matchstick models

matchstick models

Hi everyonet his is my first attempt at hubbing so you will have to be a little patient with me. I have been building matchstick models for a few years now and the plans are all in my head.If there are any other budding match builders out there i would be quite willing to pass on a few tips. First of all i don't go picking up used matches from the pavement? i buy them in bulk bags about 10,000 for £5.The smaller models like the airoplane uses about 400 matches and one week to build, but the clock took 30,000 matches and 6 months to build.I have just finished a pagoda which was quite a challenge as the roof is curved so i have a few sleepless nights and nearly drove my wife mad.You don't need much space to make the models and thers not a lot of mess,just a bit of dust when sanding down.I would recommend this hobby to any one any age ore tallent,just start of with a small kit then when you progress you can make your own design and turn it into a masterpeice. Good luck David

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Julie A. Johnson profile image

Julie A. Johnson 8 years ago from Duluth, MN


Wow, what a cool idea for a hub! And the photo is cool. Try tol give us a bit more information in your hubs. Like how many matchsticks did these models take? Did you design your own models? How long did it take? This is a super creative idea, just give us more information. Keep writing, and look at a few hubs to get an idea about what sort of information you should include. You've made a goosd start.


davidjamesharding 8 years ago

Thank you for you advice and i will do better next time .This was my first time and i didn't quite know what i was doing but this site looks very interesting and as i like talking to new people and shearing new looks like the site for me All the best David

yoges 7 years ago

Hi David,

How did u start doing this models. Where did u get all the designs. Pls help. I want to teach my son. He is so keen in this.

yoges 7 years ago

hi yoges i have been making my models for many years and most are my own design but if you go on line for matchstick kits there are many there for beginers and they are quite cheep about £10. If you need any tips please let me know david

Matchstickkits 7 years ago

It is good to see another matchstick builder trying his hand at our art and I encourage you not to stop spreading the word about what we do.

I love your models and I understand the time that it takes and the love that goes into one of these models.

Keep up the great work and keep on reporting about it.


davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 7 years ago from london uk Author

Thanks Tim for your kind words and have just had a small piece printed in the local rag lol David

al595017 7 years ago

Hi Tim and David, I wonder if you could point me in the right direction to find out about a matchstick model we have bought. It is a large (4ft) matchstick model of a 17th Century three masted sailing ship. The model is completed in tremendous detail, even below decks with ladders between decks and table and chair in the cabin. Every block and pulley in the rigging is faithfully reproduced to scale with matchsticks. Would this have been created from a plan and if so where would these plans be obtained from? I can supply a photo if it would help.



davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 7 years ago from london uk Author

hi Al it sounds like the model was made from scratch so the only person to have a plan would be the model maker,but please do send a photo. Sorry i cant be of more help David

Mr Henry Clark 7 years ago

I have recently started making models. I have done Empire State Building and a small Junk Chinese boat from kits. Is there anywhere I can buy just plans as I have bought matchsticks seperately. Cheers Henry.

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 7 years ago from london uk Author

Hello Henry im afraid i cant help you on this but what i do is download pictures from the net and make my own plans but try and keep it simple. best of luck David

Sam 7 years ago

Hi David i'm thinking of start the hobby of matchstick modelling i was wondering if you could tell me how you bend all those shapes, for example bending a wheel to shape thanks sam

sam 7 years ago

Hi Sam. There is 2 methods you can use the first one is to soak the matches in water till they are soft then bend to shape but the best way to do it is to break the matches half way through every 1/8 of an inch.It sounds a bit laborius but when you get startd it don't take long.When glued together and sanded you wont see any breaks. I hope this helps and good luck David

u.delling 7 years ago


Iam a Matchstik modeller from Germany.Build this Art for 10 Jears.

My Home:

I begins a Guestgalery,send me our Pictures



Walton 7 years ago

This hobby could really take off if the word gets out how much fun it is. As someone posted above, what is needed is a source of plans only.

