New Monster High Doll Operetta

Operetta Doll Release Date

The new Monster High Operetta Doll is due for release in March 2012 following the release of the Monster High Sweet 1600 Doll Series in February 2012. The term drama queen takes on a new meaning with the arrival of Operetta in Monster High. Operetta is no drama queen but thanks to Spectra there are plenty of Rumors to go around. First mentioned in Holt Hyde’s Diary, Operetta is again the talk of the town when it is rumored that she is dating Deuce Gorgon-Cleo’s boyfriend! Sounds like a lot of drama! It turns out Operetta was just helping Deuce write a song for Cleo.

Being the 1600 year old daughter of the Phantom of the Opera one would assume that Operetta has a voice like her daddy but according to her critics they say her voice is only good when recorded. The Operretta Doll comes dressed in fashionable gear suitable for a rock star of note and has a musical note mask over her left eye. One of the catchiest features of the Operetta Doll is her beautiful Red hair, a first in the Monster Doll series. Operetta is said to have been born in France though there is no mention of her mother - her strong southern accent suggests she grew up in the South.

Operetta Doll
Operetta Doll | Source

Where To Buy The Operetta Doll

There are no signs of Operetta Dolls on sale so stay tuned for more news as the Operetta Doll release date nears. The Operetta Doll will be accompanied by her pet spider Memphis Daddy O Long legs.

Draculaura sweet 1600 Doll
Draculaura sweet 1600 Doll | Source

New Monster High Dolls in 2012

New Dolls arriving this December and in early 2012 will include Scarah Banshee, the daughter of the Arachne (no other name given yet) and the headless headmistress dolls.Other fun characters will include Clawdeen's younger sister Howleen Wolf and the drop dead gorgeous Cupid Doll.Stay tuned for news on their arrival dates; in the meantime check out some of the other Monster High Dolls Series.

Monster High Sweet 1600 Dolls

  • Dracula is turning sweet 1600.The girls are dressed in fabulously scary party wear and Dracualaura's in for a treat with a new 1600 Roadster.

Monster High Skull Shores Dolls

  • Features the Monster High Dolls on Spring Break on the Island of Skull Shores. Dolls are dressed in chic swimwear and cocktail dresses and Gil Webber arrives.

Monster High Create A Monster

  • Monster High Fans get ready to create your very own Monster Dolls with this awesome set including components to make two new characters.

Operetta Monster High Video

Which is Your Favprite New Monster High Ghoul?

  • Toralei
  • Nefera
  • Operetta
  • Cupid
  • Abbey
  • Spectra
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Mosnter High Dolls Amazon

Skull Shores Abey Doll
Skull Shores Abey Doll | Source
Toralei Doll
Toralei Doll | Source

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art 4 years ago

Arachne.. blue skin.... or change the hair, white or blue. I think she will be the best!!!! A female with a twin brother Phoenix (Fonix) would be awesome! Or a zombie.. like of historical people- Manroe etc.

Angel Gallegos 4 years ago


Alejandra Mercedes gallegos 4 years ago

I think I love ol ove them. But faveriot. Is frainkie stein I whish. I had ol monster. High. Doll

Angel Gallegos 4 years ago


like Abby

Angel Gallegos 4 years ago

Liv dplll

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 4 years ago Author

Thanks Angel..glad you are a can check out more about Abbey here...

Angel 4 years ago

Liv doll are beter

Angel 4 years ago

Liv dollbseca

Angel 4 years ago


monster high fan 13 4 years ago

geting twins this week got operetta

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