Ravenwood Fair Facebook Guide: Tips, tricks, hints, strategies, cheats and tricks

Ravenwood Fair is a brand new Facebook game by LOLApps, makers of Critter Island, that combines the amusement park genre of Facebook game, with exploration-themed role playing games and and business games to create an all-new, extra in-depth gaming experience, and to date, it has been enormously popular, attracting just under 1,000,000 players in just under a week since it was released. In this game, you chop down scary trees in the forest, build your own eateries, attractions and other 'fun' items, and visit your friends' parks as well. Make money, earn items such as wood and mushrooms, and build your fairground to epic proportions! 

The following tips and tricks will make it easier to earn money, mushrooms, experience, items, and overall just to have a lot of fun in the game.

To earn profits faster and allow your visitors faster access to all of your attractions, move all of your attractions so that they are closer together. You can even do this with attractions that are already built, but that you have to chop down scary trees to access - just chop down the trees, clear the thorns or whatever you have to clear, then when you clear the thorns off, just move the attraction so that it's closer to the center of the fair, where the visitors enter the fair. The smaller the distance your visitors have to walk, the faster they can get to all of the attractions, and thus the more money they can spend.

More fun = more visitors = more money.

There is a number of games already built in your fair that can earn you money, but are covered by thorns and hidden by scary trees, so once you chop down the scary trees and make it to the games, you can de-thorn them, and voila, you have yourself a free game. .

Go visit your neighbors' fairs. You'll get energy boosts and bonus money for doing so (and for responding to their feeds), and you'll earn extra experience points for playing with their attractions. Some of their attractions can be played with without even using any energy points to do so, so play with those.

Talk to your visitors when you see them. Sometimes they'll just talk fluff, but it's still entertaining to talk to your visitors, just like talking to the townspeople in an RPG, just to hear what they say. Some of them will even drop inside jokes, like a reference to the millennial fair in Chrono Trigger. Other times, visitors will tell you what they really want to see at the fair (hint hint - use this to figure out what to build at the fair).

Don't be afraid to spend your mushrooms on energy boosters. This is one of the few energy-based games where energy can be bought with a free currency, and you can earn plenty of mushrooms simply from chopping down scary trees. So when you want to splurge on energy, go for it.

If you see one of your visitors shaking, click on them. They're scared, and if you click on them and calm them down, they will no longer be scared, and instead be ready to start spending money at the fair again.

If you want to figure out what's best to build early on, look at the price of whatever buildings and/or games you can choose from, and compare price to both the fun and profit factors. One of the best things to build is a sweet corn stand. Build a lot of cheap attractions to start off with, and you'll make a lot of money.

One of the quickest ways to earn money and experience (and to get a sense of what direction you want to take your fair in) is to concentrate on beating various quests. You'll get huge bonuses for doing quests, and the tasks that you are trying to complete, will help your fair anyways.

That's it for now. Got more tips? Post them in comments!

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Robyn 6 years ago

Is there a way to open Ravenwood to a larger screen shot please

vee 6 years ago

I have reached level 6, ut still can't remove the thorned game (820-fun bug). i wonder???

dudley 6 years ago

vee have you done the previous princess quest? the princess will give you a quest to find certin items and dethron them

Sarah 6 years ago

In case anybody hasn't worked it out, don't kill the bad guys.

When you get them jumping out of a bush just ignore them. They don't actually do anything, I think maybe fun goes down a little and visitors get scared more often but that's not too much of an inconvenience.

I've worked out that YOU CAN NEVER GET TWO AT ONCE. It's best just to leave it there and save your energy for productive stuff instead of wasting it on the bad guys every time they pop out of a tree (which is like every 2nd tree it seems).

They are a pain as sometimes they stop you comforting a visitor or they're in the way of a tree in which case just give him 1 hit and he'll probably let you start comforting people again.

vicki dyer 6 years ago

takes all my energy on a new day to recharge games etc..too many quests at once.

ambut.. 6 years ago

j3j3j3j3j3..! shIeet..

valerie 6 years ago

im on level 6 and seem to be stuck can anyone help me

mindy 6 years ago

how can i use my mushroom to exchange energy?

