Best Way to get Real Unused Webkinz Codes

Unused Webkinz Codes are Not Easy to Find

Many people are looking online for unused webkinz codes, and they are not easy to find. In fact, some people spend countless hours searching for webkinz adoption codes and feature codes in forums and websites without any success. We'll show you the easiest and best ways to get a webkinz pet code and hopefully save you a lot of time as well.

Please read our warning note about scam sites and stolen webkinz accounts.

Warning about Webkinz Codes

I have seen quite a few websites that are trying to trick people into revealing their webkinz login and webkinz features codes. However, any adoption code that you might obtain from one of these sites is almost guaranteed to be already used, or worse yet, banned from Webkinz World entirely.

If you are really interested in getting an unused webkinz adoption code and joining the hundreds of thousands of people already enjoying their virtual pets in webkinz world, then keep reading about the easiest ways to get one.

Ways to Get an Unused Webkinz Code

  1. Ask online(Difficult)

    Many people are purchasing and collecting webkinz pets because they're cute and cuddly toys, and they never end up registering their pets adoption codes on webkinz world. Although it may be hard to find someone who has a legitimate unused adoption code you can use, it is still a possibility. I have seen many forum posts from people who are asking if anyone has an unused code for webkinz. (see warning note above)

  2. Ask a Friend (Moderate)

    If your friends or family have been collecting webkinz, they may also have one or more pets that they have not registered yet. If they are a true friend, they may be willing to give you an adoption code so you can play online with them too. Don't count on it, but it never hurts to ask.

  3. Find a Penny (Easy)

    What? Yes, that's right! At this moment, there are literally hundreds of webkinz unused codes available for as little as one penny each! ($0.01)

    I bet if you take a quick look under the cushions on your sofa you would find more than that! If you can find a penny, then I will show you how you can get an unused webkinz code right now.

    You may find this hard to believe, but it's true. People have posted brand new webkinz pets with unused webkinz codes on eBay for as little as ($0.01) one cent.

Free Webkinz Code Generator
Free Webkinz Code Generator

Free Webkinz Code Generator

We just finished a brand new script for generating free webkinz codes. This is your absolute best shot at getting a free webkinz pet. A lot of webkinz secret codes have already been registered, but there are still a lot of unused webkinz codes available.

Try our Free Webkinz Code Generator!

Brand New Webkinz (with unused codes) for One Penny

Take a look at this snapshot -->

Over 385 webkinz and webkinz items posted on eBay for $0.01. This image shows only a few of the deals that are available for webkinz with new, unopened tags. You really can get one for a penny.

Tip: Don't waste your money on a rare or retired webkinz like some people do. Take a look at the webkinz for one penny on eBay and choose the most common, regular ordinary webkinz that most people don't bid on.

There are so many webkinz for sale that the auction times are short and your chances of getting a brand new webkinz for one penny are very good.

Register on eBay Now and take advantage of these amazing deals before they expire.

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lucas 9 years ago

i need a code for adopting a pet

lucas 9 years ago

i need a code for adopting a pet.and i'm sexy love you

medialateral 9 years ago Author

When you sign up for a new eBay account through this page. I get paid a small commission. I use that to cover your shipping costs, so that you can get a brand new webkinz pet for pennies.

Many people have already used this site to win webkinz eBay auctions for under 10 cents. You will not find a better webkinz offer anywhere. Signup on eBay and take advantage of it today.

Alexa 8 years ago

Hi everybody. I really really want an unused webkinz code. Plz people :) Thx bye for now!

Amanda 8 years ago

"HI!" i would like to say that im into fashion and i like to design clathes and i made my own webkinz clothes so friend request me at spotgirl101 and il give u free clathes with feature codes that are unused!!

PS: i like cute boy a lot LOL :0 :) : } : ]

Bess  8 years ago

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I just got a webkinz and im so happy LOL

Please? 8 years ago

Please? I swear! IF ANYONE, ANYONE! has an unused webkinz code, of any Webkinz pet. Please give that code to me? Please? I've anlways wanted a webkinz. I have, NONE! Please! I was once in a store and I saw a cute little Black & White Kitty push toy.and I Saw a big sign that reads 'ENTER A VIRTUAL WORLD' So, I thought COOL! Then, I wanted it, But I had no money with me. Please? Please give a code to me? I would be SO happy :D. I thank you a lot, If you could spare me a code. Well, I hope you have a code for me. I wish! From: Please?

