The Power of Imagining


            Imagining is just one of the mental processes our mind does. It’s more than the usual thinking we do – that if we think we can open a locked gate, if we imagine we can even break it. It’s just then that imagining is giving spices to the way we’re thinking – it’s just like we’re thinking in a different, highly-leveled manner; we are putting colors to the events we come to think.

            Imagining is how we process thinking in our mind; how we explore the unknown; how we circumnavigate our capacity. Imagining is our outlet for opportunities, discoveries and challenges. It’s the portal at the back of our mind if we want to escape the world and melt with something. It’s the power beneath our wings that lets us fly to the horizon; the power to stand; the power to heal; the power to devour enemies; the power that links us to impossibilities in turning them to possibilities.

            Another beauty of imagination is that – we could move mountains and explore the seas that block the chances between us and our special ones. Things get easy that leads us towards happiness. Hindrances get away, releasing the barriers in-between. Imagination then gives sunrise after each dawn in our life.

            Imagination on other aspect, blinds us, fools us and changes us. When our mind has been totally sacked by our power of imagination – we would then become a victim – victim of pretension and obsession. Imagination makes us insists and move over the limit, making us forget what’s real and what’s not. If this is the case, then let’s just close our eyes and imagine different things. When we wake up, everything around us will be just the same old brand new story.

            On a better perspective, imagination is really our avenue for a decision-making, designing and aesthetic thinking, which then must be just our basis to apply to reality; knowing that plain imagination is dangerous. Remember that we are real. If we are living in fantasy then that’s the time we are loosely living in imagination.

            To imagine is to rest our mind meaningfully to have a meaningful result in reality and that’s the beauty of it.







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