Kenley i didn't understand how to chat now who's that pink buble girl????

twiley17 5 years ago

for those looking for the mysterious black dress.. its in javier quinteros and you have to be level 25 to get it.

Sierra 5 years ago

I just started playing It Girl and it's so awesome :>

Btw, I need more members for my clique.

Feel free to add me =))

Just send me a msg that you're an It Girl player :D

Please? Add me XD

Thanks :*

Alyssa 5 years ago

chang 5 years ago

to alyssa:

your url is not working my dear

Eva 5 years ago

How can I incarase my reputation????

ncjdance 5 years ago

add me please!!!

;)  5 years ago

who ever needs clique memebers can add me .

Elaine ♥ 5 years ago

my boyfriend dumped me so sudden! his happiness is 89% and our relationship last for 3 days. Later when i refresh the page and the system said i didn't pay enough attention on him and he dumped me so. WTH ?

jaja 5 years ago

thxs for all the tips ppl

blah blah 5 years ago

how to get a boyfriend plss help me

illusion 5 years ago

Hi! I have a bf and hes always happy 100% and gives me gifts hes reliability is 93 but my reputation keeps falling its like 7 right now and it used to be 100 before he came... When i see hes status it always says "Not good enough" so i dunno if that has to do with anything... but i really don't get the fact that hes happy and me reputation went down like that...

lala 5 years ago

i have a bf for eight days and he is always happy 100%, but i don't understand because i didnt do anything and he is happy D: i didn't kiss him, i didn't give him a gift, is stranger :S i wanna leave him but at the same time i don't want because is very easy with this guy because he is always happy no matter what i do hahaha. A question, what is "reliability" and "mainless"? i don't know what is the importance of these D:

PS: i am argentinian and i speak spanish, so i don't know if i wrote all good, xD

Courtney Desinor 5 years ago

I'M LEVEL 26, NEED CLIQUE MEMBERS, I'll send gifts and etc. (:

Amie 5 years ago

i can't find the mysterious black dress but im gonna keep looking and i need clique members plaese add me i send gifts everyday

amie 5 years ago

ms 5 years ago

how do you make your bf 100% happy???

Karina 5 years ago

Hey, anyone knows if the instant adds still work? I've been trying to add new cliques, tried like 20 links and it didn't work. Any ideas?

I also have a strange boyfriend bug. I don't have one but I find the gifts which I didn't get in my closet every day. Well, I don't mind that but it's rather strange, don't you think?

And about the It Girl sell nights. I've been waiting for the latest night as hell! I've even bougt a paysafecard and got me some more Facebook coins to get something nice but I couldn't even open the shop. I guess there were too many users online at that moment. So now I have quite a lot credits but I don't know the best way to spend them.

smallpin 5 years ago


 5 years ago

Hey ! As I was searching for an It Girl Cheats and walkthrough, i saw this website. Take a look at one of the pictures, it has a "ChitChat" button !

isni ^^ 5 years ago

i can't complete the GET 2 GIFTS. im already get more than 5 after that quest poop, why it can't complete. sorry, im still newbie

thank you =)

twiley17 5 years ago

i need more clique members! please add me! my email on facebook is and for those who are looking for the mysterious black dress at javier quinteros you have to be in a certain level for you to have it. i think i found it when i was on level 25...

dianne 5 years ago

How to get a It girl boyfriend: Find boys at the streets or even parties then click him and click FLIRT.. if you need more clique members add! then there you go you have a boyfriend (hope this works) :)

nanii 5 years ago

hey girls need clique members add me,

nanii 5 years ago

hey girls need clique members add me,

kyle 5 years ago

add me to the clique please!!!!!! come lets go guys^^ my name is kyle liao

rubi 5 years ago

hi! what after level 90? no more?

sunnie 5 years ago

Please add me to the clique please!!!!!!

hannah 5 years ago

you can get a bf by:flirting a boy.(make sure you have enough clique members)that's it!

Lola 5 years ago

PEOOPLE! You don't have to be any level or have any clique members to get a boyfriend!!!! All you need to do is find a guy click flirt and there you go!! its not that hard. once again u don't need clique members or a high level to et a boyfriend!! i am only level 8 and i already had 3 bf's!!

Valerie 5 years ago

Hi, I'm going to share this tip. If your confidence is full, beat all of the girls in your rival list.

joannah 5 years ago

......hey pretty gorgeous gals out ......pleazzzz....add me......pleazzzzzzz....