Summer 8 years ago

Hello. I'm Summer! Do you like webkinz? I do! in-fact, I love them! But unfortunately, I have none. Does anyone have a webkinz code that is unused? It's Christmas soon! I was hoping I could find a code before Christmas starts. But, If you don't have a code by the time Christmas starts, I could always buy one. But, I can't afford it. I was really looking forward to getting this. I was hoping for the gift of my dreams. But, things don't always happen! So, I'm either, Going to have to buy one! But like I said, How can I afford it? So, just please, please, please, I swear, If you have an unused code, can you please give the code to me? Please? To me, It don't Matter what webkinz you have of the code. Just any! Please?!? I'm so exited to get a code, now! Please, please, please give that code to me? Please! I looking forward to the code and thanks a lot if you can actually get me one! Summer.

beeee 8 years ago

culd tou give me a real code for webkinz plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

amber 8 years ago

every webkinz code has been used its stupid !

alovingmother 8 years ago

my son has just been diagnosed with cancer. all he ever wanted was a webkins and i was always worried for his safety so i would not allow it. if anyone could give me a secret code for him, that would be amazing. god bless.

non of your biz 8 years ago

I know one thing about webkinz mybe 3 but fisrt of all i hate how people put codes here and they don't work and also if you try to do a secret code and you do it a million times mrs.birdy doesn't let you adopt that day any more and people are saying lies from icarly and im poor i have a son with canser i cant buy it they don't sell it so this is to all of you scammers tryin to get people out on webkinz with a nonworking or used or are liein ................ PUT A SOCK IN IT!!!!!!!!

McKenzie 8 years ago

None of theese codes are unused! It it is really dumb!

kiersten 8 years ago

how does this work help me plz

kimberlyn 8 years ago

tell me a code i can find them help

kim 8 years ago

i need a coad please i have been searching for one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nun of your buisness 8 years ago

yellow lab code:Q9BFB567

kenzie 8 years ago

it didn't work send another one to lil_brat_kenzie

kenzie 8 years ago

i want a webkinz acount or code

dancerkimbelry 8 years ago

please e-mail me a secret code or account at

HELP!!!! 8 years ago

I need an unused code please!ive been going to stores but they are all sold out. HELO! PLEASE

HELP!!! 8 years ago

IS xoxomaddie101 AND samm the Same person... because i want to talke to the one who gave me the Code.. doesn't work but wanted to know what pet it iss..?

HELP! 8 years ago

thanks. but im probably just going to go bye one but thanks anyways

webkinzfreak 8 years ago

give me unused webkinz codes plz

NICC 8 years ago

ive been asking for 3 days never got one.

just by one . people usually don't just give them out. there usually used or RANDOM numbers.

Mystery person 8 years ago

I want a webkinz and I want a code but now that you told me i will get one.Thank you very mutch!

ang 8 years ago

hey.  I need a code. :)

Jill 8 years ago

if you use any of the codes that are posted on the internet then they are more than likely to be used i worked that out and i am 9

Calina 8 years ago

I have a unused webkinz code and I can't use it because I have no computer.So I will give it to someone if they are nice to me and I like them. So hurry up Im waiting!

mikyalee-Sweetheart 8 years ago

hey has anybody got an unused webkinz account please post it and ill use it as fast as possble, thanx

huh 8 years ago

what if we don't want to buy are own that's why were asking!!!!!!!!!!!

anybody have and unused secert code my email is

kelsie 8 years ago

i really need a webkinz acount name and password i have one and petz but i want more petz and stuff so letr me know my email is send me any webkinz codes to that email and i will be so happy i will do anything for you

Anonymous 8 years ago

Can anyone put an unused webkinz code on here!!!!!!!!!!!

harry potter lover 8 years ago

I suggest you buy one on E-bay for 5$ that's what I did

unknown 8 years ago

plz give me a unused code for webkinz

Codecutie 8 years ago

Why don't you guys just BUY them? you can find cheap ones if you call around. R u just a bunch of retards?

rossana 8 years ago

can i have a webkinz code please

mileycyrus08 8 years ago

Hi.I would really like a unused code because i really like webkinz . Please

Julie-Ann Amos profile image

Julie-Ann Amos 8 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

great hub thanks am linking it to my own coming one on webkinz

lsutigers1996 8 years ago

i need a code

jacob155 7 years ago

i would like a unused webkinz code please e-mail me one (or more up to 99) at

mlove7 7 years ago

hey can i have a webkinz code please please please. all my friends brag cause they have one, actually they have a hole bunch. it hurts my feelings. and my family dosnt have enough money to get me one. can some one please give me one. i don't even have to have a stuffed animal. i will just tell my friends i lost it. can i just have a code that's all please????????????? if you want to give me one just email me. my mail is

latoria039 7 years ago

i really need a webkinz code plzzzzzz can you get me one

MississippiQueen 7 years ago

may someone please give me a free webkinz code (unused) because im not aloud on ebay ill get grounded and im not old enough so so so pretty please with a cherry on top! thnx peace im out

plz 7 years ago

hi calina i really want an unused account and if you give me an webkinz account i will give you one of my vip barbie girls accounts and it is vip plz i am trying to be nice so plz calina and if you don't want vip barbie girls tell me what you want and i will try my best to get it.

kitten101 7 years ago

pleasssssseeeee send me a free webkinz code that's unused priddy pleassssssssse thank you

horse nutty 7 years ago

okay i REALLY want a working, unused Webkinz pet code you can e-mail it to this address: preferably, the Whimsy Dragon would be nice.... thanks! i'll keep in touch with you.....

snowya 7 years ago

can anyone PLEASE give me a unused webkinz code

p.s Calina if u still have one(doubt it)please can it have it :)

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