I don't care much for the little cutter than comes with the kits and I use a handheld squeeze type cutter made by Midwest Products called an easy cutter. Much more accurate and faster.

david 7 years ago

Hi Walton you are quite right about the cutter. I don't usualy work from a plan but i have made my own plans they are not to hard to do if its a building i.e a church or pagoda or the like. I don't know of any one who draws them profesonaly but i will keep my eys open. Good luck with your models. David

davina 6 years ago

Hiya David, please will you help me with a wee problem I've got? I'm trying to find some downloadable pattens for matchstick modeling please? If you can help me in anyway or just point me in the right direction I'd be real grateful? Thank you for your time David. Yours Hoping Davina

Davina 6 years ago

Hi Davina sorry i cant help you in this buy what you could try is get in touch with fellow matchstick modlers and if they have built a model from a kit they could photo coppy it and send it to you. lots of luck David

DH 6 years ago

Hi David,

I'm new to this and can't seem to find any plans (only kits and they are quite expensive) what is the best to approach turning a monument in a photo into a model?


dh 6 years ago

Hi DH the best way to do this is to enlarge the photo then draw it in sections ie squares and rectangles.It is not very easy if you have not done if before. Go on ebay and see if you can get a kit cheaply, then you will see how it all goes togeather.Sorry i cant help you any more good luck David

Fred 6 years ago

I aquired a book recently

"Matchstick Modelling" by Roy Ashley published 1979

It gives basic building method and various plans.

As David says buy a kit,it will show how to build a model,then adapt to your needs


fred 6 years ago

Hi Fred thanks for your comments. I have read the book and this is a good start David

Fred 6 years ago

Has anybody tried the "Matchitecture" kits,I like the look of the "Fokker DR1" triplane,but have only built solid models.

I do follow Davids advice,built from kits then my own designs :-


fred 6 years ago

Hi Fred yes i have built the model of the Fokker. When you have finished just modify the plans a little and make another one of your own design. Keep all your plans and just keep modifying them and you will be surprised what you come up with . David

Paul 6 years ago

I recently bought the matchitecture model kit for the Notre Dame building and I am having a complete blast making this model. It has so many intricate parts that it gets a little frustrating at times, but I have received some good idea's reading this blog, and one of them being the easy cutter which I plan to purchase immediately because that will help out a lot with some of these angled pieces I need to do. If anyone has any other matchitecture kits with plans I would be willing to trade my plans for plans that you might have. I will copy them to my computer and make them into PDF files for easy printing. There are currently about 120 pages for the notre dame building front and back. I have a question about following plans using the acetate sheet that comes with the kit. one recommendation was to glue the on the sheet itself and then place the matchsticks on that and do it that way. the suggestion was to glue enough for about 10 minutes worth of work and then keep doing that. My question is, will that actually work? If that would actually work that would make the gluing process so much easier to do. Any Comments on that???

paul 6 years ago

Hi Paul. I haven't tried gluing the aheet but i will try and see how it goes. What i tend to do is put my plans in laminator sheets then you can go from one plan to the other also when they get full of glue they can easly be washed off with soap and water.Good luck on the BIG ONE David

Fred 6 years ago


If you want an adjustable angle cutter try modifying the matchitecture cutter as at :-

Also shows adjustable length cutter

Fred 6 years ago

Sorry,put the wrong url above

should be :-

kromey 6 years ago

I have just brought my first matchstick kit, before i start i have one small problem. Once the matchsticks are stuck to the card plans woud i be right in thinking the cardboard plans peel away from the matches?

kromey 6 years ago

hi Kromey the answer to your question is NO the cardboard is part of the model. If it was a matecture kit then you don't have any card the matches stick to them selfs. I hope this was usefull and good luck David. ps let me know how you get on.

Gary 6 years ago

Hello Paul

I would be interested in swapping either a complete matchitecture fire engine kit (unopened) or some plans of various other matchitecture models for a copy of your Notre Dame plans

Paul 6 years ago


Please email me at, and we can talk about getting you the plans for the Notre Dame Building. It is a Doozy lemme tell ya. I am STILL working on it lol. Not as much as I used too, but working on it nonetheless. Anyway. Email me, and we can talk about trading. I'd love to do a fire engine. I look forward to your email.

keegan 6 years ago

hi, ive just bought my first matchitecture kit. does anyone have any advice or tips they can share? please email me on thanks

jay 6 years ago

If you want any help or advice on matchstick modeling, Try this site.

northwood leisure 6 years ago

Hi I would just like to let you all know of the great range of matchstick models available at a great price all at

napo 6 years ago

I have been modelling with matchsticks for a few years mainly boats and planes. I have recently discovered that THE WORKS bookshops sell packets of 450 coloured matches for 50p The colour dousn't bother me as I paint over them my own colours anway. I am on the lookout for other things to model including matchstick models with moving parts.Has anyone any ideas please. (no windmills.)