Kelli Stenger 6 years ago

Mindy - go to the store and click on the Packs tab. From there you can trade in your mushrooms for a little bit of energy.

Valerie - what are you stuck on on level 6?

My question is this... in the quest Princess' Problems... where is the wonder supposed to be? It says the North but are you to just clear any part up there and put a wonder on it? Thanks

cyndi 6 years ago

In answer to Kelli - there is a thunder thing at the top. You just have to clear a path to it and then dethorn it. That will get you past that part. Then you have to be level 15 to build the inn.

Tess 6 years ago

Actually you can get numerous baddies at once, I've had up to 4. However, they do come out less if you leave one or two about.

Anybody have a list of what 'building materials' are needed for each building? Anybody know how many items the great pumpkin house takes? I don't want to buy it if I'm going to need a million sugar skulls and pumpkins...

Jody 6 years ago

why cant i invite neighbors keeps saying diabled

Sarah 6 years ago

@Tess - Yeah for the last two weeks I've only had 1 bad guy at a time and it seems since the update a couple of days ago I've had multiples, darn :(

Comelia 6 years ago

Pumpkin house takes about 20 pumpkins. I don't know how much longer it lasting. However they are supposed to bring gifting back tomorrow evening. Along with that you'll be able to invite neighbors etc.

bloop 6 years ago

i cnat complete find the 'wonder' site on the north side of the hill - there is no hill ? please help :)

bulumpala 6 years ago

i cant send stuff to friends arghhhh :(

kay 6 years ago

I spend all of my first bout plus more energy on restocking stuff then i have to wait till it builds back up to play the game really sucks and takes to long like the game just need more time before restocking and not all at once

KateyKC 6 years ago

I am on level 8 and can't dethorn the wac a bug or the thunderbox. Any ideas?

Sarah 6 years ago

Oh I just worked out this one - HEAPS OF ENERGY AND NOTHING TO DO WITH IT? Pick up protectors and put them back down in the same spot so that they need recharging and you get heaps of special items, xp and coins :)

I end up with heaps of energy once all of my trees are cleared, then I run out of money, then there's nothing I can do and I have all this energy to use, why not get some special items!

harley 6 years ago

i have ten thousand energy..heee heee heee

but no wood... i need wood, or the variables of the wood for the game

Peggy 6 years ago

I'm on level 14 & still can't dethorn the thunder box or the 820 fun bug game. I found the thorned churo wagon, dethorned it but it still says I haven't completed that quest when everything else is done. Does anyone have any suggestions?

paula 6 years ago

i cant see any more trees to chop down when are we getting the screen bigger

krysta 6 years ago

Does anyone know the best way to get the stuff we need to build some of this stuff? I know about the trees but all they give me lately is xp and coins and the occasional energy. I'm getting nothing to build my games and buildings.

teresa 6 years ago

iam level 8 and i cant dethorn the bug and the bush.what do i do.?

robyn 6 years ago

is there any better way to get vitalin than chopping trees? i dont have any and i need it to build everything...

angelica 6 years ago

add me! wemaydream@aol.com

erin 6 years ago

just wondering if anyone figured out how to get leaves and pumpkin pie to build the apple bob and turkey toss? Is it possible to get them while clearing or do we need to use fb credits?

Wendie Schollar 6 years ago

I cant find skulls or pumpkins is there a certain game or something to get them?

Chris 6 years ago

I can't get pumpkin pie and leaves. Also everytime I try to send something to a friend, the screen is behind the game screen and I can't access it. HELP !!

mark 6 years ago

@chris pimpkin pie and leaves are gift only items, your friends have to gift them to you, friends who have below a certain number of friends are only able to gift one or the other, not both, above a certain number of friends both are unlocked - get more friends... use the gamefriendfinder application if neccesary, just make sure you send your friend requests a message telling them which game you're requesting for cos the app sends a blank fr - lots of cyber criminals out there, lots of people don't accept blank fr.

wendie skulls and pumpkins were like leaves and pumpkin pie are now, they briefly changed it so they'd drop in game but were rare, but now they're gone totally, they were seasonal content for the hallowe'en stuff, how that means we get rid of the hallowe'en quests that are still waiting to be completed I don't know, I still have yet to complete one...

