Plants vs Zombies Full Version Game

Plants vs Zombies Full Version Game
Plants vs Zombies Full Version Game

Plants vs. Zombies Game

The Plants vs. Zombies full version game is not your average casual game, this game is a combination of strategy, tower defense, time-management, arcade, adventure and puzzle gaming! With the detail and depth of a console game but with the easy to pick up and play gaming of a casual game, Plants vs Zombies will have you addicted in no time!

The basic premise being that you must protect your home - and your brain - from zombies with the strategic use of special plants. Defend yourself from becoming a zombie snack by learning the right plants to use at the right time to beat each type of zombie as they try to navigate from the street across your lawn to your house.

Included in this hub are details of this cool game, screenshots, and links to more info about the Plant vs Zombies online and full version games!

Plants vs Zombies Day-time

Plants vs Zombies Screenshot
Plants vs Zombies Screenshot

Plants and Zombies

The plants in this game are your weapons which you must use to fight against the encroaching wave of zombies. There are up to 49 different plants that you can use, most of which only become available as you successfully complete the levels of the game. Each plant has it's own special ability, for example some throw projectiles or some slow down a zombie's progress. As you get to unlock and practise using each plant you'll get to learn which plants work best against each zombie or in particular situations.

You can view the plants you have at your disposal in the seed tray located at the top of the screen.

The zombies in this game have only one purpose, they are intent on getting hold of your brains! And though they may seem slow and stupid as they lurch towards your house, don't under-estimate their determination and persistence! Allow just one of them to achieve their goal and you lose.

There are 26 types of zombies, which like the plants will be unlocked through the game. And their strengths, weaknesses and abilities vary so it's up to you to learn what plants will be the best weapon to defend you. Also as you succeed through the game, the numbers and intensity of the zombie attack will increase! So you got to perfect your plant knowledge and defence strategy fast, if you want to save yourself.

Plants vs Zombies Night-time

Plants vs. Zombies Full Version Game Screenshot
Plants vs. Zombies Full Version Game Screenshot

Plants vs Zombies Full Version Game Review

What surprised me is the level of detail of this game, but this is probably what has made this unique game so popular with both the casual and more hardcore gamers alike.

Whilst the comedy value of the zombies lurching across your lawn and the comic ways they get destroyed is very entertaining and the cartoon style graphics and background music also add to the value of this cool game. There is much more to the game than that.

The best aspects of this game for me include:

  • The multiple game modes and levels
  • The variety of the zombies and the range of plants needed to destroy the attacking zombies
  • The ease with which you pick up the game
  • But also the highly addictive gameplay which will have you moving through the levels and improving on your zombie-destroying skills - and suddenly hours have flown by without you even realizing it!
  • The game gets more challenging as you progress through the levels, which makes this much more interesting than your average casual game.
  • Plus the mini-games and variations each time you play the game, means that Plants vs Zombies is a very replayable game.

The creators and publishers PopCap Games Inc. have done a great job on this game, and it's popularity has meant that you can now play it on a number of platforms including Plants vs Zombies for Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone and soon Xbox.

Plus rumors are abound that a Plants vs Zombies 2 or sequel is on the way! Though no details have been given by PopCap games as yet!

Play PvZ on Other Platforms

Plants Vs. Zombies - Nintendo DS
Plants Vs. Zombies - Nintendo DS

Plants vs Zombies for Nintendo DS

Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition
Plants vs. Zombies: Game of the Year Edition

Plants vs Zombies CD ROM for PC and Mac

Plants Vs. Zombies
Plants Vs. Zombies

Plants vs Zombies for Xbox360


Plants vs Zombies Full Game Modes

In the full version of Plants vs. Zombies you get multiple game modes. Including four main modes:

  • Adventure - which is the story mode
  • Mini-Games
  • Puzzle mode
  • Survival - an unlimited zombie battle mode

To start with only Adventure Mode is available. It's up to you to get the other modes unlocked by proceeding through the game.

Additional Modes:

  • Zen Garden - a collection of the plants you've received
  • Almanac - a place to view all the plant and zombie facts you've collected
  • Shop - as you also earn coins in the game, you can spend them here on upgrades

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