david 6 years ago

hi Napo did you know that you can buy matchsticks in bulk for £5 10,000 from hobbies london. I havemade a grand mother working clock and a water mill.Good luck and let me know how you get on, Send some picks if you can David my email is

Fred 6 years ago

One matchstick model with moving parts is an excavator.

mandy 6 years ago

hi completely new to this wonderful hobby,been having chemo for the last year and have just had a lung lobectomy with more chemo/treatment ahead of me so needed something to be able to sit and do=this hobby is perfect! Now i am doing the ledge caravan but i am the type of person that likes to do big and wondered if there is anybody out their who could possibly send me plans for either Notre Damn or the taj mahal all costs would be paid.many thanks mandy

St-George 6 years ago

I have the plans for the Taj Mahal and Eiffel Tower Matchitecture kits available in PDF format if anyone would like to exchange for those of the Tower Bridge model.

Don't know about anyone else but I do think these kits are ridiculously overpriced for what's actually in them - essentially a few sheets of photocopied paper and a bag of match sticks( which they've deliberatly made about 10mm longer than normal modelling matches)!!

Incidentally if you print the plans out at about 73% scale you can use normal modelling matchsticks albeit for a slightly smaller and more fiddly model!

steve 6 years ago

hi i like doing these models does anyone know a website where i can get plans thanks

mandy 6 years ago

hi st george

Thankyou so much for your reply, i have this morning taken the plunge and bought the Notre damn. If i had seen your post i wouldt of- making the matches bigger is very sneeky, if i am not mistaken a box of 2000 of their matches cost around £15 i did wonder why now i know! I shall have to be careful not tomake to many mistakes. Thankyou for offering and if i do get the eiffel tower after i finish this one i would gladly swap x

St_George 6 years ago


If you give me your email address I'll get the plans for the Taj Mahal and the Eiffel Tower over to you. Would be great if you could get the Cathedral plans scanned up at some point.

Lots of the matches you use will need to be cut shorter than the long matchitecture length so it is possible to use a combination of normal modelling matches (about £8 from hobbys for 10,000) and the matchitecture ones to make them go further, so you'll have a fair amount left over for future models - (if like me your on a particualy tight budget.)

Good luck with the model, by my reckoning if you work solid 40 hour weeks you should be done in about 4 months!!

Steve -

The solid build kits can be purchased for what i'd consider to be a pretty reasonable price from Hobbys (or various other online sites) - failing that make your own plans, as there don't seem to be anything in the way of plans about.

If you're after matchitecture - I have the two mentioned above which I'm happy to share about. However, someone has to buy them at least once. If everyone on here builds them, purchasing a different one each an getting them scanned up for everyone and swapped about so the full collection is online and available to us all would seem to be a pretty fair way forward....

Fred 5 years ago

A quick comment about price of kits.

What you are paying for is information.

If you build your own design,you can modify as you please,but if were to have someone else build it you would require proper plans,construction sequence and perhaps construction technique if the model was a bit unusual.

A lot more work involved?

Seif Allah 5 years ago

Hi St-George,

I have the models for the airoplane, the bulldozer and the train wagen. I enjoy doing these models and buy them online, which means I have to pay there price and the shipment and the customs. Would really appreciate it if you can send me the plans for the eiffel tower and the tag mahal you have. If you did not get the Tower Bridge already I can buy it, no problem.

I buy the matches here in different sizes very cheap and also I buy PVA glue that works as good and is ike 2 US$ a Kilo.

My email is

Ben 5 years ago

Hi people,

I recently bought the gold rush train model kit. Im going to make some pdf file about it asap to share. Im hoping there are people here who would share other plans with me. Please email me at if u have any plans ur willing to share with me.

