Discover Ways To Pay For Your Runescape Membership By Making Money Online

Pay for your Runescape membership with these tips.
Pay for your Runescape membership with these tips.

Free Runescape Membership

So you want to be a Runescape member, but for whatever reason you don't have the ability to pay for it.  Luckily there are tons of ways to make money online and pay for your Runescape membership so that you can become a member for free!  These are legitimate sites that are unaffiliated with Runescape, so you don't need to worry about it being a scam for your account.

All you need is a PayPal and you can get started earning your free Runescape Membership!

Ways To Earn Money for Runescape Membership Online

There are literally tons of ways to earn money online and get it delivered to your PayPal so that you can afford Runescape Membership. I will go through a few of the options that you have available. I just want to help you become a Runescape Member for free so that you can support Jagex in their endeavours!

Review Stream is a website that pays people for reviews (current payout is $2.00 per review!). Just write some quality, original content and you'll have earned some money in no time! Minimum payout is $50, so just write 25 reviews and you'll have payed for eight months worth of membership!

ChaCha is a text-based question answering service (go ahead, text 242242 and ask a question to try it!) that is always looking for people to answer incoming questions. They charge anywhere between 3-10¢ a question answered depending on what you do. This may not sound like much, but it really adds up! With ChaCha you can receive your payments as a debit card to use for your Runescape Membership.

Helium is a site where you write articles and earn money based upon how popular they are. If you're an expert on a certain topic, then come over to Helium and write! Payments are made to PayPal once you reach $25 - a perfect amount for paying for Runescape Membership.

My method of choice, HubPages is certainly not a get rich quick scheme, but it's a definite money maker in the long run. With HubPages you write articles, or hubs as they're called, and you earn %60 of the Adsense revenue! With a little bit of work you can create content that keeps earning monthly, this isn't a one time payout. So spend a bit of time creating some hubs and once you start earning just play Runescape as the money flows in!

Other Ways to Pay for Runescape Membership

These are just a few of the methods for paying for Runescape membership, there are plenty of other opportunities to earn money online. However, with these four methods you'll be on your way to free Runescape membership in no time!

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jacobt2 7 years ago

I used to play runescape in 8th grade. It was a really fun and addicting game, but looking back on it, I wasted a ton of time playing it.

lumberjack profile image

lumberjack 7 years ago Author

Yes many brave men have fallen prey to the lure of Runescape over the years. God bless them.

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jacobt2 7 years ago


curious_girl 7 years ago

i haven't played runescape for a while, but reading this made we want to start again. I started playing some years ago because i wanted an online game that my pc could support. I patiently struggled with the ugly graphics all for the love of online games haha. I wish i could be a member though. i have always dreamed of visiting those places that were "members only" and unlock all those other skills.

lumberjack profile image

lumberjack 7 years ago Author

it's got updated graphics though, but you probably shouldn't start playing again

it's kinda boring lol

Jake 7 years ago

lolz i would use review stream

NIscx 7 years ago

Does runescape pay real money?

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say it how it is 6 years ago

umm how do u get money transferd yo your paypal account

nickuh 6 years ago

review stream is gay

kyle 6 years ago

i play this game and my parents won't let me get member ship for either of them! i don't have anything else to do! i will make anyone a website get them referals or anything for $5 via paypal email me at

thesolution 6 years ago

hello kyle, I've sent you a mail with the details ;) cheers 6 years ago

As kyle said i'll do some internet odd jobs (within my abilities) in exchange for enough to pay for a month of membership.

joseph cantu 6 years ago

this is also a great way to pay for runescape is a place where u do surveys and stuff like that and earn points for completing them. Runescape for like 90 days is only 9 points and isnt that hard to get. So please follow this link because this link means that i reffered you and if u refer people you get points yourself so please if you consider this option follow this link :D

Will 6 years ago

מיקמלוקו 6 years ago


charlie 6 years ago

it is the bestist thing i have ever seen i like it a lot

josph 6 years ago

sup this is rad little idea i like it becouse now i can buy a dog ana a cat on runescape

geekfamily son 6 years ago

i am a geek becouse my dad still drives me around in a car that says hi were the geek family.

LUMBERJACK 6 years ago


jo 6 years ago plz visit i want free membership

DAN 6 years ago


iamtheone21 5 years ago

go to

For free membership once a month for an hour a month!

anon 5 years ago

well teechnically dnt u have to pay for your paypal acc??

elijah 5 years ago please help me out i really want members

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Doormanfoc 3 years ago

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