It Girl Facebook Game Guide: cheats, hints, tips, tricks, strategies

It Girl is a new Facebook game for girls that has become extremely popular in a short period of time, earning, up to this point, 3.3 million monthly active users on Facebook since its debut just around a month ago. In It Girl, you get to customize your girl's look, shop at all sorts of stores for new clothes, earn money and spend money on the clothes and going to the salon in order to increase your "hotness", and build your "clique", as well as indulge your inner shopaholic and build up your "closet bonus" by increasing the size of your clothing collection - the more you have, the more points you get for the "closet bonus", no matter which clothing items you're wearing or not wearing. All of this goes towards winning "showdowns" against other girls, which earns you money and experience points.

Do you want to become the hottest, most jet-setting, with-it partying girl, winning every showdown you engage in? Then read the following tips to learn how.

Right now, unfortunately, there isn't very much available in this game in the way of cheats. Cheats wouldn't help too much in this game anyway, because it's really not a tough game to do well in, become a high level girl, or make a lot of money. However, these tips and tricks will make it easier to succeed in It Girl.

First of all, you earn money in many ways - you earn a lot of bonuses in this game, and those can account for a good portion of the money. But the biggest money-earner in this game, is simply waiting around. You earn an hourly salary simply for doing nothing in this game - just log into the game, and there will be a stack of cash for every hour that you haven't played the game. Each one is worth more depending on what level you're at. Click the bonus cash stacks to earn your money.

This applies to all of your bonus money, as well - when you beat girls in showdowns, you will see cash and stars fall to the floor, and you need to pick them up to add them to your stash of money and experience points.

Money doesn't matter very much in It Girl - the most important aspects of the game are energy, confidence and experience points. However, money will buy you not only a new wardrobe, but confidence boosters (such as bronzer and makeup), and energy boosters (fancy coffee drinks and energy drinks). If you buy the confidence and energy boosters, you'll add them to your purse, so rather than being used right away, you can use them whenever you want. When you level up, you regain all of your confidence and energy back, so don't waste your energy boosters when you're close to leveling it - simply wait around for a little bit and let your confidence and energy replenish naturally, then use your confidence and energy on shopping and winning showdowns to level up.

The easiest way to win more showdowns is by building your "clique". You do this by inviting your Facebook friends to play the game and join your clique, which can be accomplished not only by posting invite bulletins, but simply adding people on the game's fan pages' "add me" lists, or by adding people who are already on "add me" lists as friends. Build a massive clique this way.

Build up your closet points by buying cheap items of clothing, no matter how low their hotless level is. Just load your closet up with items in general. Even if you never wear them, they still contribute to your "hotness".

When you're dressing your character, layer as many different items of clothing as possible in order to maximize the hotness points. Even if your character's style ends up looking flat-out ridiculous and overlayered, your hotness will still increase, and the goal with dressing your character, is to have the most hotness points.

If you need to build your character up and you want to win easy showdowns, you can attend events over and over again - just attend the same events over and over if you know you can easily win showdowns and get the bonuses.

The best way to build quick levels and earn experience, though, especially without spending money, is to go to new stores and "search" all of the shelves and racks. Searching costs nothing and earns you bonuses, but it does use up energy quickly.

To maximize how much experience you earn for your energy and confidence, alternate back and forth between shopping and showdowns, so that you can not only deplete both of them equally, but earn them back equally.

That's it for now. Got any more tips? Post them in comments!

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Sas 6 years ago

The first few levels keep doing the lowest party. It costs 1 dollar and you get a bonus of 5 reward points. All you need to do is one showdown. This is a very good start point.

So don't showdown outside this club for a few levels.

Kimmy 6 years ago

Hey I love the game it-girl but I don't like how the showdown's are randomnly chosen for who the winner is..but I do like the whole point of the game. It's a nice game. I can't wait for the home and the car and boyfriend will be available..i hope soon!

6 years ago

on it girl for a party, if you press get dressed instead of go to party you don't have to pay

Paula 6 years ago

do you know that you can easily get energy and confidence by changing your time? Try it!

dominqiue 6 years ago

paula- on your computer? what do you mean

rose 6 years ago

Wow...thanks Paula. Dominqiue, that's what I did and it totally works!

jk 6 years ago

wait how do you do tht

6 years ago

@paula: thanks for the tips! do you know how to cheat the re-stocking time?

It-girl-fan 6 years ago

Hey It Girls' the best game on fb i think there is n0000 better :D And i no something if you can't wait to get more money go off on a different game, change the time on your comeputer go back and done

it girl 123 6 years ago

hey does anybody know how to chat? i can't figure it out.

megan 6 years ago

the time thing dint work :S

Angry It girl 6 years ago

Umm the time does not work what so ever! Ugh now i have to wait for this time to go up! Bull!

vidya naik 6 years ago

i like it girl very much but i really need more clique members so please add me .

Kadder 6 years ago

I'm on the first lever at the party and i can't do anything. what do I have to do?

Auntienim 6 years ago

Any body know , where the beach party is ? I cannot complete the quest if not found that pls help me.

Auntienim 6 years ago

Any body know , where the beach party of the year is ? I can not complete the quest if not found that pls help me.

lilly.. 6 years ago

anybody know how to find Nichole?

please tell me........

Denise 6 years ago

Thanks but I really need the time thingy.

Serena 6 years ago

did you find nicole????

dayana 6 years ago

does anyone know how to chat on it girl, i see a lot of people talking nd stuff but idk how to...pleasee help

lauren 6 years ago

ok well whoever doesn't know how to "chat" well you don't really chat not yet they haven't made that feature yet, you see everyone talking but they are really not people see you talking but the truth is noone is, there will be lots of new things so don't worry

Nik 6 years ago

Still can't find nicole! Help =/

StephyT 6 years ago

i cannot find nicole either!!! its driving me MAD!!!

Purple Rain 6 years ago

help me please i am at the park and i cannot find nicole whatso ever help please...have anyone found nicole as yet?

purple rain 6 years ago

thnx the time thing worked

mary 6 years ago

you have to finish the quest,then you can meet nicloe.

Judtih 6 years ago

@Auntienim: Hey did you find it? Beach party of the year means just a normal beach can choose from the list..its always with a picture of a sun :D

shemma 6 years ago

No, Judith, Im looking for the beach party of the year too, I showed down at both beach parties and it didn't work! Annoying!

StephyT 6 years ago

what do you mean finish the quest then meet nicole??

kandtsullivan 6 years ago

nicole was in upper right of park, hiding behind a tree. i could only barely see the thing over her head. good luck. need neighbors...

StephyT 6 years ago

Thanks girl!

StephyT 6 years ago

I still cannot find nicole!! i don't think this game likes me! haha

Lillie 6 years ago

Add Me in your clique i really don't mind. And as for nicole tip thank you!! But could you tell me step by step what to do?

rOSA 6 years ago

please add me i need cliques i will send gifts every other day thanks =D

rOSA 6 years ago

please add me i need cliques i will send gifts every other day thanks =D look for meh please

Purple Rain 6 years ago

i still can't find nicole either i am not seeing her behind the tree, i think this may be a problem in the game

Srishti Bhatia 6 years ago

I am on the quest schmooze with nicole ... I can't find her .. I won the party .. but I am unable to find her .. where is she ?

How do I proceed further ?

alifiya 6 years ago

how to change this time thing? please help me.

make me your clique member

TTTT 6 years ago

I also believe there is a problem with the game... I cannot find nicole anywhere, I just kept clicking around those trees hoping she might be hiding behind them... no luck :(

Heather 6 years ago

For the beach party, you have to be wearing the bikini you had to buy right before this. Hopefully you bought a good one...I didn't :(

It doesn't matter which beach party you choose.

sweety 6 years ago

I need to find beige polka dot heels at Lola Brio, but I bought everything from Lola, and I can`t find that heels...

Did I have to do something else before that? Help please...

Toyosi 6 years ago

i have a question, how d you chat on it girl just joined

TTTT 6 years ago

You don't need to buy all those clothes from Lola Brio, you just have to wait till next re-stock when new clothes will appear, the clothes which you're looking for might appear then.

nekah 6 years ago

where can u find this purple bottoms down dress.i can't find it in lola brio

Miss Nimbus 6 years ago

I found Nichole outside on the street.

delaney 6 years ago

1st, what time change thing r u talking about?? 2nd, how do you get the purple bottoms down dress?? And 3rd, when are the new things going to start coming in?? Thanks

sweety 6 years ago

It says that I have searched for all items, I hope that heels will apear on some next level...

I wait for that purple dress just like for this heels, it just appear. I supose when you reach some of next lvl it will appear.