I also have plans of the train wagon .

yoyoyoyoyoyo 5 years ago

can i use the porta craft match sticks for building a stable model??

yo yo 5 years ago

sorry yoyo i don't know what porta craft matches are david

english speaker 5 years ago

Try and use correct grammar and spelling, you sound like your seven.

david 5 years ago

dear english speaker do you understand GET KNOTTED

david bainbridge 5 years ago

can you tell me were to get the plans to to build the bi-plane please as iv been looking for that for a while now thanx david

Rehertz 5 years ago

Hi all,

I recently purchased several matchitecture kits for my 13 year old nephew who needed other challenges from his usual Lego and intricate puzzles. while he's been extremely excited to start using his kits, he says that the glue that comes with it doesn't work at all. his pieces end up falling apart, which I am sure can be infuriating.

can anyone here recommend a better glue? the best glue even and also is there something to the actual technique of gluing? maybe he is using globs and all he needs is tiny droplets. I have been looking online and this was the most informative place I have found.

any help is much appreciated. if anyone needs I will see if I can get to borrow his plans and make them into PDFs. he has the chrystler building, the gold rush train, and the Mississippi show boat.

thanks in advance,


david 5 years ago

Hi Rere the best glue to use is PVA which you can buy anywhere. Use small drops as that is all you need and its is easer to clean up as well good luck and enjoy David

ReHertz 5 years ago


Thanks for your help. I was worried no one would reply as this was an old thread.


Adriaan 5 years ago


I cant get this in south africa. Can someone please send me a plan that I can see if i can do it? It would be much appreciated.

grovsey 5 years ago

anyone got any plans to swop i got the windmill and steam roller ,email me at

GROVSEY 5 years ago


DENISE HARES 5 years ago


Im after plans for the taj mahal for an 82yr old man we who make these models and has a yearly display in Skegness and he wants to do this model but cannot afford it as the kit can you please help Thanks

Gordon 4 years ago

do u have facebook? add me Gordon Gibb (pic yellow car)...

Denise Hares 4 years ago

Ive got the CN tower, fire engine and aeroplane if anyone wants to swop for the Trailer for the truck, The car and the Japanese bridge

Many thanks Denise

harberlights 4 years ago

i want to speak to anyone who has done matchstick model work.

johnholloway 4 years ago

hi david,

i've been making balsa wood models for years & decided to try match modelling.

i chose the matchitecture kit of the mississippi steam first reaction was how expensive it was for what you get & sticks are not really square or straight.

however started it last september and am about 3/4 way through & very enjoyable to do.

being a toolmaker by trade i like everything to be as accurate as possible so i converted my small lathe in my garage into a disc sander,converted my proxon mf70 mill/drill into a mini table saw by turning it onto its back & my grinder into a belt sander the result being very accurate sticks as they are sawn & not cut with square ends.

i made loads of little jigs for cutting angles etc. & all assemblies of repetative parts were exactly the same.

my advice to anyone wanting to try this hobby is to make a copy of the plans & laminate them.A plastic ruler screwed to another board gives you a perfect straight edge to build long lengths of sticks on.Don't rush & always look ahead in the plans to see where that assembly fits.Use PVA glue.

Go for it!

George Oswald 4 years ago

Hi All,

I would like to get the plans for the Taj Mahal I am a student and he is retiring in 3 months and its too expensive to pay for.

Please can you email the plans to my mates brother who will source some matchsticks for me.

StevePollard 4 years ago

Does anyone know of any other website/forums for Matchstick Modeling. I have recently started modeling and really enjoy it. Was hoping that there was some place to share tips tricks ect? It seems that this site is not offten used.

Many Thanks


Aleksandar 4 years ago

Can anyone sent me plans for Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower or what ever you have. Thanx!!!

FightenSpirit profile image

FightenSpirit 4 years ago from Fall River, Mass.

Good work David !! I been building matchstick boats for a long time. I first learned it in 1987 while in prison from an older guy, and I'm glad I did. I recently started a ship after about a 15 yr absence from building. In the past I created the Endurance, The Ticora slave ship, and many other 3 mast "king of the sea", as well as cargo ships. Have you made any ships yet ??

david 4 years ago

hi Frank im glad that you enjoy making matchstick models. I haven't made any boats out of matchsticks but i do make gas engine power boats out of wood.Can you send picks of your models via email. Look forward from hearing from you David

cyn 4 years ago

Can anyone can send me plans? Whatever you have! It's for my grand-father. Thank you so much :)

roger 230 4 years ago

i make my own plans on grease proof paper glue the matches on it when dry u can peel it off use pva glue comes off fingers easy dries process of making watermill,cant get me head around the cog system,how the flour collected from grinding stones,how grain delivered to grinding stones from hopper and how does the sack hoist work???? can any modellers help me cheers rog

bojeux 4 years ago

Thank you all for loving Matchitecture!!!

as you may know all plan are created by Mr Quinto, who in its small town create the different models, design them, make the draft plans, retest them, send it to an architect who makes the official plan, send them to Bojeux in Montreal Canada who manufacture it. As you may imagine this is highly time consuming and costly!