@robyn vitalin can be gifted by anybody, it does drop in game but it is rare. I find it drops more often when visiting friends but it's still pretty rare.

@krysta get more friends...

@paula the trees 'try to take back the forest' - you get a handful regrow every time you clear all the standing trees, there can be roots left and trees will still regrow, you also get some regrow every few hours anyway, regrowth happens more often the fewer trees you have.

if you want to make sure an area stays tree free cover it with something, like a path or turf but you do want to leave some areas available for regrowth, you're going to need a LOT of trees to cut down unless you have beaucoup friends.

tara 6 years ago

I need a few neighbours if you want you can add me: tara simpson

Emma 6 years ago

how fun does ur park have to be to get 7 visitors? :/

Emma 6 years ago

ill add you tara but which one are you?

kelvin 6 years ago

i m at level 6 but still cant remove the whack of bug...have any idea ?

kelvin 6 years ago

i m level 6 now, but still cant remove the whack of bug , what i k do for tat?

Kamryn 6 years ago

I am on level 10. I don't understand the, Kids, Leaf it Alone quest... How do I get Fallen Leaves??

Terry 6 years ago

Stuck on level 11 cant complete any of my quests as need more friend gifts :( please feel fee to add my just let me know its for this game. terry winward

Jose 6 years ago

can find leaf

Rebecca McKitrick 6 years ago

Hey could some of you guys add me on facebook so I can have friends? None of mine will play the game so I can't get gifts to finish my games and stands :(

Barbara 6 years ago

I just can seem to be able to add people as naighbours, the page just keeps on loading. I also can't send gifts to others. Anyone know the solution?

ldawg 6 years ago

I just wanna know why my mom has just started two days ago and is already a level 7 and I'm still level 6?! FTW ???

OneGun 6 years ago

What is then next money quest after 30,000?

lucee pea 6 years ago

Anyone welcome to add me Just please put Ravenwood friend in the request

Melissa 6 years ago

None of my friends play this game, so I am having a hard time getting vitalin and such. So everyone please add my to facebook, Melissa Aimee Brown, and just say you are from ravenwood, then I can give you gifts too!! :)

shinichi 6 years ago

im on level 12 but still cant dethroned the thunderbox in the nrth side. it keeps on saying not strong enough.. how can i be stronger to dethroned it? is there a certain level i need to attain to dethroned it?

elizabeth lafferty 6 years ago

Does any1 no where ottos grove is and how to open it? I also need freinds fir the game none of mine play it

B7 6 years ago

Can anyone please tell me how to dethorn the whack-A-Bug? Thanks.

Laura dum dum walker 6 years ago

add me on facebook need friends :)

and im stuck i cant get rid of the thornes on whack a bug :( any help ??

Brenda 6 years ago

Barbara, you may need to update to the latest flash player. It may or may not help. Some people have trouble loading it even with the latest flash player.

shinichi, you can unlock the thunderbox on the north side by completing quest. I think I was finally able to unlock it at level 13. Be sure to click on the envelope that drops on Ravenwood and it will tell you when you can unlock it.

Andy 6 years ago

Feel free to add me for ravenwood too...Andy Wainer Haefner...please just put ravenwood in the message

asra 6 years ago

i dint beat one of the domovoi and a day later all trees frew up surrounding him.. he doesnt let me chop trees neither can i hit him .. everytime he stuns me...ne clue how to work on it??

Snake65 6 years ago

Asra, I have the same problem! Also, he is well within range of my sincere pumpkin, but it doesn't hit him at all!

Anyone out there have an answer, it would help both of us!

Hanhula 6 years ago

Asra and Snake: Put a protector nearby, and make sure you have some vitalin. The vitalin will shoot him!

For those who can't dethorn things, it's because they are quest-related and you have to be on that quest before you can dethorn it.

