Mechatars Toys Inlcudes Alpha Kodar and Wrexx Mechatars

What Are Mechatars?

Mechatars Toys are toys modeled on characters from the Mechatars Game World. Part of the new ‘breed ‘of toys which are compatible with game worlds. Mechatars are interactive toys operated by a remote control. The toy can also be connected to the free online game. The central theme of the game being the team work in order to defeat the bad guys in the game.

Intended for kids aged 6 and older, parents you can use your discretion by viewing the website to see if it is appropriate for your kids. According to the official site safety is a key priority as a result there are no forums or chat on the site. It exists solely for the purpose of playing the game online.

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Mechatars - AlphaMechatars - KodarMechatars - Wrexx
Mechatars - Alpha
Mechatars - Alpha | Source
Mechatars - Kodar
Mechatars - Kodar | Source
Mechatars - Wrexx
Mechatars - Wrexx | Source

Names of Mechatar Toys

Mechatar Characters exist in the Mechaverse. There are good guys and bad guys the aim of the game is to defeat the bad guys. There are three different tribes Alphas, Kodras and Wrexx who unite to fight against the Swarm. The Alpha Tribes are the original defenders of Mechaverse they are hard working and have created a beautiful world the planet of Zephyin. The Kodar Tribe is from the colder Planet called Glacius but they are fun loving Mechatar's . The Wrexx Tribes come from the planet Pryrox, a volcanic world. Although different they have to unite to defeat the Swarm.

Red Mechatar Wrexx

Mechatars Power Pack - Zephyin's Howler
Mechatars Power Pack - Zephyin's Howler | Source

Mechatar Weapons

The elements play an impart role in the Machatars Game. Each weapon corresponds to one of the eight elements. Different Mechatars favour different elements. Weapons used by the Mechatar Characters includes The Hammer of Glacius, The Lost Obsidian, The Groundbreaker of Et, Zephyin's Howler

How Do Mecatars Toys Work

Each Mechatar toy is connected to a computer via a USB cable. This is suitable or both windows and Mac. Once kids get register and the site for the game they can begin playing.

What do Mechatars Toys Cost?

The Recommended retail price for Mechatars toys is $39.99 but since it is holiday season moms and dads beware of inflated pieces. You can find these toys online via Amazon Target, Toys r Us or Radio Shack and off course EBay. The online game on the other hand is free. Kids have to sign up to register in order to acess the game.


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