Good poison deck for Elements the Game

Want to try winning this CCG a different way than most decks? You can try by using poison counters. These do damage to the enemy every turn, even if they're under a shield effect. This includes the several turn aether shield which no unit damage that can pass through!

Poison is the domain of death, which also has mastery over the dead. Many people try to merge poison/plague with boneyards & scavengers for a large amount of skeletons. However, our cards will be a bit different than what most players use in the game.

The key to this deck is having the Mark of Water, and several of it's cheap mosquito creatures: The Chrysaora. These elements the game units allow you to use your death energy to inflict additional poison damage to the enemy player. You don't need any pillars at all, one quantum point is enough for each.

The Cards

  • 12x Bone Pillar
  • 6x Poison
  • 6x Chrysaora
  • 6x Bonewall

If you have the rare weapon Arsenic, it will work good in this deck as well replacing a bone pillar. You might want to throw two in here instead, and work in a shield variation for the bone wall. Animate Weapon is a possible addition with multiple arsenic swords, but it's an expensive elite upgrade that costs $1500 gold for a non-air version. One warning: This elements the game deck is vulnerable to the Purify card. However, luckily, no one ever seems to use that!

You're also at risk for mass-creature decks. Typically this is only other death players with their graveyards. Some people also try the firefly queen strategy, but it's not seen often.

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yerm 6 years ago

i like this deck idea and am going to try it.

i was looking for a good death deck.

i have a pretty good life deck right now that works well up to lvl 3.

18 emerald pillars

6 emerald dragons

6 heal cards

Ian Winters 6 years ago

Great deck! Love it!

ryan 6 years ago

OMG this deck is great im beating level 3 computers with all my health left!

Kat 6 years ago

It's a great deck but Mind Flayer can screw up your strategy.

Ian 6 years ago

Does anyone here have a good Light deck? I'm trying to go up against a fake God and this deck just keeps losing.

Dale 6 years ago

Nice! This wins PVP!

Elliot 6 years ago

another great deck is:

-6 immolation

-6 sparks/photons

-6 crimson dragons

-6 phoenix's

-5 fire pillars

-1 weapon

this deck is very good as you can put creatures out on the first go. i use it and it is so quick i can upgrade at least 2 cards a day

smartguy 6 years ago

I really like all the decks i just saw. but about the 1st one. What happens to the chrysaoras? sometimes (not all the time) they get in the way. still good poison deck/dar deck though

Cammo 5 years ago

The Chrysaoras have an ability that lets you add 1 poison damage to you're opponents health, And if you're opponent kills them it feeds a bone wall you might have out :P

Davop 5 years ago

This deck is better with

11 Bone Pillar

6 Chrysaora

6 Poison

2 Arsenic

5 Shard of Gratitude

Of course, no new players can have this deck because Arsenic is rare and you must upgrade to get Shards of Gratitude, but it is better. I would suggest going to if you want to find better decks.

dara 5 years ago

lol, the cost of all cards without the Pilars is 666 Gold ;D but the deck is very cool

rickerd 5 years ago

I like this deck, but purfery is very ugly against it

LilPapaOH 5 years ago

This a good Poison Deck

11 Bone Pillars

6 Poison

6 chrysora

6 Freeze

1 Aresenic

konadu 5 years ago

Is there any way to use deathstalker in this deck?What would be the best way to give this card offense?

rey 5 years ago

you should try a poison deck with sundials.

Bob 5 years ago

Not too good but its a fun deck to play around with

Ike 4 years ago

Is this good? Mark of Darkness, 10x Bone pillar, 6x Deathstalker, 10x Emerald pillar, 6x Forest scorpion, 5x Nightfall

Dirty Bird 4 years ago

I have a deck, it uses the random pillars. And every type of quantum. I took down a False God but I got very lucky.

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