TTTT 6 years ago

Apparently there was a bug with the Nicole mission. Until now...everytime I went to that party it said "3 showdowns" but today when I went there it just "said Talk to Nicole" who was in the center of the map not hard to spot.

jan 6 years ago

help me how to get more confidence?

laura cowan 6 years ago

Hi im on it girl but everytime i try and add friends it wont let me and the same for sending gifts i am so confused it just keeps coming up blank page

Ishaberre 6 years ago

Hey could you guys post a guide to what clothing is in what store? Because I'm just missing one item from my Lydia's Den collection but I don't know what it is so I need to look in all the racks which wastes a lot of time and energy. It would be GREATLY appreciated!

Miss Nimbus 6 years ago


1: Apparently if you reset your computer time you trick the game into giving more stars and energy, didn't work for me though!

2: I got stuck there too, and just bought the BLUE button down dress and it worked!!!

3: What new things do you mean? shops restock every 24hrs

Miss Nimbus 6 years ago

@laura Cowan:

I know, I've been having the same problem, its such a pain cause I can't expand my clique even though I've 'befriended' plenty of people to add..... stink. I hope they fix this soon.

Shanaya 6 years ago

please tell me where i can find dress of 15's my goal in level 13....

mint 6 years ago

i can't find purple bottoms down dress.

mint 6 years ago

i can't find purple bottoms down dress.

Sara 6 years ago

hey how do i chat on it girl??

jessica 6 years ago

i can't find jade and ruby rose and i already got dressed for hte party? where i she

Clothes 6 years ago

is there a way u can get all the clothes for no money cuz if u now plz tell me

Laura 6 years ago

Help me!

I don't have more energy, and i wont pay for it.. Is there some other ways to get more energy ? Pleeease help me!!!

Laura 6 years ago

Sara: I want to know that too!

albina 6 years ago

how do u chat please tell me i have to finish my quest its no fun if u can't finish your quest

albina 6 years ago

how do u chat please tell me i have to finish my quest its no fun if u can't finish your quest

Laura 6 years ago


You can't chat. The words who is over other girls, is something that It Girl makes. its not the girls owners. So, you can't... :-(

Krissy 6 years ago

I can't find the beige polka dot heels.. and the stores already restocked.. where are they??..

Cicki 6 years ago

How do i get to level 4 ? I can't get further :-(

AC 6 years ago

Can't find the clothes your looking for? the stores will restock with completely new clothes...but it takes awhile. it might be a few store refreshers to find what your looking for.

AC 6 years ago

So how do you change the time?? please help!

lizzie 6 years ago

if you guys can't find nichole behind the tree, try searching for her in the streets.. i think she's in front of central station near lydia's den..

@krissy - it's on lola brio.. buy the beige strappy heels.. :)

@ mint - try searching in swing by at 9.. :)

hope it'll work.. good luck guys! :)

Amber 6 years ago

how do u talk on it girl!!!!????

amelia 6 years ago

how do u buy a bikini???? i can't find one..... help!!!!!

amelia 6 years ago

nvm found 1!

profile image

Jey Pc 6 years ago

you can learn a lot of new trick and fun games

me 6 years ago

hey does anybody know how to chat? i can't figure it out.

Miss Nimbus 6 years ago

To 'me' above, you can't chat yet on It Girl, it's just some random dialog that you see.

ANYONE HELP! Is anyone else having issues adding friends into the clique??? I can't send gifts either?

hip dude 6 years ago

the time thing does work, well i changed it a day forward, refreshed my page and watched my confidence and energy boost :)

zhazha 6 years ago

the time works. lol i ddnt even have to refresh it. tnx so much.

kat 6 years ago

i can't find the little black dress on level 19.......someone help!

camille 6 years ago

HOw can i get more money or dollars or something

j sue 6 years ago

i can't find jade it says to talk to her at ruby rose but shes not there. I already got dressed

Serene 6 years ago

@kat : I can't find that little black dress too >< and it's 2 weeks now lol

Emi 6 years ago

Does any one knows how to get more money am broke

kat 6 years ago

@Serene It's only been 2-3 days for me,I search the soho shops but the dress doesn't appear.Should we search on the trees or sth? lol :P

Krystal 6 years ago

If u do the time thing and it works... Its a mistake... i did it on mine and now i have to wait 49 days till i get restocked in any of my stores!!! A little depressing!! I can't beat jades art opeing!!!

kat 6 years ago

the time thing worked for me,but it only refilled my didn't give me star points at all.

Liz 6 years ago

@Krystal, I change the time too and it said that the store restock in 49 days but I change back the date in my computer and it says it will restock in 8 hrs.

kat 6 years ago

still can't find the little black dress,if anyone can help..!!!

Soelberg 6 years ago

I got a task, where i shall go to a classy casual party, but when i go in to 'parties' lowest on my side, the classy casual party, isn't there ? What shall i do? Please help ! :-)

Cat 6 years ago

How do you chat on itgirl????????????????? I NEED TO KNOW! plz tell thank you so much

albina 6 years ago

Thx larua but btw how do u talk to this girl named jade then in your quest

gabby 6 years ago


Liz 6 years ago

@Cat: you can't chat on it girl, well not yet maybe in the future they will make a chat feature

Jo 6 years ago

go to the "bikini bash at the beach" party...For those who are stuck in beach babe quest :)

kat 6 years ago

the game is running slowwwwwww so slowwwww!i have so many shops to visit now,and my energy is refilling slowly.that's annoying.

Paige elis johnson 6 years ago

i love itgirl and i need more clique members..add mr...paige elis johnson

Sydney 6 years ago

In what store in Soho, could I find the LITTLE BLACK DRESS??

kat 6 years ago

ok,i just got a car.what's its use? :P

kara 6 years ago

the time change cheat isn't working for me anymore. is anyone else able to do the cheat?

Kylie 6 years ago

I would like more clique members!

Please add me [:

Just message me sayin It Girl so I know you ain't a creeper lol!/acousticpixie14

Miss Nimbus 6 years ago

I can't find those darnd 'pokca dot heels', I've been waiting for days.....

albina 6 years ago

how did u get up to the car what kevel do u have to be on

Caroline 6 years ago

I`ve been playing it girl for 2 and a half days now. I discovered that if you showdown with medium or hard girls, you won 2x or 3x more experience and cash. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY 'MEDIUM' OR 'HARD'. You can beat them! Trust me! ALSO. Showdown with the same girl 5x or more to achieve EPIC WIN. In epic win, you win a lot of cash and experience! I`ve tried these all and tested them. When I ran out of cash I did this and I gain more than 300+ cash and was able to level up fast!



Carmela 6 years ago

I need more members in my clique ! im level 16 and only have 4 friends lol ! add me !! carmela manno on facebook please!

aleah 6 years ago

does anyone no why when i go to it girl it keeps directing the page an will not let me play

Asha 6 years ago

how do u find the little black dress in soho.?

kat 6 years ago

ok,after a few days have passed,I am certain that the little black dress in soho,is not the black layered strapless dress in javier quinteros.Other than that,I still have absolutely no idea of the whereabouts of this dress!S.O.S. ! :P

melissa 6 years ago

does anyone know how to get more energy when the coffee shop and all that is SOLD OUT grrrr been sold out for days,, any advice????

Kandii 6 years ago

I need more clique members! So if you post your fb link or name here and you also need clique members, I`M GONNA ADD YOU! SORRY. I really need clique members, because I only have 1, and she`s not even playing! :|

bb 6 years ago

everyone!! every question you can find the answer in help topic and now the system is improving so we can't cheat on it.


some quests will not pop up when clicked

- Showdowns freezing

-Epic Wins sometimes not adding rewards

Spicy Pink - errors when searching racks

5th Ave> Glamour Shoes-No pop up for searching all racks in store

5th Ave>Vaishal's store-No pop up for searching all racks in store

5th Ave>Printed Couture store-No pop up for searching all racks in store

-Clothing bug: Green Checker Sneakers don't fit the feet

Peach Glitter Clutch invisible in pic

please check it out

tyra f 6 years ago

do you now how to win in the art gallery opening event

pls answer my question

dora 6 years ago

how can i chat in it girl??plzzzzzzz somebody tell me

anna kyoyama 6 years ago

add me

anna kyoyama!!!!!!!

Brittany 6 years ago

I think the Little Black Dress is the Black Lace Dress in Javier Quinteros.

Mallory 6 years ago

I need clique members!! add me loves

Unknown 6 years ago

I have 2 friends that says in my clique but in the game it says i have 0 members in my clique? How do i fix this?

Srishti 6 years ago

Hey guys .. I have already bought Beige heels from Lola Brio .. before the quest .. and nothing has haapened .. I can't finish the quest .. what to do ?