Emma 5 years ago

Um, i have a boyfriend on it girl now. I saw something about kissing on there... how do you kiss your boyfriend on it girl?

nla 5 years ago


Where can I find the "Black Trench Jacket" in SOHO?

Please answer...

Thanks! :)

Nicole 5 years ago

Hey can anyone add me, i need Clique Thanks

hey 5 years ago


lyza  5 years ago

"use any 50 power ups" .. what do you mean by that ?? reply please .. :)

thank you ..

wy 5 years ago

pls! anyone who knows how to level up quickly?? im stuck in lv 9 for a long time! my friends are all way ahead of me!! but they all refuse to tell me what they did!!! e.g. one of my friends is at lv 16 today,next day,lv 19 .pls tell me how to level up quickly! anyone!!! T-T

HomerMCho profile image

HomerMCho 5 years ago

This is sad.!!

Keshia 5 years ago

I'm on level 11 and I level up faster by goin to parties and winning level up pretty quick doin that

Keshia G 5 years ago

I need a bigger clique...please add me

Keshia G 5 years ago


sadda 5 years ago

you can find THE BLACK TRECH COAT in Bambalina

Emma_Rox5467 profile image

Emma_Rox5467 5 years ago from QLD (Australia)

Does anyone know how to get 10,000 dollars quickly i know it seems hard but im so desprite it is on this dress


Emma_Rox5467 profile image

Emma_Rox5467 5 years ago from QLD (Australia)

ill add you to my clique if you find a way

HoneyJaai 5 years ago

I can't seem to find the VERY RARE item at Eccentrisize, and I have been doing this for almost 2 months!!!!! Help me pretty pleaseee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Thanks

Emma_Rox5467 profile image

Emma_Rox5467 5 years ago from QLD (Australia)

hey honeyjaii what level r u on

ola 5 years ago

please help.. im not able to accept a single gift..i've got 192 gifts to accpet.. please help :(

ninz 5 years ago

hey i know how to have a very unlimited confidence. just create a new account( a dummy one)and send the thank you note to ur real account. u can send as many as u want becuz it is very unlimited. i did this all the time. and it works fine. !

hola 5 years ago

i'm on level 65!!!!!!!!!!

COCOA 5 years ago

how can i increase my reputation because i broke with my boyfriend

Maryl 5 years ago

hey does making the time forward make more money too?? and do we hav to make time forward days or hours??

omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago

the time cheat dnt work!!!! i need more money plzzz help!!!!!!!!

roxie 5 years ago

please help.. im not able to accept a single gift..i've got 192 ...

robalowa 5 years ago

can anyone add me to friends?

betty96 5 years ago

hey add me on it girl add me on facebook and tell me its cause of itgirl plzzz

cheri 5 years ago

hi pls add me up as well..


SHAR_BABY 5 years ago

Hey... i need 4 clique member to get a BF! please add me.

5 years ago

Get Unlimited & Free It Girl Money


* *

its a great website indeed

shamani ricketts 5 years ago

ok i need help getting more energy to go shopping so i can complete a challenge can someone help me cheat my wa out of this!

Bubble Sammi 5 years ago

Weird i totally got a message from a guy that he can see me and i look hidious.... can they really see my real picture?

Drahcir Zetroc Azunal 5 years ago



leshaun 5 years ago


mietharules 5 years ago

i already found all espie clothes before the quest even showed up... what to do... i know its just a measly reward, but the big deal is i don't like to see "unfinished" quest in the list.

Ashleycat456 5 years ago

You need to get a man by getting 4 girls in your clique!!!

QueenGirl 5 years ago

Please stop asking that how can u chat or sth cus u can't!!!!!! please read from the beginning. it's like 100 of u guys were asking this silly question then sb answered it and people began to ask that again.....It's not that online, u know? huh......- -

Angelica 5 years ago

I need more clique's to get a bf! I had a bf before, but i dumped him cuz he was getting unhappy :( I gave him kisses, went on a date, introduced him to friends, but i didn't buy him presents cuz i don't have fb money :o I need to have 6 cliques to get a bf, so add me at: Thanks ^_^

Michela :D 5 years ago

how can I shame girls?