- Hanhula, Level 18 on Ravenwood

Stefanie 6 years ago

I can't find this wonder they're saying i'm supposed to find :s

Jack Moore-Bailey 6 years ago

hanhula! i'm level 16, can you add me?

i can't find vitalin anywhere and i need like 100 of the stuff to complete numerous missions on the go :\

Sheryl Smith 6 years ago

@Snake65 - try turning your sincere pumpkin around - this helps me - I think they just get stuck sometimes. Game Glitch??

vicky 6 years ago

well heaps of energy??? no wood?? well then, im in 13th level and ive about 4 sleeping potions that will bring back all of the forest :)

GG man 6 years ago

How can i finish the fence quest! please help me!

Karen 6 years ago

I can't play it without turning off my firewall.

How do I get around this?

Sue 6 years ago

I am stuck with clearing trees around Whack-a-Bug game. It won't let me access the last piece of root. How can I get to it? Please help me?

Janna 6 years ago

Where is the north side of the hill? What is the hill? I have to know this to get passed a quest! I am so confused!

lostgirl 6 years ago

my quest is to give prince patrick the token of love from princess at level 20!! i dont know how to do that...where do i find prince patrick?? help...im stuck!!

Shailja 6 years ago

Go to your neighbor's fairs and find one that has the prince in there. When you find the prince, just talk to him and then go back to your fair, talk to the princess again and then you'll complete the quest

amarieltucker 6 years ago

I know this may be stupid but I am level 12 and still have not figured out about the dragon cannon? I have the bucket of Yang but not able to put together the cannon. Help please.

Alyssa 6 years ago

I level 16 and I can not find the letter from the princess!!!! HELP!!

Vanessa Eda Marie 5 years ago

I can't find Prince Patrick.He's not at my neigbhors fair that I have seen yet.Am level 20.

Sheridan Rose 5 years ago

Im at level 23 , still can't find prince patrick even in my neighbors.. HELP!

Sheridan Rose 5 years ago

Im at level 23 , still can't find prince patrick even in my neighbors.. HELP!

Shannon 5 years ago

Haaaa i love that some off u are older than me and i had no trobble with any off my missions :D x

mart 5 years ago

i need neighbors plz add me marthy_jan02@yahoo.com

bubu 5 years ago




its a great website indeed

Kel 5 years ago

I read on the Ravenwood Fair forum that once the wedding is over, you can go to a neighbor's fair and find Prince Patrick. I found it here:


jennvolkert@gmail.com 5 years ago

I can't finish building because I have no neighbors that actively play the game. I would love to be added to any one who needs neighbors.

bellie 5 years ago

in need of vitalin pls help

Sahin 5 years ago

I cant find prince patrick ??? Add me sahings26@hotmail.com

sheila 5 years ago

I only get 28 energy at a time! It runs out fast! How do I get energy?

Malika  5 years ago

I need neighbours for this game. Please add me : angelmalli@yahoo.com

Ronny 5 years ago

hey shiela level up and you will have more space for energy

Facebook fanatic 5 years ago

Tarra Senior - the one without a photo

sharyl 5 years ago

please add me, i need more neighbours. sharyl-victoria morgan. thanks pps, the more the merrier

Werner Heinz 5 years ago

Every time I try to build anything requiring wood, all it does is take my wood. I've tried sending messages to the develobers, but no reply in 72 hours. Any sugestions welcome.

Pentacles Dreams 5 years ago


I've been to every one of my neighbours fairs and still cant find him!! WTF?

Carrie-anne 5 years ago

Hey can you plwase add me i have no friends on this game. its carrie-anne shoesmith or bubblesvscarrie@hotmail.co.uk

midnight 5 years ago

you can get more than one monster so dont listen u had 3 at once

pat thomas 5 years ago

i have again lost my ravenwood fair fb credits. i want them back cause i do not spen my money for nothing!

Marie 5 years ago

Where do i find a water puddle and canoe?