Bebegiu 6 years ago

If I change the time everything hoes crazy! Why can't I NEVER cheat?! :(

jazz-me 6 years ago

how can i find the beige polka dot heels in lola brio? please help.. i can't find it.. :(

Riya gandhok 6 years ago

I got a quest to win a classy casual party.........!! can anyone tell me what a classy causal party is and where can i find it cuz its not on the party list?

Laura 6 years ago

help help help help!!!

There is a quest, where i shall reload re girl, because it has been opdated... But how do i do that?

Knapple 6 years ago

1. I can't wait until they add boyfriends to It Girl (I hope they will be real people though).

2. I hope they will add a chatting system to this game, because, when I'm out of Confidence and Energy points, I'd like to chat to people so I don't have to wait until it refills, so basically the time would go by faster.

3. They should restock the Powerup Store every 5 minutes, not EVERY DAY!

Bobby-Jean 6 years ago

Classy casual is a glass and the polka shoes are not called polka dot shoes but they are called beige strappy heels ;)

If you already have those sell them and then buy them again ;D

More questions? Or need Clique members? Add me

My name is Bobby-Jean de Maijer.

If you add me tell me why you add me please ;D

Danielle s 6 years ago

How do you win in the art gallery opening quest im stuck! please helppp

VL 6 years ago

@Riya gandhok

for that quest, u will need to do the sleek silver happy hour party :)

Rosa 6 years ago

How come my quest thing at the left hand side has disappeared? At first I thought it was because I didn't have any quests at the time but it's been a month and my sister is the same level I am and she still gets them.

My quests disappeared when I was level 6 and I'm level 11 and I haven't gotten any quests, why? Plz help me!!!!!!!!!

susan vancuylenberg 6 years ago

please add me on it girl and il send u confidence or energy or gifts every day..:)

mandy 6 years ago

how do u talk on it girl i see people doing it but idk how plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

Clare Geoghegan 6 years ago

Add me Clare Geoghegan please!!

barwaqo 6 years ago

the game its really awsome

jennn 6 years ago

hey i like the game it-girl. but i can't seem to figure out the qeust "win any classy casual party". i don't know how to complete it, help anyone?

alex 6 years ago

hey so i am level 5 and i have this quest to find duchess in l.a. and i don't get it plz help asap

Carmela 6 years ago

Rosa: You can email it girl somewhere and let them know your issue..I emailed them a few weeks ago because i couldn't find the Purple button down dress ..i had to keep waiting for it to come and eventually it came.. and those polka dot heels. even if you already have them and THEN get a quest to get them.. you have to buy them again and then the quest will complete.. along with any other items that u already have and it gives you a quest just buy them again... and for the cheating time you just set your clock like an hour ahead of the real time say it was 5pm put it to 6pm and you'll have like never ending confidence and energy..and leave the time at 6pm (or whatever hour ahead your real time actually is) while you play because once you put the real time back it just goes back to normal, and when you have the unlimited energy/confidence and you goto parties you can win everytime just keep showdown'ing on the same ppl until their confidence runs out and u get a big amount of experience and a win no matter what ! after i win showdowns i even stay in the same party and keep showdown'ing on the same ppl kuz im already halfway through their confidence and then u get a big reward!

bianca 6 years ago

it girl is not working for me since 10 days.. im going crazy, there is a lot of members who have the same issue and they are not doing nothing about it... when i enter the game it's loading but the game never start..i tried everything and still no results... and it girl is posting new clothes but no bugs are fixed. thanks!!!!! anyway what's gonna happened is, i will stop playing like a lot of other members! im PISSED !

Carmela 6 years ago

Mine isn't working either 3rd day in a row.. I even downloaded Firefox..and it doesn't work on there either.. I updated everything it said to ! nothings working mine just keeps refreshing a blank page over and over again till I leave the page!

Seul 6 years ago

Hi. I'm doing the quest thing: Get prepared for Jade's art gallery opening

The first part, you have to go to Dance night at Ruby Rose and chat to Jade. The problem is, I CAN'T FIND JADE!!! Where can I find Jade? It's driving me crazy!

ZZZ 6 years ago

This trick will work only when you've a maximum of 5 clothes to add to the collections. Supposing, I've 3 clothes left to search. Two of them are shoe items, and one of them is a jacket. Search the shelves regarding these items, that is, search the section for jackets and shoes only. This will not give you experience for searching the entire shop, but it's a great energy saver!

rajaa 6 years ago

can someone help me and tell me how can u chat on it girl i don't know how please help

saylee_padwal 6 years ago

I have a quest in which I have to 'Put An Outfit Together From Mason street Vintage'. what exactly will I have to do for this quest? please help.I'm on level 26.

Danieeeelleeee 6 years ago


Seul 6 years ago

@rajaa you can't chat on itgirl. You may have seen lots of people chatting but they're not actually chatting. Itgirl haven't made the chatting feature yet.

@Danieeeelleeee I think I'm on the same quest as you!!! Is it the one with 5 parts? I'm stuck on the first one. How do I talk to Jade?!

@saylee_padwal Since you're on Level 26, I think you can help me ad Danieeeelleeee with the Art Gallery Quest :)

Sabrina 6 years ago

Hey i need more clique memers...righ now i have like none! Add me @Sabrina Moqadam...and yes i am a teenager,,,lol

HELPP!! 6 years ago

how do you talk to somebody?

no1itgirl 6 years ago

ya can add me and add me 2 ur clique

Laura 6 years ago

OOH GOD! i do the time cheat and now when i start playing it girl the game restarts like 10000 times now i can't play it cuz the game everytime say it girl it girl it girl and never start its really bad :(

Aditi 6 years ago

@Laura: Just reset your time, it goes back to starting normally

lola 6 years ago


ariana 6 years ago

how do you change the time?

Seul 6 years ago

@lola thank you soooooo much!!!

Seul 6 years ago

Hey guys. I've just finished the quest: Get prepared for Jade's art gallery opening and there are no more quests. I really want to do quests but there are none. I am Level 9 and my quests have disappeared(apart from meet Duchess in Los Angeles). People who are on higher levels than me, is this normal?

Seul 6 years ago

Oh, btw, anyone got any tips on how to ge more XP to level up cuz I really want to meet Duchess in L.A and I still have like 12 more levels to go before I can unlock Sants Monica.

Seul 6 years ago

Ok. So, I've finished my quest and no new ones appeared on the side so I thought that was it. But I was wandering across the streets of Union Square and I found 2 people with the pink stars above their head. So I clicked on it and after I did, it made the noise where it means you've made progress with quests. But no notification came up saying that I've made progress on a quest. I'm confused. Can someone please help me?? I don't know what to do!

iro 6 years ago

hey,i wanna now how i can complete the quest

"get prepped for jade's art gallery opening"

plz heeeeeeeelpp!!!!!!!!!!

iro 6 years ago


Sarah 6 years ago

Girls plz help meeeee!!!! Im stuck on Art Gallery Quest ( third part ).... soo plz if anyone knows tell me..... tnx anyway

kat 6 years ago

i can't do a showdown on the street or in the shops!help!

Anh Nguyen 6 years ago

How do i chat on it girl

Seul 6 years ago

@iro: For the first part, make sure you go to "Dance Night at Ruby Rose", not "$2 Drink Night at Ruby Rose."

The rest of it should be easy. :)

MB 6 years ago

I can't figure out how to finish the quest where I have to put together an outfit from Mason Street Vintage...I'm level 25 and I have all the items from the store...anyone know how to do this..

danie c 6 years ago


how do you find the purple button down dress on lola brio? i've checked every rack twice when it restocked. I can't find it...i'm new to this game

@Lillie 6 years ago

OK FIRST OFF WE CANNOT CHAT ON IT GIRL!!!!!!! Understood!? Good, Second to find items you must check the whole store and if the item you need is not there then you need to wait until the store restocks. Now for nicole i don't know how I managed to find her but she was there maybe its different times i don't know but she wasn't always there when I went to the Tea on the Green party. Now I have a question. Where is Parasol Dreams.

Seul 6 years ago

Hey. I'm level 11 and I want to know where I can find an item worth 15 hotness. Thanks :D

srishti 6 years ago

how do we tlk 2 ppl in parties..?!

srishti 6 years ago

m on lvl 7..! i wanna knw tht in d gallery quest.. how do we do the 2nd part..?! it tells tlk 2 jade

srishti 6 years ago

m on lvl 7..! i wanna knw tht in d gallery quest.. how do we do the 2nd part..?! it tells tlk 2 jade

Bazz 6 years ago

I have completed the jade art gallery quest, how do i get another quest?

Seul 6 years ago

@Bazz: If you've finished a quest, then another should pop up in that place.

@srishti: To talk to Jade, make sure you go to "Dance night at Ruby Rose", not "$2 Drink Night at Ruby Rose".

