Pillage the Village Strategy

Pillage the Village Strategy

You're not going to like me if you've never been to Kongregate because it will take so much of your time away from you. Kongregate is full of some really cool free online games. One such game is Pillage the Village. I notice people playing it have questions on how to beat certain characters so instead of keep telling people individually I put together this short Pillage the Village strategy post. Most of the strategy involves how to beat the individual characters, so that is first, followed by a brief overall strategy to beat the game. I didn't get too involved in this game (unlike Desktop Tower Defense) so if you have other suggestions or better advanced strategies, please share them in the comment section.

Village the Pillage Characters


Plebe- Just a regular villager. To defeat, simply grab him and toss him once really high into the air. Or grab him and slam him hard to the ground.


Parachuter- This guy glides down with a parachute. To defeat, toss him into the air. When he's parachuting down, click on his parachute. He'll lose his chute so toss him high into the air or slam him down. To save time, catch him in midair immediately after clicking his chute and toss him way up for the kill.


Thief- This guy steals your money, but you still need to defeat him because he'll do damage to your health if you let him go. He's too fast, so don't try to grab him until he gets to the end of the screen and twirls the rope. Grab him and toss him really high into the air or slam him hard to the ground.


Glider- This guy glides down when tossed up into the air. To defeat him, grab him in midair while he's floating down. Then slam him hard into the ground.


Superhero- Superhero is harmless. He just flexes a lot and gets in the way. Give him three or four good throws or slams to defeat him.


Robot- Robot is fast and he jumps. He's a top priority as he gets to the end of the screen pretty quickly. One high toss into the air will kill him.


Knight- To defeat the knight, let him take a swipe at your hand. When he blinks red grab him and throw him high into the air. Try to grab him when he lands and he's reaching for his sword. Two high throws is all you'll need to kill him.

Jet Pack
Jet Pack

Jet Pack- When jet pack guy runs out of fuel he falls to the ground. So until then, basically just keep him from flying off screen by grabbing him and placing him back on the ground. When he runs out of fuel take him out like you would anybody else. Toss him straight up or slam him.



Hut- The enemy hides under the huts, so only lift them one at a time. You may want to get the hut itself out of the way immediately. Destroy it by slamming it into the ground or tossing it way up into the air (or go ahead and hit the villages with their own house). Or you can just move the hut deep into the background by grabbing it and holding the up arrow key on your keyboard.


Boulder- Boulders are fun. You can wipe out entire villages with them. Throw them side to side for maximum effect. Also make sure the boulder is on the same depth of field as the villagers you are aiming at (by grabbing and pressing up or down arrow keys on your keyboards).

How to Beat Pillage the Village

There are probably many different ways to beat Pillage the Village. There are 50 levels. I used the Slave Cage that you purchase in the Pacifist shop. Drop it right on top of the hut that you are going to lift. Just before the cage lands, toss off the hut. You'll capture most, if not all of the villagers. Take out the remaining villagers that come out of the basement with the above methods or use the other items in the store. I have only used a couple of items in the store, but the question mark, which is a unicorn attack, clears a crowded screen fairly well.

Level 50
Level 50

Anyway, that's basically it. Have fun. Feel free to post questions, comments, or additional Pillage the Village strategies in the comment section.

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Comments 5 comments

Gary 7 years ago

Very handy. Thanks for making this page!

CJ 7 years ago

All the comments above are useful if you have a super handy mouse and an APM(action per minute) over 450.

At 40+ levels,the whole village will be full of knights who want to cut your finger and robots who hang out in sets of 3 and escape within 3 seconds.

Basically, very fucked up.

So here is my ultimate strategy for Pillaging the Village:

1. Knights cant cut you when you have your glove on.

2. There is a limit that there can only be 5 or 6 villagers

present at a time.

So keep 4 to 5 villagers that will follow your mouse(and won't escape), aka superheros and knights. Thus there can be only one spot for other villagers. Kill them one by one using the glove.

You may rest your mouse high up in the air and wait for the villager to come out of the basement while others are chasing your mouse, and use a fast click to crush him.

Just For Fun profile image

Just For Fun 7 years ago from Pennsylvania, USA Author

Cool, thanks for the extra tips CJ.

cody 6 years ago

i beat the game with these tips

SilverGames 16 months ago

One strategy to use if you are antagonist is to drop an anvil on knights and superheroes. Wait until they are stunned and take them out all at once.

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