Lady Gaga Silly Bandz Inspired By Lady Gaga Costumes

Lady Gaga Silly Bandz Ideas

The Silly Bandz craze continues this year as the Kardashian's follow Justin Bieber's lead in releasing their own Kardashian Glam Silly Bandz. One musician who could make Silly Bandz more fun is no doubt Lady Gaga. Unfortunately there are no Lady Gaga silly bandz on the market; perhaps this hub will inspire the inventor of Silly Bandz or perhaps Lady Gaga herself. (here’s to wishful thinking), in the mean time check out my suggestions below: Lady Gaga Silly Bandz inspired my favorite Lady Gaga outfits and their costume.

Lady Gaga Silly Elastic Bandz Inspired by Lady Gaga Costumes. Image By Author: Charly 2010
Lady Gaga Silly Elastic Bandz Inspired by Lady Gaga Costumes. Image By Author: Charly 2010
Lady Gaga Fog Costume
Lady Gaga Fog Costume

What Could Be In The Lady Gaga Silly Bandz Pack

Lady Gaga Silly Band No 1

Lady Gaga's 2011 Grammy outfit the Egg is by far her most eccentric to date and will reserve pole position in the Lady Gag Silly Bandz Pack.

Lady Gaga Silly Band No 1

My second most favourite Lady Gaga Outfit has to be the Lady Gaga meat dress. Though it may not be as much fun to reproduce a real meat dress, the costume version of Lady Gaga’s dress is quite hilarious inspiring the meat shaped Lady Gaga Silly Band.

More Lady Gaga Silly Band No 3

Silly Bandz no three goes to Lady Gaga's Kermit the Frog outfit, the red Queen outfit and Black Dress which is by Far Lady Gaga's most wearable costume.

Lady Gaga Red Queen Costume
Lady Gaga Red Queen Costume
Lady Gaga Meat Costume
Lady Gaga Meat Costume
Lady Gaga Black Dress
Lady Gaga Black Dress

What To Do While We Wait For Lady Gaga Silly Bandz

Until Lady Gaga Silly Bandz are available Lady Gag fans can wait while they ponder over possible uses of silly bandz. Can’t think of any? Why not try these ….

Silly Bandz Art

  • If kids are tired of wearing their band when not create silly band art instead, all you need is a piece of board and some nails. Mark out a grid then insert nails into the board. Kids can then hang their silly bandz or stretch them across the nails to make different shapes and create new geometric shapes and patterns.

Educational uses for silly band

  • Silly bands come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you have kids in kindergarten it would be great to help them identify shapes and colours and even learn to count and the alphabet.
  • Older kids can test their history and geography skills by identifying iconic logos form each city associated with their favourite sports teams. Each NFL and Sport silly bandz comes with tem logos, football shaped bandz and city icons.
  • Kids can draw their favourite shapes and cartoon characters.

Silly Band Fashion

Wear usually band as braclets or join them to make a necklace. Create your own Lady Gaga inspired outfit with silly bandz. Tie them up to form a t-shirt.

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N.B: The Author of this article is in no way affiliated with Silly Bandz or Lady Gaga,simply a fan of both brands and would like to see the union of the two:)


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