Then you'll see Jade with a pink star on top of her head with a white speech bubble. Click on that and you should figure out the rest.

Seul 6 years ago

Hey guys. Um...I'm on a quest. Well two quests actually. So I need some help :L

1) Quest: Get prepared for the Chic Magazine after dark ball. Well I'm on the last part and I have to win that event but I can't cuz it's a black tie event and I've got like NO pants that are black tie appropriate. Help me! And all the girls there's confidence are all like 60 and above!!! I'm only 35! Can you guys help me where I can find High-hotness black tie clothing?

Quest number 2: Where can I find an item worth 15 hotness?

Nour 6 years ago

Can any1 plz tell me where parasol dreams is??

Nour 6 years ago

Can any1 plz tell me where parasol dreams is??

Sarah 6 years ago

Ok for the item worth 15 hotness you have to gain levels. What I did was collect and buy all the clothes at javier quinteros and the reward is a pair of shoes worth 16 hotness. That was the quickest way I could find to complete the quest.

GAIN LEVELS! That is all I can tell you.

Higher levels + higher level stores = higher hotness

It took me a very long time to complete that black tie quest.

Just attend parties where you know you can beat everyone and do that over and over.


I found an answer about Parasol Dreams from an admin. Parasol Dreams is in Santa Monica, so you must reach level 22. I've got a few levels to go.

Seul 6 years ago

Hey. I've already found an item worth 15 hotness and done the quest but thanks anyway. I'm getting really annoyed cuz I can never win that Black Tie quest and don't know what to do -_-

raqha 6 years ago

"Put An Outfit Together From Mason street Vintage"

I have all the outfits and i've tried to use all items from mason street vintage. i've won the showdown yet this one still not checked :(

Clair 6 years ago

CAN'T FIND THE PURPLE BUTTEN DOWN DRESS!!! Where do you get it!! Help me FAST!

Seul 6 years ago

@Clair: Hey. took me a while for the purple button down dress as well lol. You could search the racks with dresses on at Lola Brio or Swing By at 9. Hope that helps.

Bazz 6 years ago

Does anyone know what type of beach dress at Emma's has got the highest hotness points? I have the floral beach dress (7) but I'm still stuck! please help! thanks!

Kat 6 years ago

i can't find the showdown option when i click on an it girl on the street~!!!help!

lola 6 years ago

i have this quest were im supposed to win old navys gobblepalooza party and i look at partys and can't find that one plz help asap plz

lola 6 years ago

o i found out how to solve it

sayi 6 years ago

where the hell is the AFTER DARK BALL EVENT?

heeeeeelp >

sayi 6 years ago

where the hell is the AFTER DARK BALL EVENT?

heeeeeelp >

Seul 6 years ago

@sayi: the after dark ball is at the very bottom of the parties list at union square. It should be "Chic Magazine's After Dark Ball" event. I can never win that one! Help :S

Clair 6 years ago

Thanks Seul!

I but i don't see it anywhere and i better see it Fast or im gunna freak out!

Clair 6 years ago

Anyone can find the Purple button down dress i seem i can't find it

saamya butt 6 years ago

hello..m new to dis game .can anybody tell me wot v ve do wen our fone battery get low.i mean wot is the use of cliques if we cannot call a single :(

do tell wil b obliged

profile image

_it_girl_ 6 years ago

@CLIAR: the purple button down dress is in lola brio.

you'll have to wait for the store to restock,until you find it.

@SAAMYA BUTT: you can olny call 3 people a day.

@BAZZ: that's the one with the highest hottnes points.the only dress with higher points is "blue floral print dress", but you'll only get it after you find&buy all the things in emma's room.

@RAQHA: you have to find and buy all items from Mason street vintage, if you do already have them all then i don't know what to do.:D

Marquia 6 years ago

i can,t find jade can someoe please help

tink 6 years ago

need to get a hotness of 70 or more

Lillie 6 years ago

Hey Add me on fb to grow your clique!!! Lillie Lavoie :D

Seul 6 years ago

@Marquia: Jade will be at the dance night at ruby rose.Not $2 Drink night at ruby rose. The second one in the parties list at Union Square.

lola 6 years ago

tip on how to earn experience fast plaeaseeee! asap

mami 6 years ago

nice game

Carla Wilson 6 years ago

How do I find more "It Girl" friends? Please help!

It Girls Girl 6 years ago

I don't get it!

how to you talk to someone on it girl Help!!!

Clair 6 years ago

Hey i bought the BLUE button down dress but not the PURPLE one :|

defygravity 6 years ago

How do you get past the WIN THE CAUSAL PARTY?????

Soph 6 years ago

how do u talk to people on the street in it girl? i always see people talking and want to join in but i have no clue how.

Seul 6 years ago

Okay. To all people who are wondering how to chat: YOU CAN'T.

sam 6 years ago

hey...i used the time glitch yesterday and it was written that stores will restock in 9 hrs and so on..but today when i opened it it's written RESTOCK NOW!..but the clothes aren't restcked stilll..i can't see any new clothes in any stores...plz help...when will it restock again...

samantha 6 years ago

has anyone had any problem with the game affecting your desktop or laptop computer? Like slowing down your monitor?

Tam 6 years ago

I'm trying to do the Win the Old Navy's Gobblepalooza Party. But I can't find where to go to.. Does anyone know where it is?

Donna 6 years ago

on the right hand side under the hanger middle of screen it says old on that...the party is there...i still can't find the stupid little black dress so i am seriously annoyed, and i can't find Duchess i don't think i even wanna go there :(

Donna 6 years ago

ok one thing figured out...thanks to whoever posted it the black lace dress IS the little black dress...i had already bought it before the quest so i had to purchase it again but at least im done with that quest now

Tam 6 years ago

I found it, thank you Donna! I'm not yet in LA, so I'll have to find out later where this Duchess is.

Anastacia 6 years ago

I found all the items in the Lydia's Den store, but i didn't get reward-purple bag=((

Bazz 6 years ago

@samantha I experience the same thing! it's really frustrating.

Beccy 6 years ago

I gained the 16 hotness shoes from javier quintero's ages ago, way before i got the 'find an item of 15 hotness or more' quest.. so how will i find a 15 hotness item.. i've searched loads and im on level 16

ICE 6 years ago

I bought all items from BAMBALINA but I don't get royal skirt :(

DALOOL 6 years ago

how can i get more money ????

aravind 6 years ago

Jessica Woodall 6 years ago

Does anyone know how you beat the Old Navy Gobblepalooza Party!!! I really need somw help here!!!!!

Carmela 6 years ago

Im also stuck at the Put together an outfit from Mason Street Village ... not quite sure what im supposed to do :S

Carmela 6 years ago

ohh I just went back to my itgirl tab and I won the thing to achieve the Mason Street Village.. I just had to buy the last shirt it was orange.. and I won a purse.. So I guess you just need to buy all the items

Seul 6 years ago

@Jessica Woodall: You need to click that icon saying "Old Navy" and it should come up with "Visit The Old Navy Store" and "Attend the Gobblepalooza Party" options. Then click attend the party :)

Add me for your Clique on itgirl

Jessica 6 years ago

@Seul: I know how to get there... I just don't know how to win it!! Do I do a showdown with any girl there?

Everybody: How do you get a cell phone?

Seul 6 years ago

@Jessica: You win the required amount of showdowns to win the party.

And you have to level up to get a cellphone

Olivia 6 years ago

Well, the time hint does work. It didn't for me at first but then I realized that I wasn't pushing the apply button. I was just pushing OK and that does not work. Make sure you push apply and not OK. Thanks for all the help everyone.

Winona 6 years ago


No, just because of what other people think you should not delete your account. Who cares if the terms of service are one sided. Nobody really cares.

Olivia 6 years ago


Thank you so much.... That really helped me a lot.

Shanice 6 years ago


Claire 6 years ago

for some reason 2day it says that i can only do the party of the day which is really confusing because yesterday it didn't do this PLZZZZZZ HELP i reallllllyyyyyyy need 2 finish this quest but it wont let me go to the party i need 2 go 2 cuz its not a party of the day....... this is confusing

Claire 6 years ago


wat level r u on????

Jenny 6 years ago

help! i didn't know about quests until now (i know...) and my next quest is to go to the $2 drink night at ruby rose but i already completed it so i can't get in! how do i move on to the next quest?

thanks in advance!

Beccy 6 years ago

What level is parasol dreams? I have 2 new tasks to do, one is T's after show party, and the other to buy some shoes from parasol dreams. Where would i find these? Which level?

Beccy 6 years ago

I can't find the ballet party or parasol dreams, does anyone know where these are and what level you have to be on to get to them?

lala 6 years ago

wheres the iced tea on the greens ?

