Monster High Boy Dolls

Although there are several boy characters featured in Monster High Webisodes - only five characters feature in the Doll collection. These five Monster High Boy Dolls Includes Deuce Gorgon, Jackson Jekyll, Holt Hyde, Clawd Wolf and Gil Weber. It seems each of these characters are the boyfriends of the Monster High ghouls. Ghoulia Yelps was spotted with fellow Zombie Slow Moe in the webisode Date of the Dead –but there are no signs of a Moe Doll.

Only Clawdeen Wolf has yet to be paired perhaps 2012 will see the release of more Monster High boy dolls. The notorious boy character Heath Burns is always looking to charm the Monster girls. There was mention of him in Abbey’s dairy-perhaps we will see a Heath Burns doll in future. Like the Monster High Ghoul, each of the boy dolls are also accompanied by their pets. Deuce Gorgon was first release in Series 1 accompany Cleo while Jason Jekyll was introduced in the Gloom Beach Series Claw Wolf arrived in Spring 2011 with the new look Draculaura Doll. The last Monster High Boy Doll is Gill Weber included in the Skull Shores Doll Series.

Deuce Gorgon Doll
Deuce Gorgon Doll | Source

Deuce Gorgon Doll

Deuce is the Son of Medusa. He is often spotted in shades not just because he is the coolest Monster Boy in school but because he has the ability to turn Monsters into stone. There are two Deuce Dolls currently on the market the first was released in 2010 with Cleo De Nile. The second Deuce doll was released in the Dawn of the Dance Doll series (pictured right).

Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde

Though these two characters are each other’s alter ego there are two separate dolls available. The Jackson Doll was released in the Gloom Beach series and Holt Hyde separately. The son of Dr Jekyll, Jackson and Hyde are complete opposites yet they both fancy Frankie Stein. The Jackson Doll is dressed in board shorts while Holt Hyde is dressed in a football jacket.

Read More about Jason in the Gloom Beach Doll Series.

Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde
Jackson Jekyll and Holt Hyde

Clawd Wolf Doll

Clawd is the brother of Clawdeen and Howleen Wolf. Despite the differences between Vampires and Werewolves Clawd and Draculaura are an exception to the rule. The Clawd doll was released in Spring 2011 together with the new Dracualaura Doll. A new Clawd Wolf Doll will feature in the Sweet 1600 Doll series.

Gil Weber Doll
Gil Weber Doll | Source

Gil Weber Doll

  • Gillington Weber (Gil) is a fresh water monster, and Lagoon Blue's new boyfriend. The gill doll makes an appearance in the Skull Shores Doll series. Gill is dressed in board shorts and comes with a water tank over his head. The Gil doll is a teal color with fins on his arms and feet.

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Operetta Doll
Operetta Doll | Source
Toralei Doll
Toralei Doll | Source

Monster High Boys

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Brooke 4 years ago

I love monster high, but every time I look for toralei and abby I cant find them. I gess I will have to bey them

on EBEY. I didt want to really do that.

sophie2005 3 years ago

go clawd i no you can do it and clawdeen and howleen

Justice285 profile image

Justice285 3 years ago

this is OK but may i suggest more picture maybe ?

Du Van Khanh 3 years ago

Yeah!!! Clawd is my fave Guy, he and Draculaura are so cute together!

Clawdeenwolf 2 years ago

Monster high has come a long way and so far all of the dolls are amazing great job mattel™ :)

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