Top 5 PC Games

Top 5 pc games

My Top 5 PC Games

My top 5 PC games may or may not be the same as yours, but I would like to point out this is my opinion. Also these games will be based on my experiences with the games mentioned, and why I chose the selected games.

5. Minecraft
Now this may or may not surprise you for being on the list, since it is a very popular game with many mods to enhance the game play. A game where your basically able to go wherever you want, build amazing structures, kill mobs, and finally Kill the Ender Dragon. That may seem like a lot to do but if you do not got friends to play with the game can get boring after awhile. While I personally enjoyed at least 100 hours on this game, I have 1 major gripe with this game. There is only 1 boss in the game, I personally like boss fights in games like Minecraft it actually makes gathering resources to combat something that could be challenging to beat. Because after awhile the regular mobs get boring even mobs from the many mods out there. After all that being said this game is still a very great game in my opinion and which is why it got the 5th spot on my list.

4. Terraria
Yes, in my opinion Terraria beats Minecraft for the fourth spot. The main reason is the AI for enemies make the game more challenging. Also for those who are wondering Terraria is similar to a 2D Minecraft but has good AI and about half a dozen challenging bosses to fight.
I spent about the same amount of time on Terraria as I did Minecraft, mainly because it is fun trying to come up with challenges to beat certain bosses in the game such as Skeletron Prime when it becomes day time and can 1 hit kill you. That is why in my opinion Terraria took 4th rather then the 5th spot.

3. Dungeon Defenders
Now some of you may or may not have heard of this game, since I do not think this game was as popular as Minecraft or Terraria. I could be wrong though, but the main reason this game stands out is it combines tower defense games with action RPG. If not only for the uniqueness of the game. But how well it was put together makes it worth it with 4 starting classes, which are the Apprentice, Huntress, Monk, and I think Squire. (not sure on the last one, but I think that is the name.) You can either choose to play by yourself or play with others online, best part is the difficulty thankfully scales based on if your playing multiplayer or not. Since it would be to easy to beat with friends otherwise. If you have not checked this game out I suggest maybe watching a video on the game and you may see why I chose this to be 3rd on my top 5 PC games.

2. Diablo 2
Now it is obvious why this game is on the list I mean who has not spent many hours playing this game, with all the variety of loot in the game, and all the great classes to choose from. My personal favorite is plowing through the enemies with the sorceress. However what kept me coming back for more was the fact every time you played it the world layout would be different. Another reason why it was fun to play was the challenge I do not think anyone has made it through the game first time without dying due to how hard the game can be based on which class you chose. Now combine it the difficulty got much steeper depending on how many people were playing, which allowed you to still have a challenge even when playing with your friends. However there still is one game that beat this game, however it was not by much.

1. Starcraft Brood Wars
Yes, this game in my opinion is the best PC game that I have played at the moment. I like playing a game for the story, unless the game has really good game play. Which Starcraft Brood Wars had both features I look for in a game. ( Yes I have played Starcraft 2, but I did not enjoy it as much as I did Starcraft Brood Wars. However that could be just because they have not released part 2, and 3 yet.) I spent many hours making maps, beating the missions countless, and playing the maps I made with my friends and cousin. After how many hours I put into this game only 1 game beat it, but that game is not a PC game. Last but not least is the fact of having 3 unique and balanced races to chose from, and not have to worry about one race being over powered.

Note yes I know Diablo 3 is out, and it looks amazing, however I have not had the chance to get the game yet, and play it. So I can not tell you if it would make my top 5 or not due to not knowing anything about the game to give sound judgement on. I may add Diablo 3, and Starcraft 2 at a later date once I get to play the full game.

I hope you enjoyed this post if so please share it, and rate this post. Also tell me which in your opinion are your top 5 PC games.

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AM Hanson profile image

AM Hanson 4 years ago from Mankato, MN

Interesting choices! I'm suprised to see Terraria on the list. I found out about the game thanks to my roommate (I started a game on his computer and immediately found a floating city made of gold haha he was pretty shocked) and now have it on my computer as well. He also introduced me to Diablo II and we've beat the game in co-op. Brood Wars was one of my favorite games when I was in high school, and I'm glad to see someone agrees with me.

Great list!

sm825 profile image

sm825 4 years ago from The Uknown Author

Yeah, I have played Terraria since it was released. But my favorite part was playing it with my cousin on the latest version of the game. Also I am planning on getting my cousin Diablo 2 sometime so my cousin and I can play co op with each other. Yeah Starcraft Brood Wars was my favorite game and is probably the game I have the spent most hours on. The second most would probably be Command and Conquer Red Alert Retaliation on the PS1.

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