Claire 6 years ago

idk if this is a glitch or not but im doing a quest were u had to buy shoes and wear them to light up the lounge dj night thing and 4 some reason it wont say i did it which i did :(

Mytra 6 years ago

can't find april... plz help

saraa 6 years ago

how do you win a $2 drink at the ruby party? its one of the first quests. help please!

anne 6 years ago

need a bigger clique.

add me up plsss ..

thank you ..

Beccy 6 years ago

Anyone know where Parasol dreams is? And what level you have to be on to get there?

bazz 6 years ago

@beccy parasol dream is unlocked at level 23. Los Angeles.

Daisy 6 years ago

can sombody help me?

the quest is: talk to nicole at the iced tea on the green event!

But i don't find her...and what's the green event?is it the outdoor party in the park?

AyA 6 years ago

@Jade me too ,,, I cant finished that quest because I can't go in the dance party . How can I go to the dance party?

francisca 6 years ago

i can't find nicole too, i don'd know where to find here either :( wich is the green event? :(

Seul 6 years ago

Ok. This is random but on the parties list, it only shows the parties I haven't done yet and I'm doing the "Get Bikini Ready" quest and I need to get there but I've already finished that before so it won't let me go there and it won't show up on my parties list. Help me!

LaLa 6 years ago

WHERES NICOLE ????????????!

Daisy 6 years ago

@Francisca: i think they mean the park with ''green event'' because GREEN is an outdoor party (i think so) and the only outdoor party by me is in the park...

vicky 6 years ago

i just got a new says connect happy hour is an exclusive group..gaining their approval will open a new door to parties. meet em & beat em at connect happy hour. i dont get what im suppose to do?

oh..& i also done the after dark ball event but for my quest i have to do it again but it dosent allow me to do that. :(

LaLA 6 years ago

OKAY , SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL ME HOW AND WHERE TO FIND NICOLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, thanks

Seul 6 years ago

@vicky: Meet em and beat em at connect happy hour, you just have to complete the party

Dahlia 6 years ago

i have to complete the quest "beat t's fashion show party".

who is is this T and where do i find them? ):

akar 6 years ago

where can i find jade?

:) 6 years ago

a mission just came up that i had to find black comfy platforms in parasol dreams; i can't find parasol dreams anywhere? is it a shop? I'm on level 17. Please help!!

Thankyou :)

Fidaa 6 years ago

thanks for the time hints it really worked for me ..u have to increase ur computer clock first then go to the application

second i have noticed when im a party and my confident points is enough to beat one girl and u still have 2 to complete the party all u have to do is click show down for the one and then choose the last girl quickly and keep ur mouse over showdown for her before ..when the show down start for the previous girl press it ..they will ask u to call or to buy just skip it and u will see ur girl is walking to showdown and do it without u having any points ..

meghan 6 years ago


Dahlia 6 years ago

parasol dreams is in the next city. so you don't need to worry until level 22. :)

icezung112 6 years ago

why i don't get reward from BAMBALINA shop when I bought all of items ):

34567 6 years ago


joy 6 years ago

i already done my after dark ball quest, but i didn't get a reward & so i have to do it again but when i go to parties, it says completed & i can't click on it again :(

MYRIAM 6 years ago

where is the WHITE WINE SOIREE?? can anyone help me please? and one more thing: how is it possibile that I lose showdowns having more clique members more hotness and more clothes than the adversary?? that is just too weird! Most important thing is to know how to complete the event. Of course I can't find it. They should put a guide indicating which places are at which level etc.

carolina 6 years ago

where is ruby rose? it says i have to get a 2 dollar drink or something... and how do you add clique members besides your facebook friends?

Seul 6 years ago

@Carolina: DON'T go to "$2 Drink Night at Ruby Rose".Go to "Dance night at Ruby Rose"

DGH 6 years ago

wine tastiiing soireee ? HELP

Janee 6 years ago

I finished one quest which is to buy the blue bottom down dress, but after I bought it it still says i need to finish that quest. WHAT CAN I DO? I tried to sell the dress but I couldn't buy it again. Do i wait for it to restock? HEELLLPPP!!

@angel21 6 years ago

umm how do i find that purple dress cause they keep giving me the blue one

Seul 6 years ago

@Janee: I have a hunch that it's the PURPLE button down dress. Not the blue. And it will come up eventually. Mine took ages so yeah.

Bee 6 years ago

Hey can someone please help me by telling me how do get the PURPLE BUTTON DOWN DRESS please? Any help appreciated!

nadya2007 6 years ago

am si eu o problema

intru sa joc si cand vreau sa intru sa shimb hainele nu pot

dispare toata bara de jos.pls help

fidaa 6 years ago

i need help pls ..i have a quest to put on an outfit together from mason street ..every time i dress my girl from the cloths i bought from this shop and press done nothing happened and the request still not completed any idea? or shall i bought again from that shop ? heeeeeeeeeelp

genny 6 years ago

This site helps a lot. Anyway, I need more friends on It girl. Kindly help me. Thanks. I send gifts almost everyday. :P

Minnn- 6 years ago

"Dance night at Ruby Rose" is not in my parties list at all!!! Does the parties list change daily or something? I only have 4 parties I can attend to when before there were many more. They have changed the games platform and rhere's few parties u can attend to than before. Are u in the same situation?

tytris 6 years ago

Hey "it girl" peeps.! I am new to the game n I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE IT!!! I'm on level 7 but none of my friends really play. Will ya"ll ad me as clique. I send gift EVERYDAY to all my girls... Do I just send a req to u or what? not computer friendly. How do I do the time thingy? any help MUCH APPRECIATED... :)

Nikki 6 years ago

@Minnn- yea I've got the same problem

^_____^ 6 years ago

@Bee - the purple button down dress is at lala brio, check the store daily after it took me awhile to find it too.

Seul 6 years ago

@everyone who is finding the purple button down dress: If you want to find it faster, check at Lola Brio AND Swing By At 9.

I'm on Level 17 and I'm supposed to find Black Platform Sandals at Parasol Dreams. Where is Parasol Dreams????

sarah 6 years ago

need help with winning the 2 dollar drink

ghita kartika 6 years ago

how to win shutdown ????

how to be a winner from my rival ????

sk 6 years ago

where is parasol dreams??? i can't find it!

brittany 6 years ago

I can't find the black trench coat for my "get ready for paris" quest... they say its in soho but i have checked all the stores and for the passed 2 weeks its not coming up! please tell me what store its in...

Seul 6 years ago

@beittany: what step is that? And where is parasol dreams? Plz help :L

Seul 6 years ago

Brittany* lol typo

Bazz 6 years ago

Seul, Parasol Dream can only be unlocked at level 23. I just unlocked PD and found a black platform sandal.

Joan 6 years ago

@fidaa I've got the same problem

I have no idea what to do

Does anyone know what should I do?

Pleas help!!!!!!!!!

Joan 6 years ago

Ok, I know how to do it !!!!!!!!!!

You just need to buy anything from Mason Street Vintage :D

It was so easy...

Lex 6 years ago

i need to go to Iced Tea on the Green but its nt in my parties :( help!

valentina 6 years ago

help me please i can't complete the last part of rock quest.............i must win the art gallery opening event but where?

karen 6 years ago

For the mason street vintage challenge,

if you already have all the items

all you have to do is sell one and buy it again.

Claire 6 years ago

idk if this is a glitch or not but im doing a quest were u had to buy shoes and wear them to light up the lounge dj night thing and 4 some reason it wont say i did it which i did :( PLZZZZZZZZZZZZ HELLPPP

Seul 6 years ago

@Claire: I've done that one before but I don't remember it all so I think you have to buy the shoes or whatever then go to DJ Intl' Lounge Party ( I think) and win the party.

profile image

ninjasara86 6 years ago

i'm stuck on the "schmooze with meghan" quest. where the heck is this wine tasting soiree, and where is meghan anyway? please help me out! oh, and if you need more clique members, feel free to add me on facebook -> Sara Maria Bentley. just put It Girl or something as a message and i'll be happy to add you. :)

Fidaa 6 years ago

i have just complete all the items from mason and bought the last one ..not working :S the quest still not completed ?! any ideas pls?

valentina 6 years ago

help me with my problem my upper post

Fidaa 6 years ago

And for those who can't find any party and not listed in the parties u can click on the ads signs on the streets each time u can find other parties not listed also

fidaa 6 years ago

@ claire u have to check what is the type of dj party is and i guess its nightlife night so check any shoes who fits it and buy it ..

valentina 6 years ago

come devo fare xcompletare l'ultima quest della quest win an opening art gallery event? how i do complete a quest win a opening art gallery event?

Paula 6 years ago

Girls! I found nicole! I don't know if it's the right way but tired of looking for her I did all the parties from soho and union square and then it appeared the green event party! and there was nicole,

hope you find her!