You can now find Matchitecture everywhere otherwise you can ask Mr Quinton him at

So please be respectful of the work of others, especially Mr Quinton the biggest fan of all!!! stop illegally downloading plan, and please contact us we will be plaese to forward you all the information needed to purchase Matchitecture Kits

Thank you

Bojeux team

david 4 years ago

you are quite right in what you are doing,all the best

MatchStickCrafts 4 years ago

I make all kind, of old times, MatchCrafts.

Check out some of the stuff I have built.

I have been building MatchStickCrafts for over 55 years.

My best sell pieces is the jewelry compartments built into to the structure of the craft item ordered.

My next best is my designer Crosses.

Just Look! and e-mail me at

keithwestgate513 4 years ago

Hi I have been building a steam engine (hall class ) the last 20 years.

It si 20" long esstermate 1500 matchs I am still working on it.I can send some photos if you are interrested.

david 4 years ago

hi keith i would like you to send me some picks lol Dave

Daniel Osler 4 years ago

I also build matchstick models can U help sell them?

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 4 years ago from london uk Author

i have hired out my model of tower bridge to a film company and they pay very well and you can still keep the model

Marchelo N. 3 years ago

Hey everyone! My name is Marchelo and I'm a 16-year student in Montreal, Canada. I am looking for an Eiffel Tower Matchitecture PDF plan for a project at school. I happen to stumble upon this hubpage so I was wondering if anyone had it. I'd be very thankful if whoever had it, could send it to me on my email :

Thanks in advance

Dawn Temple profile image

Dawn Temple 3 years ago from Norwich,Norfolk

Hi David,found your site,and love your work,my partner has just got me a Matchmaker construction kit Model MMO2 Height approx 35.6cm Norfolk Windmill and a little stuck on the Grain Store sloping Roof,it shows the arrow to say which way the matches go but as I'm doing it, it's looking like the Matches will have to be cut smaller but when you look at the picture model it doesn't look like that at all,Hope you don't mind me asking but, u seem to know what your talking about more than other people i have spoken to,hope you can help.Thanks Dawn.x

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 3 years ago from london uk Author

Hi Dawn im sorry but without seeing the picture i cant help,but what dose the plan say. If you could email me a picture i might be able to help my email is I hope to hear from you soon David xx

Dawn Temple profile image

Dawn Temple 3 years ago from Norwich,Norfolk

Hi David,have sent all info and Pic,so hope you can help and Thank you,you could be hearing from me a lot lol.xx

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 3 years ago from london uk Author

Hi Dawn i have your picks and have sent you some ideas that i hope will be help full,hope to hear from you soon.Davidxxxx

Dawn Temple profile image

Dawn Temple 3 years ago from Norwich,Norfolk

Hi David,got it Thank you so much great help,once finished will send pics,really getting into this with all this time one my hand at the min.Xxx

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 3 years ago from london uk Author

Hi Dawn thanks for your message.its nice to hear from you.What else have you been up to if you don't mind me asking.What's the weather like up there,i live in Welywn Garden City Herts,and its not to bad here.Talk soon David xxxx

Dawn Temple profile image

Dawn Temple 3 years ago from Norwich,Norfolk

Hi David,I'm abit of a Craft person,my biggest passion is my Parchment Cards I make,but can only sit for short amounts of time at the moment,been off work since before Christmas,till the Hospital can hopefully sort me out,so my Partner Mark got me this Matchstick Kit,we got my son two for Christmas and hasn't even started it, so hoping if he see's me giving it a go he will follow,here's dreaming well if he doesn't then I'll be doing them lol. Weather here Norwich Norfolk, on and off with snow,very cold but the gd old open fire is Brilliant lol. If you wanted to you can check my parchment folder on facebook under Dawn Temple Cushing.Talk soon Dawnie.Xxx

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 3 years ago from london uk Author

Hi Dawn I hope you get better soon and i will look you up on facebook. Davidxxx

davidjamesharding profile image

davidjamesharding 3 years ago from london uk Author

hi Futamarka im sorry i cant understand your langauge David

Marcolb1 3 years ago

Hi David - I noticed from your picture you have the steamboat model. I have just bought this and as I'm a complete novice I wondered if you had any tips for particular model.

