Magic: Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Expansion #1 Into the Pod Challenge Solution


The fifth new challenge for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 Expansion #1 is "Into the Pod"

Use Birthing Pod(s) to power up your attack and beat Krenkos this turn.

Your opponent
Your opponent | Source
Your ticket to victory
Your ticket to victory | Source

Your Resources


Cards in Play
2x Forest, 2x Islands, 2x Mountains, 2x Swamps
Birthing Pod
Blind Zealot
Dross Scorpion
Primeval Titan
Runeclaw Bear
Urabrask the Hidden

Cards in Hand

Your opponent's greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness...?
Your opponent's greatest strength, but also his greatest weakness...? | Source

Izzet's Resources


Cards in Play
2x Islands, 2x Mountains, 4x Plains, 4x Swamps
Blightsteel Colossus
Grave Titan
Sphinx of Jwar Isle
2x Zombie Token

Cards in Hand

A fun card for devastating a deck
A fun card for devastating a deck | Source
If only your opponent had some good spells...
If only your opponent had some good spells... | Source
This looks useful
This looks useful | Source


Step 1: Use Birthing Pod on Dross Scorpion. Use Dross Scorpion's death ability to untap Birthing Pod. Summon Hoarding Dragon using the Birthing Pod's ability. Using Hoarding Dragon's summon ability grab a second Birthing Pod. (At the end of this the Dross Scorpion is dead, you have an untapped Birthing Pod in play, and a Hoarding Dragon which is exiling a second Birthing Pod)

Step 2: Use your Birthing Pod on Hoarding Dragon. Summon Geralf's Mindcrusher with the Birthing Pod's ability. Have Geralf's Mindcrusher target Izzet, putting the top five cards of his library into his graveyard (these cards are inconsequential, ignore them for now). The exiled Birthing Pod will come to your hand since Hoarding Dragon died.

Step 3: Play the second Birthing Pod from your hand.

Step 4: Activate the second Birthing Pod, sacrificing the Geralf's Mindcrusher. Thanks to Undying, Geralf's Mindcrusher will immediately come back into play; use his ability on Izzet once more. Summon Chancellor of the Spires with Birthing Pod's ability.

Step 5: Using Chancellor of the Spires' summon ability check Izzet's graveyard and cast False Cure.

Step 6: Attack with everything (pick two random lands for Primeval Titan's effect, it doesn't matter which). Izzet will die since all the life gained from True Conviction will be turned into damage instead.

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Comments 5 comments

Jon Bazinet 4 years ago

There is another solution.

1. Unsummon Colossus.

2. Sacrifice scorpion and untap pod.

3. Birth Izzet Chronarch, and retrieve Unsummon from your graveyard.

4. Sacrifice Vorapede; its undying so it returns.

5. Birth Rhox; need its bypass ability.

6. Fight with everything. After Izzet assigns blockers, immediately Unsummon Titan. Trample and Bypass win the day!

Suraph profile image

Suraph 4 years ago Author

Very nice, and significantly less complicated by the looks of it. Thanks!

pelacachi 3 years ago

thank for the help

BigAL74 profile image

BigAL74 3 years ago from Poughkeepsie

Thanks for the advice I've been have problems with that Izzet deck for so long

Daniel 3 years ago

Alternate method is not guaranteed... only works because computer doesn't know how to use double strike with lifelink to its advantage.

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