Itgirl! :) 6 years ago

Where is the purple button down dress!? I've been looking for it ever since I started the game.

katcho 6 years ago

To complete the Mason Street quest u have to buy all the items from shop. If u've got them and still can finish the quest do it like someone has advised it already - sell one thing from shop and buy it again, even if it's got blue tick that u've got that thing. That should complete the quest :)

Claire 6 years ago

@fidaa i figured it out cuz for some reason it made me redo that challenge that i did FOREVER ago and idk how i fixed it but i did

yum03 6 years ago

hate it I can't play It Girl i think theres a problem with my connection...

fidaa 6 years ago

i did all the methods to complete mason quest nothing worked


Vanessa 6 years ago

@fidaa: i think you have to get an item for each clothing category from the store, like 1 dress, 1 skirt, 1 short, i pant.....etc

hope this helps=)

darlene 6 years ago

i was looking for games you know

vale 6 years ago

where i can find nicole???????????????????????i click on the quest go now but in the partu ther isn't

Nicole 6 years ago

How do I recognise those girls I have to speak/find like "April" or "Nicole"? Are they market especially? I once saw a doll with a circle above her head. Are they marked like that? I keep clicking at every person and behind everybush but can't find them. Thanks!

Jessica 6 years ago

What does it mean when it says to go to a "Classy Casual Party"??? I don't understand... Help?!?!

@Jessica 6 years ago

Where the heck is Jade?

15HOTNESS 6 years ago

I am on level 12 and I can't beat this task! Do you know where I can find something worth at least 15 hotness? Pleaseeee help. Thanks!

Seul 6 years ago

@Nicole: yes, they have that little pink asterisk(*) above their head in a white speech bubble.

Anyone know how to get cash on it girl fast?

Shimmir 6 years ago

Help! Is there anyone who knows how to talk.If you do so then comment also. And tell me the answer.Thank you .

This is shimmi your friend

Shimmir 6 years ago

Help! Is there anyone who knows how to talk.If you do so then comment also. And tell me the answer.Thank you .

This is shimmi your friend

vanessa 6 years ago

@vale: i found nicole behind the tree=)

Maria 6 years ago

where can i find the 70's platform shoes i can't find them?

Lex 6 years ago

@15HOTNESS you'll have to find every item in javier quinteros to get the item worth 15 hotness (the reward for finding all the items are a pair of shoes) that's what i did. the shoes are worth i believe 16 hotness.

sofia 6 years ago

hey, i'm level 26, can anyone please tell me how to find new challenges (like find the purple dress, or beat that party etc) i keep looking in all places and i dont know how to find new challenges...please help :)

15HOTNESS 6 years ago

Thank you very much Lex. That was very helpful! :)

Sarah 6 years ago

PLEASE HELP! How do you cheat the restocking time?

Bazz 6 years ago

@Sofia I am level 27 and I stopped getting the challenges after level 24 or 25... don't exactly know what happened.

Seul 6 years ago

@Shimmir: Unfortunately, you can't talk. You see people talking but it's actually the computer.

@Sofia: This is how I get quests...

You level up and unlock new stores and the quest is to like buy stuff.

o_O 6 years ago

The time thingy really works!!! I tried it and I saw it boost with my own eyes!!!!! It was AWESOME!!!!!!! Thanks Paula!!!

Seul 6 years ago

Hey everyone. I need more cash!!! Any more ways to get cash on it girl fast other than:

1) Parties

2) Finishing quests

Lex 6 years ago

@15HOTNESS your welcome (:

yeah the time thing does work you have to change the time on your computer.

It Girl Cutie 6 years ago

Actually, no one knows how to chat. u just see them chatting about things, the cpu is the one who is controlling, like.. it is the one who chats to other it girls..

o.O 6 years ago

It's so hard to fill your confidence and the energy. You will have to wait 24 hours or so just to have your confidence and energy refilled. Then you will spend the confidence and energy so FAST? WTH?

15HOTNESS 6 years ago

So I'm pretty sure there's a glitch or something. My quest said find something worth 15 hotness before and now it says 12 hotness. I found and bought something worth 14 (so that's over 12) but it's still there, uncompleted. Any ideas on what I should do? Thanks!

beautifly_25 6 years ago

The time thing def. worked!!

Alleena 6 years ago

I got all the clothes from Bambalina but I didn't get the reward can someone help me??

sayi 6 years ago

where can you find the mysterious black dress ? H E L P

*Ashley 6 years ago

How do you get a boyfriend?

matty 6 years ago

yeah? how do i get a boyfriend on it girl?

prishgirl30 6 years ago

need 2 win a black tie party....any1 no how 2 do it??? just don't have enuf hotness....

Fidaa 6 years ago

any body bought a car?

prishgirl30 6 years ago

no, not yet...on which level r u???

demeno 6 years ago

i want to know is there any money cheat?

??? 6 years ago

how can i get boy friend

i am in level 12

Dahlia 6 years ago

i researched for it, and i read that you're able to have a boyfriend from level 11 or 12, but you most likely won't have one until level 30.

by the way, if anyone needs clique members, add me! i'm Dahlia Possessed. just message me as well saying you're an IT GIRL player. :D

Fidaa 6 years ago

im at level 34 and i have to bought a car for 4000 but that a hard mount to collect also till this level no boyfriend available yet

hello.. 6 years ago

how can i chat with other gurlss???

Ida 6 years ago

Can You tell me please where's Nicole? Does anyone know it?

6 years ago

she has like a star on top of her,, click on her

rose 6 years ago

how do you talk on it girl

dfcvbh n 6 years ago

im not h

Liz 6 years ago

Anyone know where the store Parasol Dreams is? I'd really like to know. Thanks!

Seul 6 years ago

@Liz: You unlock Parasol Dreams at Level 23 and it's in Fifth Avenue.

Zamantha 6 years ago

How can I chat in it girl..I dont know how eh..Im new in it girl .

Ruby 6 years ago

does any one no how to chat cos people are talking to me and all they hear from me is this............. please help!

sam 6 years ago

hi Ruby and all otherz who wants to know about chatting...U JUST CAN'T this..itz from the forums of IT GIRL:

Hi, Everyone!

Many of you are writing in about the chit chat feature. Please note that this feature has been removed. We are actively working on either improving it or replacing it with something even better.

The comments you are seeing in the game are generated by the game itself. They are not from other live players! Please do not feel rude or bad because you cannot respond.

Thank you for playing and happy shopping!

**** 6 years ago

how do u meet duchess in los angeles because its my only quest and im on level seven

erin 6 years ago

how do you get a boyfriend??

Unnur 6 years ago

hi is there a way to quit a quest and get a new one also feel free to add me i need more clique members, Unnur Helga Hjaltadottir

Seul 6 years ago

@sam: if you want to complete that quest, you need to lock Los Angeles.

sam 6 years ago

where can i buy the blue long socks??....not the short one...and purse with blue and white stripes??

Mia 6 years ago

hey, where can i meet duchess? i'm on level 25 now but still can't find her. and how to get boyfriend? please help me.......

Emily 6 years ago

hey im stuck on level 7 and i need to find a nightlife outfit with four hotness but ive tried all of the shops where did anyone buy theirs from?

prishgirl 30 6 years ago

hey dahlia: plz send me a frnd rqst and a it girl one 2...

luv, prishgirl30

YYYY 6 years ago

Right; im on It Girl and i have a quest which is to win a classy casual party but the only thing is that when i look on the party schedual there is no classy casual signs. Does anybody know how to solve this problem? If you do then i would appreciate some comments. Thanks.

YYYY 6 years ago

Emily- i am on level 7 too, just started, and this is what you have to doo- but some nightlife clothes and then dress into them and just go to the party then its all done!

YYYY 6 years ago

Hello :) How do you meet Duchess in L.A ??

Thanks to anyone who comments back, i much appreciate it.

sam 6 years ago meet Duches u have to unlock Los Angeles which unlocks at i thnk sum higher lvl..when u'll reach upto that lvl..ur quest will be completed..

YYYY 6 years ago

@sam - thanks so much, its really kind of you. I have this quest to do, which is to buy sandals from Emma's room, you see, but i have already brought all of the pairs. does anyone know what to do?

thanks to anyone who answers.

YYYY 6 years ago

Anyone- how do you get a boyfriend?


FHEY 6 years ago


sam 6 years ago

@YYY...i m at lvl 32 nd i also don't have a Bf still...I thnk the Bf feauture isn't available's not released....and if u have bought all the pairs from Emma's room u can buy them again when the stores will restock...

Amalia 6 years ago

CAN ANYONE HELP MEE? Ive just done the time cheat .. turned the time on my computer one day forward BUT all I want is the shops to RESTOCK and they don't do this!!!! I don't want to wait until tomorrow!!!!! WHAT CAN I DO??

