Monster High Abbey Bominable Doll

Who Is Abbey Bominable?

Abbey Bominable is a character from the Monster High Doll series. She arrived at Monster High as an exchange student from ‘the North’ -somewhere in the Himalayas - perhaps Russia - judging by her accent. Abbey’s first language is not English so her sense of humor is sometimes lost of the other ghouls at Monster High. Her BFF is Clawdeen Wolf-after Abbey helps Clawdeen save the Headless Headmistress.

Abbey is much taller than the other Monster High Ghouls she has fang like Draculaura though she is said to be the daughter r of the yeti. The only fur on Abbey Bominable is those on her leggings. The Abbey doll has a light blue complexion with hints of pink and lilac in her hair and outfit. Abbey is accompanied by her pet Mammoth called Shiver.

Abbey Bominable Doll
Abbey Bominable Doll | Source

The Abbey Bominable Doll

  • The first Abbey Doll was release concurrently with Spectra Vongergeist apart of the 2011 Monster High Doll Series. The first Abbey doll wears a snow outfit with furry legging and snow-cap accessorised with snowflake earrings and a jewel pendant.

Abbey Plush Doll
Abbey Plush Doll | Source

Abbey Bominable Plush Doll

Each of the Monster High Dolls also have a plush replica. The adorable rag doll like Monster Plushies also includes pets.
The 1o inc Abbey Plush retails from $21 (As advertised 01.12.2011).

Skull Shores Abbey Doll
Skull Shores Abbey Doll | Source

Abbey Skull Shores Doll

The Abbey Doll is one of the 6 dolls featured in the Skull Shores Series. Here Abbey has a new look in swimwear. Dressed in a lilac and pink swimsuit with matching sarong and chic sun hat. Like all other dolls in the series, each comes with a map of skull shores and a Monster drink or ice scream in hand.
The Skull Sores Abbey retails from $49

Abbey Bominable Costume
Abbey Bominable Costume | Source

Abbey Bominable Costume

The Abbey Costume is modeled on the first Doll. The costume features a pink print dress with leggings .The wig is sold separately.
Current Retail price: $49.99

Abbey Doll Cothes
Abbey Doll Cothes | Source

Abbey Bominable Doll Clothes

Clothes for the Abbey Bominable doll is included in the Fashion Pack Series. Snowboarding I one of Abbeys favourite activities-the set includes a fur vest with leggings, goggles, an ice crystal necklace and snowboard.
Current Retail Price: $ 34.75

Which is Your Favoirte Abbey Doll

  • Abbey Doll One
  • Abbey Skull Shores
  • Abbey Plush
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Abbey Arrives At Monster High

Operetta Doll
Operetta Doll | Source
Toralei Doll
Toralei Doll | Source


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