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There are many great free mystery games online and this hub is about my particular favorite games to play online. Including puzzle games, online point and click mystery games, hidden object and adventure games. My top picks have an interesting backstory, well-designed and puzzles that are decently challenging. I prefer games that at least get a little bit tougher as you go through the levels. If they are too easy then I find they can get boring and also the game loses it replay ability. Please feel free to add a comment below for any mystery games that you enjoy playing, especially ones that are free to play and also those games that you can play online with no download required.

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Free Online Point n Click Mystery Games

Play Free Mystery Games Online no Download Required
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Top 10 Mystery Games Online

* Another Small Favor Game - Is the sequel to 'A Small Favor' and follows on from the previous story where a Senator has been murdered.

* Arcane Online Mystery Serial: The Stone Circle Game - Has now a number of free mystery games online. You play one of the detectives to gather all clues and solve the mystery for each episode. My favorite episodes are 6 and 8!

* Detective Grimoire Game - is a free detective game to play online. Grimoire is a PI who is a bit of a character and seems to get into all sorts of trouble as he tries to solve his latest case, which is located in a fairground. He has to collect clues and question some questionable characters. This is a mystery game with plenty of humor too!

* Mystery at Mansfield Manor - is a cool example of the interactive mystery games online.

* Nick Bounty - With 2 detective mystery games online: A Case of the Crabs and The Goat in the Grey Fedora mystery games online
Both with the same dry humor and hard-boiled PI style as the Grimoire game above - which make both of these online mystery games a joy to play!
The case of the crabs (great title) has Bounty trying to solve the case of the murdered seafood salesman. Whilst the goat in the grey fedora has the PI on the case of a missing ceramic goat!

* Sleuth - another great series of interactive mystery games online to play for free. You must search for clues, ask questions of suspects and witnesses. And crack a number of strange cases!

* Crime Evidence Game - Find the clues and discover who committed the crime before cops.

* The Fog Fall Online Mystery Game - Episodes 1 to 3 - a different style of mystery game compared to those listed above, these mystery games are more of the psychological thriller.

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What are your favorite mystery games online?

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