Tani 6 years ago

I can't find Nicole! Help! I tried looking everywhere in the party. But didn't find her!

Dianna 6 years ago

I still can't get one quest done. `Win Any Classy Casual Party` - I did everything I could. I bought A LOT of clothes, I went to all the parties, and won allof them - and still NOTHING! :/ Heeeeeeeeelp =.='

GAZA empororess  6 years ago


YYYY 6 years ago

@sam- thank you very much.

@dianna- i have that quest to complete too, but there are no classy casual parties on the schedual. What do i do? does anyone know?


Seul 6 years ago

@YYYY: If you can't find any Classy Casual parties on the parties list, go around Union Square, Soho, Fifth Avenue or whatever you're on, and there will be like billboards everywhere. Click on them and see if they're Classy Casual.

YYYY 6 years ago

Thankyou Seul, i have done it now , i much appreciate it.

soph 6 years ago

HOW do i get a bf and wat does it dooooo urggghhhh plz help... any 1 plz

haraaa123 6 years ago

where can i find duchess ?

i ve been everywhere im level 28 and for 8 levels im looking for her!

thank to everyone who ll help :)

Leey 6 years ago

heeeelppp!! I have played IT girl for soo long timebut I still can't find the black lacey tote in Luminations..please help me..

... 6 years ago

This game is stupid. It would be better if you didn't constantly run out of energy, and have to wait so long for the stores to restock. Can I play it on any other website BESIDES facebook? It's annoying me....

vicky 6 years ago

you can find nicole easily.

you see a sign over her.

Jessica 6 years ago

Add me to you clique!!! Just leave your Facebook name.... And I will send a message telling you that I am on IT GIRL so you can add me... I need more members!!!!

Neryana Rodríguez 6 years ago

Hi, I play It girl and I am Level 22. please I need more My Clique Friends

hola 6 years ago

por q no asen una programacio para jugar sin facebook

HANNAHEARTS 6 years ago





SO MY QUESTION IS.............





profile image

il.comdon27 6 years ago

does anyone know where u can find the 90s platform shoes??? im on level 14 but can't find them! help!!!

hanna 6 years ago


chelsea 6 years ago

@il.comdon27- you can't get the shoes until level 17 and you unlock the 3rd store of the 2nd location

Ashley Allen 6 years ago

ummm what is this thing with the boyfriend thing in it girl it is soooooooo confusing

Jessica!!! 6 years ago

Ok... So this is like the third time I have asdked this...


Seul 6 years ago

@il.comdon: The 90s Platform Shoes are at Mason St. Vintage

@Jessica: A Classy Casual Party is a party with like a wine glass sign on it saying Classy Casual.

Jessica!!! 6 years ago

Thank you SOOOOOO much, Seul!!

fatimaxyz 6 years ago

My cash doesn't reload even if it hits the time already. why is that? anybody help

priya 6 years ago

how can i get more money???........plzzzzzzzzzz inform....

Zea 6 years ago

Sry, How do I get boy friend??

Unnur 6 years ago

the boyfriends are coming soon, it says so over the game

IT GIRL FAN 6 years ago



unnur 6 years ago

4500, 6500 and 9000 are the cars.

im level 45 and i have had 2 quests for a long time and can't find the very rare item in eccentricize and the black dress in soho :(

jilllll 6 years ago

so guys i just tried the time thing.. it didn't do anythingg.. and also does anyone know a super fast way to gain xp points??

sara 6 years ago

what i can i do it girl is STUCK!! it wont work!!

Sammy 6 years ago

where is parasol dreams????

vale 6 years ago

parasol dreams is located on santa monica and you can access at level 23

Sammy 6 years ago

OHHHHHHH! Ok thanks so much Vale :)

Elle McFierceness 6 years ago

Ugh the mysterious Black Dress.. Anyone I searched all items in Javier (soho) store..

unnur 6 years ago

i finally found the black dress, you just have to search forever -.-

Jarita 6 years ago

Who is at level 30 and up? anybody can add me

Chachi 6 years ago

You have to rebuy things that you've already bought when they're in a quest to get the reward.

Also, for rare items, you just have to keep looking. You have them unlocked and available, now you just have to get lucky to find them.

Some people are lower level than me (I'm 28) and they have way better clothes than me in some aspects, it just depends. Search the stores every day and you'll be fine.

lala 6 years ago

does anybody knows where the mysterious black dress is?

profile image

ramyasarang 6 years ago

send me a request pls!!/profile.php?id=814590351

Beccy 6 years ago

Im on level 24 and haven't had any quests in a while, does anybody know if ill be getting some soon or what?

Emily 6 years ago

how do you get the mysterious black dress and do you need to be a certain level?

Chan 6 years ago

How do u use the car??

Seul 6 years ago

@Beccy: I have the same problem! Starting from level 24 or 25, I stopped getting quests! I'm level 30 now and I STILL haven't got any quests.

LilliBite 6 years ago

I am in level 16 and i don't know how to get the Muted´Purple Printes dress...does anyone know how to get it..??

Mandi 6 years ago

I tried the time change on your computer cheat, and everything seemed to be working well. My Confidence and Energy bars boosted up, but I did go 7 hours ahead so that the stores would restock. They counted down to restock, but have not. I refreshed many times, tries leaving the stories, tried going to partied. I cannot finish my current mission if they don't restock. Anyone know why it won't restock?

Mae 6 years ago


I'm on a quest that I can't figure out: It's called, "A Chilly Fall in Paris".

Where can I find the 90s Platform Shoes??


hina 6 years ago

what are fb credits and how to get them

Dahlia 6 years ago


you find the 90s platform shoes at mason street vintage.

Sharifah Sierra Leto 6 years ago

I logged in facebook, and turned on It Girl and it says "Oh no, you don't have a boyfriend". Any idea how to get one? ^.-

Need more clique members.. add me up

Cheers! :D

angelica  6 years ago

pls can you answer my question how ca i get a boyfriend in it girl pls answer my question pls....

lyzette 6 years ago

what will i do to meet duchess in l.a?

XXX 6 years ago


Jessica! **************************** 6 years ago

@Angelica: You don't get a boyfriend until level 22....

Claire 6 years ago

@HANNAHEARTS yes u do get more quest.... i was sooooooooooooo anoyed wen that happened.... or its wen u get 2 like level 10 idk but u do eventually get more quest

Seul 6 years ago

@lyzette: to meet Duchess in L.A., you need to level up to unlock Los Angeles. As soon as you do, then you'll know what to do next.

emma 6 years ago

how do you get a boyfriend?

ellieh 6 years ago

please helpme:

people talk to me but i don't no how to say something back??? does any one no how??

person that annoyed 6 years ago

i cantt chat :( and i aint go a bf yet :(

Breanna 6 years ago

How do you get the boyfriend????

SarahS 6 years ago

add me on fb for clique members! need more clique members please! email

Brenda 6 years ago

how do i get a boyfriend? when i go to my status it says "the man of your dreams is just around the corner. walk outside and find him"

Raquel 6 years ago

@ brenda the same thing is goin on wit me

kpc1234567891011121314151617181920 6 years ago

how do you get the boyfriend?

Dahlia 6 years ago

so i have a car.... how the hell do i drive this thing?!

Kat 6 years ago

so ok i got a boyfriend and i have to say i'm deeply disappointed.But,having to pay real money to give him gifts?????? argh..

Kitty 6 years ago

yeah it girl is fun but its kinda hard 2 understand :)

danae 6 years ago

Girls we really have a problem on finding the mysterious black dress, could you help us? pls?

niny 6 years ago

im on level 9 and i bought a bikini but i sold it and got a quest to buy a bikini like the second i sold it and its the only bikini in the store, can i buy it back?

Emma 6 years ago

Ok it says i don't have a boy friend and that he's outside just around the corner but everytime i go out there, there is no boy!! helpp!

sherilyn 6 years ago

@brenda: Im having the same problem,

my sister which is still playing in level 5 already see boys EVERYWHERE.

I'm on level 8 an i can't find any boy, HELP HELP!!!

Ellen :) 6 years ago

okay so same problem about the boyfriend, I can't find a boy anywhere!!! and the quest with the mysterious black dress, I can not find it in the store bombalino

danae 6 years ago

Finally I did the quest after searching javier quinteros 5 times, its the black lace dress :)

TAga 6 years ago

Hey if anyone wants more clique members add me - just mention itgirl

nii :3 6 years ago

Rose Cashman 6 years ago

I love it Girl but the confedince is a pain i am that close to level 9 but the confedence is sooo stupid

♥mclaine♥ 6 years ago

i do not have any quests! and i cannot find the girl with the pink starburst on her head! where can i find her??? HELP!!!

jordon 6 years ago

When I am shopping I like clear the stores out haha but do I have to wait and let it restock, or is there some other way? Thank you :)

Abby 6 years ago

Hi! Please add me on ItGirl. I only have 6 clique members... Thnks so muchhh! Please. I need it so muchhh!