Many thanks


david 3 years ago

Hi Marco i made two models and the first one i just followd the plans which are quite strait forward,but the second model i built i added on another deck and added other bits and bobs which i think improved it so just follow the plans and good luck David

ian morgan 3 years ago

can i sell models on here? 3 years ago

im sorry i don't know

Roger Brenton 3 years ago

Hi David,

I have just got my first matchstick model and just one question before I start it. when you cut into match to get it to bend does the cut side face outwards. Thanks for your help and a good forum.

charlie 3 years ago

ive been making models for thirty odd years to bend matches bite the match about every quarter of an inch the its bent

barry king 3 years ago

hi david, thought i'd let you know i am going for the guinness world record in matchstick modelling. you can see me on google in the salisbury journal. i have already done 110,00 matches and its looking good already. had to make my own plans which took 3 weeks to complete. you can follow me on this email

i have added pictures so you can see my progress. 3 years ago

hi Barry best of luck im going on your web page

Poppins0176 3 years ago

Hi David, I have purchased a few of the matchitecture kits, and have the plans that I'm willing to share, would you or anyone else happen to have the Notre Dame, BIG RIG Trailer Truck, Fire Engine, or anything else made by matchitecture as I'm trying to find some new projects to start.

I'll be glad to hear from you.

jan 2 years ago

Hi David, can you post free plans from your projects?

miles 2 years ago


I have made many simple things with matches my son has now asked for the norfolk windmill but im having issue with the grain store sloping roof in the picture they have the matches all facing down like a roof of a hut I cannot make this happen lol has anyone got any tips please?

comp 2 years ago

I made a matchstick car. A Royal Buggatti Coupe. It is the best model I have seen and I have seen a lot. I have had interest from a museum and a famous shop who is interested in it. Regarding bending matchsticks, I have made many things which are round including wheels and steering wheels etc and I have never ever bent any matchstick to achieve this. I will be putting it online very soon for anyone who wants to see to see..

Pablo 2 years ago


Could anyone pass me any plans, and I will pass him/her the Eiffel Tower plans by e-mail?

My e-mail is

Herindoors 2 years ago

it may interest people who make the models they must think of the mess that is left for other people to clean up,I know I am David's wife,the finished articles are fantastic and would not have it any other way. Good luck to all matchstick builders

Chris from Suffolk 2 years ago

Hope you don't mind me writing on this site the reason being I have a small unfinished items of my dads , some completed which are slightly damaged all made of matchsticks .My dad past away 15 years ago .He didn't have any plans he just made them .They are in loft with a large bag of match sticks, what I would like to know does anyone know of there is a modeling club in and around Sudbury area in Suffolk as I need to let them go I really don't want to throw them away I thought someone might like to have them

darren reece 2 years ago

johnholloway i wish i had seen this post b4 as i got the missipi river boat in december kit and stuck the sticks to the card board and now ive gone an botched the damn thing and cant find any where i can get the blueprint for it in future when i get a kit ill be making copies of it

sil 2 years ago

is anyone interested in swapping matchitechture plans? please e-mail me at

MLeath 2 years ago

I have the eiffel tower plan and the train plan if anyone wants to swap or feel free to email me plans :) at Thanks!

bigrig 2 years ago

Anyone have the triplane? Will trade for big rig.

ciulli 2 years ago

I own Chrysler building and Tower bridge plans, looking for Taj mahal plans. Anyone interested?

cthai 21 months ago

I would be interested in swapping, Fokker Dr 1 Triplane plan. Please email me at

Tony 20 months ago

I have the following plans which I am willing to swap. I am looking for Notre Dame but any other plans would be welcome to.


Eiffel Tower

Big Ben

Tah Mahal

Arc De Triomphe



Empire State Building

cyclopz 20 months ago

Hi I have the following plans for swap looking for Notre Dame, Taj Mahal or any others thanks

London Tower Bridge

Mississippi Boat

Eiffel Tower

Toronto Tower

Mechanical Digger


Chinese Junk Boat

Japanese Bridge


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