How to become a millionaire on neopets

Neopets is a popular pet game playable online. Money and being a millionaire is a goal of many of your fellow players, and it's certainly achievable if you have the time to try to be one! Much like in real life, it often goes to the people who work hard for it.

But... you'll need money to make money, at least the easy ways. Friends might be helpful if you know anyone else in neopets to get you started. If not, wander the world and play some of the free games on the website. They'll reward you with bonuses for winning which you can now put towards better uses.

The easiest way, once you've got a bit of money in your neopia account, is to follow the golden money rule: Buy low, sell high. This works for both the neopets stock market, and the neopets auction plaza. Find items in the shops which are popular, but low priced, and resell them at a later date.

People who really, really need something won't care what they have to pay. People who have junk to sell usually don't care what it sells for either. Watching the shops is a win win scenario for everyone involved. Medicine and some of the daily freebies at different locations in neopia are also good for hoarding up and reselling.

Need more tips? There's some other great websites and resources online from other players that might help you on your way to become a millionaire on neopets.

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