Kelly G.Recla 6 years ago

You Guys How Can I Find Nichole Anywhere I Can't Find Her Any Where?????

itgal 6 years ago

where to find the little black dress???

cherrie 6 years ago

i've just found the little black dress ! its called black lace dress! it's 12 hotness

you just have to search and search and search until you found it!

Sabina 6 years ago

does anyone know where i can get the pair of leggings & a boyfriend ? .. And why can't I chat with other It-Girls in the game ?

sparkles 6 years ago

can the boyfriend propose to you on it girl?

cherrie 6 years ago

@Sabina : the leggings are avaiable at any store, you have to search; you can't get boyfriends by clicking them while in the street or a party. And nope you can't chat with other it girls, it's something done by the game while you are offline.

@sparkle : nope, he can't propose, you have to look for him

cherrie 6 years ago

@Sabina : sorry, i meant that you CAN get a boyfriend by clicking on him

Dahlia 6 years ago

add me as a clique member!

just let me know you're an IT girl player when you add me. :D

Dahlia Possessed

also, i bought a car.... what do i do with it? i tried to drive it, but i can't seem to figure it out. :S

Dahlia 6 years ago

add me as a clique member!

just let me know you're an IT girl player when you add me. :D

Dahlia Possessed

also, i bought a car.... what do i do with it? i tried to drive it, but i can't seem to figure it out. :S

jenleks15 6 years ago

hahaha adik me sa it girl

Kyra (Tals) 6 years ago

The time thing works!!!!!!!! I got full confidence and energy and it restocked in 8 hours!!!!!

By the way, how do you get a boyfriend on it Girl?

thalia 6 years ago

you have to look around for a boy, roll over him with your mouse and see if you fancy him the click flirt it will then say whether he likes you or not, if not you have to keep trying on different boys, you can do this at any level as long as you have 3 clique members sometimes even 4 :D

ssarah 6 years ago

add me on it girl

email is

unnur 6 years ago

im level 56 and i can't find any boys anywhere !! :(

debb 6 years ago

are you suppose to keep going to the same parties even after you've won the showdown ?

cornelia 6 years ago

i'm at level 11 and i can't find any boys on the street...what can i do? :*

Bonnie 6 years ago

hey im in level 7, i need more clique members, anyone want to add me? :] i give a lot of gifts and sometimes i dress u up too. send me a friend request! and i will help you with any questions. i think i know the basics :]

Seul 6 years ago

@cornelia: I think you have to be at a certain level to get a boyfriend. I'm level 33 and I've got a boyfriend.

And recently...well since yesterday, it girl hasn't been working for me!!! It's not loading. It's stuck on "Preparing your closet". Please help! I've missed out on a 12 days of Christmas clothing item so I won't be able to get the sugarplum fairy outfit anymore :'(

Fashiongal 6 years ago

I've got a BF already!Seriously,no joke.

profile image

ItGirlFan93 6 years ago

Add Me Please!!!

In need of clique members!!

I send gifts!!

level 22 as of now

lala 6 years ago

girls just to let you know, it doesn't matter in how level you are to get a boyfriend, you need to have more clique members!

They asked me 25 to have a boyfriend! now I got 27 & I do have a bf!

LOVE IT GIRL.. 6 years ago


Beccy 6 years ago

I need more clique members, add me please

Pop3123 6 years ago

How do you chat?? I really need to know!!! Please help?!~

cupcake06 6 years ago

where do you find the time on it girl?

raha rdab 6 years ago

add me for colique

Kayla 6 years ago

I am on level 8, almost 9 and what I don't like is that I just broke up with my boyfriend on It-Girl, and there is only 1 other guy outsidee!!!!!!!!! Ughhhh

carla 6 years ago

plz add me on ur clique member

Ana 6 years ago

where can i find the black trench jacket for the "Get Ready for Paris!" quest? the game says it's in Soho, but do you know what store?

dot 6 years ago

omg the time thing works!!!!!

maureen amoroso 6 years ago

i like it...:))

maureen amoroso 6 years ago

i like it...:))

It girl fan 6 years ago


i m on level 15 and now the game is getting really hard

the clothes are really expensive

and i need a cheat which would fetch me lots of money in no time

plz help me if you can



IT GIRL FAN!!!! 6 years ago

i m on level 20 and now the game is getting really hard

the clothes are really expensive

and i need a cheat which would fetch me lots of money in no time

plz help me if you can



momokohihi 6 years ago

hey, i just got the ballet set, but i have trouble finding the ballet hair! pls help!!!!!!!!!! >:[

lejla 6 years ago

i need more friends.

sara 6 years ago

how do u talk ib ut girl?

soma 6 years ago

add me to ur clique hotties

soma 6 years ago

add me to ur clique hotties

Ida 6 years ago


How works this time thing about what everybodys talking about ?!?!

Can you tell me please I want this bonus too :)

Merry Xmas:)

renny 6 years ago

i want to add clique member.. please add me on just message 'it girl' so i'll know

Haouraa 6 years ago

Where do i find the mysterious black dress, anyone ? thanks loads ;)

APOORVA 6 years ago

this is level 3 and m still finding my quest,my nightlife dress is all prepared and i wanna ask are accessories necessary 4 a quest to complete

plz answer as soon as possible 6 years ago

can anybody tell me where i can find the Heart earrings in swing by at nine in union square??

jenny joseph 6 years ago


TANIYA 6 years ago

hey plz add me... i dnt hav frnds... i need more clique... plz add me... ma name taniya mathew... plz plz do add me

LiiCull 'Stahh 6 years ago



JustMe34love 6 years ago

wait,but i can't chat!

lala 6 years ago

girls idk if one of you had the same trouble! I had a boyfriend by 3 days! & I suddenly it Girl said I had no boyfriend, first I thought it was a mistake of the game, but the next day he didn't appear!! now is asking me for 2 other clique members to get a new one! Im so pissed off! seriously

iamsponge 6 years ago

hello guys . Wanna know where is the muted purple printed dress at Lola Brio ? I can't move on to the next quest . Please help me . Thank you !

sweet 6 years ago

i love the game..

HKDHSGKH 6 years ago


SPONGExD 6 years ago

how i can increase my reputation with out the boys

LiiCull' Stahh 6 years ago

lala - Yeah! That happened with me today, i was dating a boyfriend, for a while and then i was wondering why he aint following me, so i clicked on my status and he wasn't there! and it said you have no boyfriend..and he was really cool..but i have another one..:/

Okay, i need help where do you find the 12 hotness dress (quest) what store? .. i can't find it??..please help,,

THANKS!! xoxox

emily 6 years ago

add me on faceboook emily fraser:)/

niiiin 6 years ago

how can i get my reputation up beside buying it ): im so broke

zareen sofia 6 years ago

i need clique member please add mee

Nikki 6 years ago

hey guys, im on level 11 and i only have 2 quests: 1 to meet duchess and the second one is to find an item worth at least 12 hottness, does anyone know where i can find an item worth that much?

Tasya 6 years ago

hey! i`m looking for white satin dress. where is it? anyone know? i`ve been looking every where.

Where is Central station? please help sista :(

Haouraa 6 years ago

Central Station is in union square go to shops and its above midnight wave, :)

unnur 6 years ago

ok wtf i couldn't get a boyfriend unless i had 13 clique members so i did and got a boyfriend but now i check and he's gone! and i now i need 15 mebers to get a new one!! WTF!!! this game sucks :(

LiiCull 'Stahh 6 years ago

unnur - i had a boyfriend, and i had 6 clique members

nikki - same problem

did anyone complete the 'find a dress worth 12 hotness points' and where is the store?

Pleaseee Helpppp :(

JULIA 6 years ago

the time thing works!!!!!!!!! WOW THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Bruna 6 years ago

Hey if anyone wants more clique members add me - just mention itgirl

it girl... 6 years ago

okay so my quest is to win any out door event i did all events yesturday and it didn't give me another quest so today im doing them again i just did 1 out door even and still no new quest.

if anyone needs clique members add me just snd a msg that its for it girl

facebookfan541 6 years ago

hey guys how can i talk in it girl?im new in it girl so jow am i gonna do it am i gonna press anything????please someone help me because i think it girl is the most awesome game ever in facebook,please anyone

lajdid 6 years ago

i have 6 people in my clique and it tells me i can't flirt until i have 8, but my friend has 5 and she can flirt !!! i don't get it

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