Skateboards For Kids

Skateboards For Kids

Skateboarding is one of the outdoor sports with most appeal amongst kids but most parents may be put off by it as a result of the equipment needed or as a result of safety concerns. Like most sports however, if kids have the right skateboard equipment they can engage in the sport more safely and effectively and enjoy themselves too. Like any other sport Skateboarding to requires some protective gear. Do keep in in that safety should come first. You may find cheap brands of skateboards and skateboard equipment for kids but it may not offer the same protection as those which are of higher quality and value.

Skateboard Anatomy (Image From:
Skateboard Anatomy (Image From:
Skateboards For Kids
Skateboards For Kids | Source
Skateboard Shoes For Kids
Skateboard Shoes For Kids | Source
Skateboard Helmets For Kids
Skateboard Helmets For Kids | Source

Skateboard Equipment For Kids

Apart from the skateboard itself kids will require skateboard shoes, knee and arm pads and a skateboard helmet.

Skateboards For Kids

  • If you have experience with skateboards then you may put for a self build option to build the word with your kids. If you have no experience building skateboard then it is recommended to purchase a complete skateboard, meaning that it comes fully built and ready for use.
  • Unlike bicycles if your kids are starting out skateboarding then you don’t have to worry about the size of the skateboard.
    Prices of skateboards can vary depending on the make.
  • You can also purchase skateboard stickers to customise skateboards. World Industries is a brand of quality Skateboards with prices ranging from $64.

Skateboard Shoes

  • Parents don't underestimate the value if skateboarding shoes, apart from the popularity of the style they are functional too.
  • The top of the skateboard contains a course surface (much like sand paper) allowing the skateboard shoe to grip the surface of the board, making skateboarding safer for kids. Ordinary sports shoes don't provide the same grip as skateboard shoes do.
  • Accidents can occur if skateboarders don't have a firm grip on the board.

Skateboard Helmets

  • This is one of the most important safety measure for kids, if they are just starting out skateboarding.
  • Once again do watch out for cheaper models with popular kids characters, they may be popular with kids but often do not have the same safety features and support as the quality products.

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Bryan Tracey 4 years ago

Nice article. I think you made great points on quality. I also liked the suggestion of building a board with kids if you have experience doing so.

I will say that we recommend smaller kids do skate smaller boards. They will be easier to maneuver, balance and advance on. For these reasons, it is even a safer choice. If its a toss up between size and quality, I would also side with quality. But there are options that provide both.

Bryan Tracey

SkateXS - Skateboards for Kids

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