online poker addiction

 i am addicted to online poker. i started with just to make fun. the first day i won few dollars. and then i started to play more. the second day i have lost 100 times more than what i earned.just within one week my bank account became empty. after that i closed my account. i did not wait for even oneday. i transferred money to my bank account from my friend and gave back cash to him and and opened a new account to another site and played again. in this way, i have lost millions of dollars and i had been playing to almost all the poker sites you can find on internet and blocked myself on those sites after playing for a while. but the number of sites are unlimited. that means, it's not possible to avoid gambling in this way. so i called my banks (two banks) and said i have lost my cards. so they closed those cards. so now i cant gamble online for sure. i was so happy that i made an end on it. but then i asked my friend to use his card to open an account. he did it. and i started to play again. so now with new cards and names i could go around all those sites. then he stopped me to use his card. but it was like if i cant play i will die. so i begged him thousand times to buy credits to play. he helped me sometimess. then i found another gambler who also playes poker. i made a deal to him, i give him cash and he let me to play on his ID. he agreed. so the story started again. till yesterday i had been playing in this way. i have a wife but not with me. i suppose to call her everyday and chat on messager but i use to lie to her that i was busy or was not a mood. she says i dont have any respect to her or i am not good enough to have a family. i am scarred of my life.

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Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 6 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

Thanks for this warning so that other people will not fall into the same trap. I hope you get it worked out.

swedviking profile image

swedviking 6 years ago Author

@silver poet, yes, i hope so that no one will make the mistake like me. yes, for a while i am out of this problem.

csalang profile image

csalang 5 years ago from Canada

Have you tried to reach out to an addictions worker? Maybe they can provide you with some coping mechanisms to find solutions to your online poker addiction.

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