How to make your own Herbal Incense


Tools and Ingredients

1. A digital scale *optional*

2. Rubber glovesĀ 

3. 2 oz of Damiana Leaf (Or whatever you prefer to smoke, i.e. Marshmallow leaf, Mullein, etc..)

4. 100% Pure Acetone (You can also use Everclear) Do not use nail polish!

5. An HDPE spray bottle. Do not use plastic spray bottles as Acetone will eat through it.

6. A small mixing bowl of your choosing. The bowl also can't be plastic because of the Acetone.

7. Finally your chemical of choosing. I recommend JWH-018, which you can find for about $15 a gram on But you can also use the other alternatives like JWH-073 or 250 for different effects.


1. Carefully pour a small amount of Acetone into your bowl.

2. Take your JWH and add it into the bowl. Mix the Acetone and JWH together until the JWH is completely dissolved. Add more Acetone if needed (It doesn't affect the potency, but does affect the drying time).

3. After thoroughly mixing them together pour the mix into your HDPE spray bottle. Change the spray bottle to the finest mist possible.

4. Get out your Damiana Leaves or whatever foliage leaves you choose. Put the leaves into a bowl or pan and evenly spray your mix over the leaves. Try not to hover over one spot for to long or you will get hot spots. Be sure to mix the leaves (gloves come in handy) after the top leaves are thoroughly sprayed.

5. Leave the incense to dry, preferably overnight. If the JWH clumps just break them up and mix them well into the foliage.

6. Enjoy your incense!

Using these instructions of 1 gram of JWH per 2 ounces of foliage, should yield you a pretty strong incense.

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cozmo 5 years ago

how much acetone?? uuuuhhhhhhhhhgggggggggg

Brad 5 years ago

you want just enough acetone to dissolve your chemical, the acetone will disolve away and leave the chemical on your herb of choice

meyo 3 years ago

Where do you find jhw-018?????

jim 3 years ago

Add Your Comment.. can you use alkloids to.

El crazy 3 years ago

Uffffff it works badass alv it hits me more than my regular insense I smoke!!!

labwai 3 years ago

Can you mix the leaves

Tomahawk 3 years ago

Use ab pinaca I tryied is ok any one used this stuff before??

Christian 2 years ago

How much acetone per JWH?

Matt 2 years ago

I don't use a spray bottle - I just pour the acetone/cannabinoid mixture (usually around 100-200ml acetone/1-2g 5f-pb-22) onto the damiana (10-30g) for a very strong batch. I think the commercial blends available in headshops are extremely high dosage because my homemade blends need lots of chemical to compared to m@ry-joy & Abyss blends e.g. Exodus Damnation, Rapture, Cherry Bomb etc.

Ruben 2 years ago

Were can i find the Damiana?

m.e 2 years ago

What is the name of the drug the jwh 018 can u substitute it. Or where wud I order it. Is it what make u get high or is it the acetone

dummy 2 years ago

just snort the jwh

meee 2 years ago

Hey Matt u got an email I need to ask u sum questions that I'm having trouble with

selfie 2 years ago

What is the name of the drug the jwh 018 can u substitute it. Or where wud I order it. Is it what make u get high or is it the acetone

hat is the name of the drug the jwh 018 can u substitute it. Or where wud I order it. Is it what make u get high or is it the acetone

tazer 2 years ago

where do I order some jwh-018 at please if any one knows can you help me out. I have health problems and helps when I need something to help me rest. so please if any one knows... that would be so nice

Thomas q 2 years ago

Hi you guys, I have been using jwh-18 as my chemical and to be honest nothing else can quit compare, my vendors email is

He's pretty trustworthy and all of my orders was pure and came on time

jeremey 2 years ago

check out for all of your herbal incense needs

low 2 years ago

what else can I use beside jwh-018. Can I find something from out the store

profile image

BoogieWoogie72 2 years ago

Where can i get the flavors to add like bubble gum, grape or sour apple and how do I add them in the mix?

daniel 2 years ago

What else cn i use beside jwh?? would luv to know cn i use jus the acetone?

casmo 2 years ago

I want to purchase some and am getting ripped off every time or some other bs hsppens.

Phil 2 years ago

Is my am2201 supplier, that sh!t is strong lol. I also order the strawberry flavored bulk incense and package them myself. Made lots of extra cash

amer 2 years ago

Where can I find a product containing jwh

amer 2 years ago

I hope you respond and I will be grateful to you

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