Carinornegro 5 years ago

How Can I Get More cliques ? i have no friends in it girl & my facebook friends wont accept my fiend request in it girl , Some of them don't play much ! & how can i know what's my name in the game ? I'm a novice in the game

Carinornegro profile image

Carinornegro 5 years ago

How Can I Get More cliques ? i have no friends in it girl & my facebook friends wont accept my fiend request in it girl , Some of them don't play much ! & how can i know what's my name in the game ? I'm a novice in the game

im really lost in it girl plz if u can help me add me at : , i totally NEED A HELP

kimmy 5 years ago

well ppl my boyfriend is awsum and we is a gaming thinging and i am just dating the boy cuzzz i luv tbhe out fit i can get if i can date all da gaming ppl and u find that out in the diary

BOB 5 years ago

WHERE THE HELL IS THE CHAT BITTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ashithababu 5 years ago

hi guys

jayla 4 years ago

how to get 4 clique members?

angel 4 years ago

there is a better way!!!! i always use it i got 50,000 thousand bucks in it girl well i am planing to get 150,000 to get the garden diamond blue ring back at athena's jewels so here is what you do for rivals list users (for who uses it alot) you can fill it up anytime you want just go to home and then open it girl again and you will find girls same as your hotness P.S (before you open the homepage in it girl wear something that its hotness is really low) so then you get double double fame and you will pass the levels now i am in level 134 and i have alot of exclusive stuff hope you all can use this way !!! bye!

lily 4 years ago

how do you talk in it girl because i can t talk gwahhh

lily 4 years ago

i can t talk you make an amount first

laura 4 years ago

add me I need more clique members!!

Margarita 4 years ago

Im A Level 20 And I Got A BF At Level 15. I've Been With Him For About ( Days And He's Always Sending Gifts. The Way I Got Him Was When They Gave The Special For A Cruise And I Bought The Ticket And Went Aboard, Then I Went Into A Bar Called Single Mingle And I DIDN'T NEED ANY CLIQUE MEMBERS TO GET A BF. All I Had To Do Was Choose The Bf U Wanted.

veve 4 years ago

omg how do u kiss ur boyfriend on it girl?

aESOME 4 years ago

They say there's a chit chat sign when u click on them i don't see them and where's the salon i keep on looking i can't find!

Dyetlybob 4 years ago

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Ang 4 years ago

I need more clique .... I can't add any one to It Girl. Please add me .... I play daily & I will send gifts.... Thank you!

Ang 4 years ago

Sorry ... My email addy is

Sasha 4 years ago

In-game cash items cheap email 4 details

Sam 4 years ago

im so confused @Krystal it doesn't restock even if u change time!!!!

stacey 4 years ago

omg i don't even have the red heart shorts from luminations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Cupcakes-yummy 4 years ago

U CAN GET ENDLESS FREE CASH AND DIAMONDS I SWEAR I TRIED IT AND IT WORKS WITH NO PROBLEMS THIS IS THE BEST CHEAT EVER but This needs an ipad/iphone/ipods not computers, you have to have your ipad jail broken and you have to have it girl THIS WONT WORK IF IT ISN'T JAILBROKEN anyways go to cydia, go to sources, edit, add, then add this HTTP//IHACKSREPO.COM(its all in small letters though) after adding the source go to search type in IAP CRACKER click on it,then install and confirm and wait for it to download once it does go to it girl app open it and wait for it to start up when it does click on the diamonds to open up the store then just click on any bundle you want IT WONT SAY 00.0 BUT WHEN YOU CLICK ON IT IT WILL SAY PURCHASING AND THEN THE DIAMONDS OR CASH U BAUGHT WILL APEAR AND THE BEST THING IS ONCE YOU FINNISH BUYING TUE DIAMONDS AND CASH YOU CAN GO ON YOUR LAPTOP LOG IN ON FACE BOOK AND YOU WILL FIND EVERYTHING YOU BAUGHT THERE NOW U DON'T NEED FB CREDITS BECAUSE WHEN YOU WANT TO PURCHASE SOMETHING IT SAYS PURCHASE WITH FB CREDITS OR DIAMONDS

shamey 4 years ago

hey guys plz add me

i need a clique member

i can't add anyone

here's my email

thanks plz add me

jiggy 3 years ago

i can't find where my reputation is. where do you see it? i want to know that with my current boyfriend, am i getting a higher reputation or is it going lower? HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jiggy 3 years ago

Hey. It's me Jiggy again. My message is supposed to be above here.If you don't see it, I was asking where do you find your reputation. Could anyone please help me? I really want to know. Thankx!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



mirudhula 3 years ago

hey dusde i just wanna say you all guy sthat if u people just save money and not wasting in shopping you will get 10000dollars u can unlock verey very hot stores

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