Fashion Boutique Game for Girls (Nintendo 3DS)

Own and Run Your Own Boutique

You are style savvy, a fashionista who love staying on top of fashion. You are young or not so young, but you'll love to own and run your own fashion boutique.

Playing the Nintendo style savvy game is like a dream come true. Owning your own chic boutique allows you to virtually share your savvy with the world.

Owning and running a fashion boutique is fun mixed with a bit of a challenge. Its like running any other business. With Style Savvy, you get your store, choose the look of your boutique's interior, plan and purchase the required inventory, set up your books so you can monitor the boutique's finances while trying to pleasantly attend to a consistent stream of customers look for the best fashion apparel their money can buy.

Asides selling, as the style savvy owner, it is your duty to assist shoppers, for example, those looking for the right fashion accessory to complete an outfit, or those who simply need help to put together an impressive ensemble for a special event like attending the Oscars.

Combining Creativity, Fashion & Business Sense

Nintendo DS Style Savvy games combines creativity and fashion with a sharp business sense. With the start up cash, it's time to go shopping to stock the boutique.

The game player, as the boutique owner will start off with a 'wow' stock of designer fashion items which will include a collection of trendy and chic clothes, beautiful accessories and stylish footwear.

As the business grows, the store's inventory can be expanded and can be made to accommodate new and current fashion items.

The store must always prepare for seasonal style and fashion changes. These are timed to the game's calendar of the Nintendo DS or Nintendo DSi™ system.

9 Top Features Of Style Savvy Nintendo DS Games

  1. Game includes fashion items from 16 different in-game designer labels
  2. Style Savvy games has over 10,000 store items
  3. An assorted array customers, all with their different colours, personalities, tastes, and styles.
  4. Players can customise the look of the characters, giving them different eye shapes and colour, different head shapes, and different lips.
  5. Looks can be modified by changing hair colour, giving a new hair do and applying makeup.
  6. If two friends own Nintendo Style Savvy game cards, they can locally connect their Nintendo DS or (Nintendo Dsi) systems and visit each other's boutique.
  7. Game players who own broadband wireless Internet access can connect to Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection. They can walk around and browse other players stores to check out their best wares.
  8. Players can find their favourite coordinates, download them and wear them.
  9. With the Style Savvy Nintendo Game player's can make a local wireless connection with up to three friends and host a fashion runway contest.

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Each day customers walk through the doors of the boutique and will discuss their needs and their budget.

Some will know the kind of clothing they need, others may not.

But then that's why the player is there, with an impeccable sense of style. That's who they will turn to for critical fashion advice.

For good business, if they love what they see and buy, they'll be back to spend some more money.

Fashion Design Game

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Who Can Play Style Savvy Games?

Contrary to popular belief that this game is only for the young, the Style Savvy game is for everyone and for the fashion enthusiast especially. Children as young as eight have been known to enjoy the game, even with their limitations in the business aspect of the game.

Many adults thoroughly enjoy this game with most of the good ratings made by adults who have actually played these fashion games. Style Savvy Nintendo DS Games makes great gifts that will keep the game player enthralled for hours.

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