Best of cricket PC games and online cricket games

Cricket is one of the biggest global sports, and it has got huge demand in the commonwealth countries. Cricket is a popular sport in countries like India, Pakistan, England, Australia, Sri Lanka, and West Indies. Like all games, cricket too had some exceptional PC games to explore.

Cricket games for PC

There are quite a few popular PC cricket games. Of them all, EA Sports Cricket and Brian Lara Cricket are widely popular. EA Sports Cricket is lot better than the Brian Lara Cricket, and it has got much more popularity.

Coming to online cricket games, there are many popular cricket games online. Stick cricket is one of the oldest of all online cricket games. It’s a very popular game among all the cricket playing nations.

Of late, there’s a Facebook cricket game which is hosted on MindJolt application. This is a cool cricket game online, and many Indian Facebook users are addicted to it!

Zapak is a popular Indian online gaming portal. It’s filled with far too many cricketing games, and one could easily find 5 to 10 different cricket based games to play.

Since cricket is a complicated game, the PC games are also pretty much complicated. The number of gaming keys are normally very high in PC cricket games, and this makes it a bit difficult to play cricket games on computer.


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