The Art of Running a Small Garden Center or Nursery

Small is cool!

The goal of this lens is to discuss the ups and downs of having your own small nursery or garden center. There is little information available for someone contemplating opening and running a garden center. It’s a career choice that lots of people contemplate but only a few take on, and even fewer succeed. It’s a business of patience and hard work, which is not very popular these days.

We will focus on the small garden center since that’s where most new ventures start. It’s also where the real action is when it comes to the nursery business. The larger concerns are busy homogenizing their shopping experiences, while the smaller centers can be more outlandish and experimental. Putting in a coffee bar or pet center in a garden center is not new and is already becoming mainstream. Small garden centers can be more unique and less mainstream, thus attracting those consumers looking for a more unique and satisfying shopping experience. These consumers are generally willing to pay more for that quality experience.

My wife and I run a small, 2 acre garden center with seasonal help. Our latest venture, The Golden Gecko Garden Center just celebrated its third anniversary. We are building a “destination garden center” that not only services the local community but looks to attract people from further away. My experience comes from working as a nurseryman for 28 years. I got my start driving the delivery truck at Christensen’s Nursery located on the San Francisco Peninsula. I have managed or owned three different nurseries in the foothills of The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Be sure to check out the direct feed of my blog below. "The Blogging Nurseryman" was the first industry blog to deal with running a small garden center.  

In case you’re wondering we will consider a small garden center or nursery to be one that has sales of less than one million dollars a year. Sound daunting? Let’s get there together.


Innovative Small Garden Centers or Nurseries

We are always on the lookout for garden centers or nurseries that are trying different ways to do business. I am much more interested in a small nursery that chooses to create a new market or idea than a multi-million dollar face lift for some large garden center. It's the small places where the new ideas come from that are eventually are implemented in the larger concerns.

Essential books for the garden center libary

Essential books for the garden center

Sunset Western Garden Book
Sunset Western Garden Book

This book get used more than any other in the nursery. It breaks down the areas of the west into "Sunset Zones" which take into account the various micro-climates of the west better than the U.S.D.A. Zones.

From Vines to Wines: The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine
From Vines to Wines: The Complete Guide to Growing Grapes and Making Your Own Wine

Micro-vineyards and larger are becoming popular here with home owners. Besides wine is fun and knowing how to make it enhances the enjoyment.


More books for the garden center

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anonymous 9 years ago


Thank you so much for putting all this information on your blog! It has been valuable in my research, as I am considering establishing my own small garden center in SW Colorado. I still have lots of research to do, but I plan to make your blog a weekly read.



grandma deal profile image

grandma deal 9 years ago

I reeeally like this lens. So much great info I can't read it all in one sitting. Which is unusual. The photos are very good

anonymous 9 years ago

It's so true!! As a small non-mainstream nursery/garden one has to distinguish. We, in South Africa, do it our way. Honestly; we are still battling to get some income but there is good progress and that keeps us going. and

ChristopherScot1 profile image

ChristopherScot1 9 years ago

wow - lots of great information! keep up the good work.

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poutine 9 years ago

Very interesting lens. Love the picture of the sasafrass tree.


RudiTheGardener 9 years ago

Hi there Rudi The Gardener here. Real Cool Lens you have here. Gave you a 5star.

Tiddledeewinks LM profile image

Tiddledeewinks LM 9 years ago

Love your lens! 5 *'s

guzie 8 years ago

Man great gardening stuff here....Love your lens. I too runs a medium size nursery. I Love what I do, but it is very hard work.

steveffeo lm profile image

steveffeo lm 8 years ago

Great lens, I am also starting a gardening business. You have a nice setup

PaulMT 8 years ago

Great lens ! I relate with you as we have a nursery as well. If you get a chance take a look at my lens GrowingHostas. Love all the blogging info.


CleftyToo profile image

CleftyToo 8 years ago

Great lens! A valuable resource. Great pics too :) I'll send a link this way from my vegetable gardening page...

WorldTravelers916 8 years ago

i was in EDH and saw one of your pieces very nice!!

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Keaka77 8 years ago

Good job..My girl is about to start a garden. All flowers.. I hope she knows what shes doing.

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Keaka77 8 years ago

Why girlfiend is about to start a garden. I hope she knows what shes doing. great lens good information.

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Keaka77 8 years ago

This is some great information. Keep up the good work.

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anonymous 8 years ago

I have a huge greenhouse at my backyard and when I get tired working on my Harley Davidson Personal Checks site, I go there and do some little gardening! This knowledge you've shared is a fine addition for my gardening hobby! thanks for sharing this!

WorldTravelers916 8 years ago

great lens! i love working in my garden!

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WorldTravelers916 8 years ago

great lens! i love working in my garden!

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WorldTravelers916 8 years ago

great lens, i am a nurse and i take my job very seriously!

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WorldTravelers916 8 years ago

great lookin lens, i can see why you take so much pride in your work!

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WhitneySegura LM profile image

WhitneySegura LM 8 years ago

Great lense, I have bookmarked it and will be back soon. If you get a second you should check out these cool Mini Greenhouses they have all kinds of great gardening supplies

poutine 7 years ago

Splendid lens, so much information, I've bookmarked it and will be back again

to check more.


poutine 6 years ago

Just came back for another visit and checking out some of the links listed.

Great lens.


ArefinShams 6 years ago

Thanks for a helpful lens.

anonymous 5 years ago

Great information, thank you!

newdaygardens profile image

newdaygardens 5 years ago from Minnesota

great lens! Enjoy reading your blog & following the links here. Check out my new lens on preserving historic irises. www.sqidoo/historic-iris-preservation

Miska29 4 years ago

great lens :)

waldenthreenet profile image

waldenthreenet 4 years ago

Appreciting valuable topic. Knowing a good location like any other small business is critical. Beside knowing the technical side, the business side is even more important for success. Specialized nursery may be necessary to fit a particular location or community to assure there will be business flow. Conversations helps new ideas. Thanks.

anonymous 4 years ago

An Online Garden Center must be very rewarding! I thinks it's really nice to have a storefront to show plants & trees.

Jah 23 months ago specialize in growing fruit tree and citrus, and many persian plants

Judy Root profile image

Judy Root 22 months ago from Canada

great info!

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