CAT Remote Control Excavator | RC Excavator | Radio Controlled Digger Toy

Caterpillar Radio Control Excavator
Caterpillar Radio Control Excavator

Caterpillar Remote Control Excavator

The Cat radio controlled excavator is perfect for that little construction worker in the family. This RC will provide hours of fun for your child. It moves just like the real thing. Control the boom and bucket just like a real excavating digger. Your child will love this toy excavator. The remote control puts the action in your little boys hands. He will feel like a real construction worker when he starts to pick up rocks and sand with his new remote controlled excavator.

CAT RC Excavator Construction Toy

18" Caterpillar Remote Control Excavator
18" Caterpillar Remote Control Excavator

Radio Controlled Caterpillar with extending arm and bucket. The tethered remote allows you to control the excavator easily.


CAT Radio Controlled Crawling Excavator

This radio controlled excavator rolls around on it's rubber treads just like the ones you see on a real construction site. The arm booms out and drops the bucket that can extend forward to scoop up sand and pretend rocks that are included in the package. After the bucket scoops up the rocks the CAT excavators cab will turn on it's chassis and dump the rocks where ever you choose.

The CAT Excavator Makes Noises

While your child plays the Caterpillar excavator crawling over rocks from one site to another this excavator makes noises just like the real thing. Rumbling and idling while your child decides where to take his new toy excavator next. When he finally decides what job to do next he hears phrases being shouted from the CAT excavator that sound like a construction site foreman giving him instruction of what to do with the load in his bucket. Making it all the more real.

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