How to become a millionaire on runescape

Here's some tips on earning extra GP while you're playing runescape. I will warn you though! Runes is a game that changes often. What might help you become a millionaire in runescape might work today, but no longer work tomorrow...

Kill monsters. Which monsters? There's plenty out there worthwhile. Some at the time of this writing were the green dragons and fire giants. The best ones are a closely guarded secret! Some of the rich people playing *gasp* don't want everyone else to have a million GP. Greedy!

Tradeskills. People used to do mining a lot, or you can merch somewhere. It's fairly easy to get money as a merchant with the right goods. You can easily make learn how to make a million runescape gold if you figure out which items are the best. These are sadly changed often, and any I mention will quickly be outdated. Sharks sell for a great price in GP if you want to put the time into getting a lot of them.

Know any good tips for this online game by Jagex? Share them!

Alright, this guide isn't quite as good as I meant to write when I started. Some of these might teach you how to become a millionaire in runescape a lot better:

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