Kirby Plush Toys

Kirby Plush From Nintendo Kirby Games

Kirby Plush toys are modelled on the lead character form the popular Kids game Kirby by Nintendo. The character is Kirby exists in Dream Land a fictional land in the Kirby games. Kirby loves to play and especially loves drawing. He also loves to eat and one of his favourite foods is tomatoes. Kirby’s interest forms the basis of most Kirby games.

Cute and Cuddly Pink Kirby Plushies are available in different poses and accessories. Kirby is characterised by his small, pink, spherical shape and is often described best as a Marshmallow with feet.

Kirby has a friendly appearance and his body is soft and flexible, allowing him to be flattened in the games. Unfortunately the Kirby Plush cannot be flattened but is every bit as adorable as the game character. Kirby’s character is a positive one and his red cheeks are usually a sign of his good mood.

Kirby Plush: Kirby Miller
Kirby Plush: Kirby Miller | Source

Kirby Adventure Kirby Plush Doll: - Miller Kirby

Parents do be wary that there are several knock offs of the original Nintendo Kirby Merchandise. You can spot the difference in quality .This Kirby Plush is one of the most appealing Kirby dolls, especially because of the bright colors which appeal to kids of all ages. So if you plan to buy this Kirby plush for a 7 year old that is going through a Kirby since he/she’s been playing the game. Once that fad is over this Kirby plush won’t be left lying in the toy box too long, since the bright colors are sure to appeal to toddlers and can be used by your younger kid’s or kids of family and friends too. The Miller Kirby plush is 6 inches tall and currently retails from $12.89 (As advertised - 07.02.2011).

Offical Kirby Merchandise (on the right )vs Replica Kirby Plush (Left)
Offical Kirby Merchandise (on the right )vs Replica Kirby Plush (Left) | Source
Kirby Sitting Plush
Kirby Sitting Plush | Source
Krby Mega Knight Plush
Krby Mega Knight Plush
Kirby Aminal Plush
Kirby Aminal Plush

List of Kirby Plush Toys

There are several Kirby Plush Toys on offer, these include:

  • Kirby Hammer Plush

  • Kirby Meta Knight Plush

  • Kirby Plush Cupid

  • Kirby Plush Knight

  • Kirby Plush Feather

  • Kirby Plush Angel

  • Kirby Plush Animal

  • Kirby Plush Cook

  • Kirby Plush Ninja

  • Kirby PlushSitting Pose


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