Path of Exile Guide: How to Build a Character in POE?

Path of Exile Tech Tree

The Path of Exile tech tree.
The Path of Exile tech tree. | Source

Path of Exile Guide: How to build a Character in the Path of Exile

The Path of Exile can be complicated for some to start due to the massive passive tech tree, how the skills work, and what gear to keep. So which character should you choose? This post should hopefully help you gain an idea of how to build a character in the Path of exile.

1. In the passive tech tree you should build for survive-ability Which means you should focus on getting evasion, life, armor, and elemental resistance as your main focus, and not worry about getting more damage early on. The reason is most your damage or DPS will come from your gear. This is even more true if you play hard core mode, since you are more prone to dying.

2. Try and find gear that have sockets that will complement your build. Green is dexterity, red is strength, and blue is intelligence. If you are a intelligence based character you more then likely will not need red sockets in your items, and should instead be looking for blue socketed items instead.

3. Later on you can chain skill items, to add effects to your skills, and make the more effective/stronger. (An example is in the video below with the chain lightning ranger.)

4. Read the path of exile wiki to get a better understanding on where the skills are, and how they work along with the passive tech tree.

5. Pay attention to what gear you are using just because it is rare does not mean it is good. An example would be a Level 45 ranger that had a rare bow, but the damage it had was less then 20. So make sure to update your gear.

6. Save your skill gems in case you make an alternate account, because you may come across a skill gem you may want to use for the alternate account.

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