Ewa 5 years ago

Till Marie: i dekorationer

katy 5 years ago

I am building a stream and I want to turn a particular corner. Is it just me or are there only 3 corners to choose from? I only have 3 but the one I want is not in my "Decorations" listing. The one I want comes from the right, turns at the left and reconnects at the bottom. Kind of like this arrow <

Any ideas?

Louise  5 years ago

Katy, if you click on the stream and get the options move, etc, there is also the option to rotate which should solve your problem

hi im bilal  5 years ago

plz all add me to be a neighbor AND TNX ALL


hi im bilal  5 years ago

plz all add me to be a neighbor AND TNX ALL


jamie 5 years ago

so i have a couple buildings that need the four leaf clovers to finnish them and i cant get them anymore. what do i do?

marina 5 years ago

feel free to add me as a neighbour.marina siegenthaler from ireland

Lexie 5 years ago

is there some kind of cheat code to get unlimited energy? i saw where someone said

harley 6 months ago

i have ten thousand energy..heee heee heee

but no wood... i need wood, or the variables of the wood for the game

Rachel 5 years ago

where can i get dowels ?

Christine Tolhurst 5 years ago

Hello, I need neighbors :) I am a daily player and I send lots of gifts. Please add me :)

Christine Tolhurst from Montana, USA

Ruth 5 years ago

Does anybody know why every so often there is a big black bird that flies through the fair? And lately I have noticed a bat doing the same thing in my mine. Anybody?

Pamela Tramontana 5 years ago

I have found the prince in other gardens and talked to him and gone back to talk to the princess but still haven't been able to complete the quest. He never mentions the letter and when I go back to the princess my only response is no. grrr Have tried in multiple neighbors fairs.

SYLVIA JOOSTE 5 years ago

pLease I need Buddies add me as a naighbour Sylvia Smith Jooste Kindest regards

Megan McCoy 5 years ago

aaaah i really need neighbors!!! i only have one if you dont count that bird guy and he doesnt gift T.T please add Megan McCoy. Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. just say Ravenwood in the request. I would greatly appreciate this

Crispylifelines 5 years ago

Looking for Neighbors please. April Nettles Burks. Thank you.

pat thomas 5 years ago

apparently ravenwood wants to lose people playing because for the third time my fb credits have dissapeared and i am tired of spending money and not getting to use all of them. why can't you give them back!

Toni Alexandra Baker 5 years ago

I found out if you request for a gift onto your fb page, as soon as someone sends you one you are able to ask again instantly. so team up with someone and keep re-posting! or just make another facebook account specifically for this!

NR 5 years ago

whe do i get to deruin the ruined relics in ravenstone mine?

pam 5 years ago

how do i get the ore refiner to make gold medallions ?

Wanda Blair 5 years ago

Why is it that i can not play Ravenwood Fair now? I have been playing it daily and now it won't allow me to play. I can accept gifts and send gifts, but I can't play the game.Each time it's time to update my flashplayer I go through this. And once the flashplayer is updated it still won't allow me to play the game for several weeks and sometimes months.

Christine 5 years ago

Ravenwood Fair Cheats

Ravenwood Fair Cheats


Ravenwood Fair Cheats

betty 5 years ago

why can't i use the things in storage to complete my buildings i have to keep asking my neighbors for the same thing over and over and i have some in storage

jarka 5 years ago

iv been playing ravenwood fair fora while and now all the sudden i cant log on anyone have this issue help i really like the game but don't know whats up hate to leave it ????

mike 5 years ago

nice read BUT I would rather just hack it at: http://bit.ly/uCvbsW

Brenda 5 years ago

Can someone please answer me a question for my mom . she wants to know how you can get into your storage and use the things that are in there , thank you very much for your help :)

mary 5 years ago

I cleared all the trees on my fair grounds and now i cant get any scary trees to grow? why?? i have my protectors off and not filled.

Amanda 4 years ago

@ Mary if you go to the shoppe and then the special tab, you can buy the Sleeping potion and once you use it, trees will grow anywhere, wheres there are no buildings, games or decorations :)

sara Ferroni 4 years ago

Jennifer 4 years ago

I am having a hard time finding the flag. please help.

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