More On Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Finally real game details!

Bethesda Game Studios is continuing with it's maddening slow reveal of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. After nearly a month of fan obsession and speculation, we are finally given more than a teaser trailer.

The Elder Scrolls are well known for their level up skills by using style of game play. Now they seem to be taking that concept several steps further and completely eliminating class selection entirely. That's right, no class selection at the start of the game. So how do you become a mage or a thief? All you have to do is use spells or be sneaky stealing items. That means you are no longer forced to stay as a class you don't like but can change at any time simply by concentrating on other skills to earn them. Every skill earned helps you to level up and unlock perks.

After a while, the game tailors itself to how you play. Upon receiving a mission, the game will automatically set the location for it in a nearby place you haven't visited yet. Level scaling will designate opponents better matched to your strengths and weaknesses. Now, it seems, that the game will be even more different for each player.


Be the Dragonborn and stop the prophetic return of the Dragons.

The cities and towns can now be attacked by the dragons and maybe other creatures.

Combat will be much improved.  You now have the ability to dual wield not only with weapons but with spells.  Dropped items will no longer stay where left but maybe picked up and used by NPC's. Third person view is improved. Spoken dialogue makes a comeback but conversations won't be zoomed in on the speakers face.  Instead the speaker may be walking around and doing stuff.

New engine, better graphics, improved combat and a legendary enemy?  Skyrim seems like it can't get any more epic.

That's it for now!  Once again Evvy will keep you up to date on gaming news.

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David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

Oblivion was/is one of my favorite games. Played it back in 07 and have gone back to it every once in a while.

Dragons can now attack cities? I can only imagine how the AI is going to react LOL! Some of the characters on oblivion said redundant things, and were often the same voice actors.

Looking forward mostly to the exploration value of this game and the dialogue. I also love having the free will to go anywhere you want and get attacked by animals, and fiction creatures.

The graphics seem surprisingly good for a game of this scale. Usually larger scale games have to lower graphical quality for it to run right.

evvy_09 profile image

evvy_09 5 years ago from Athens, AL Author

Thanks again David. You are a fast reader lol. I really need to update my Skyrim news soon with a new hub since they have released lots of new information.

I believe Bethesda started work on Skyrim just after finishing up Oblivion. They have had several years to get to know the limits of the current gaming consoles and it shows in Skyrim. I really can't wait to play it. (Or I can wait as having no choice in the matter, but it is really hard)

David 470 profile image

David 470 5 years ago from Pennsylvania, United States

Yes, they must have worked very hard on this game. This is not one of those games that can come out every year or every 2 years.

They need a lot of voice actors for the characters in the world. Update gameplay mechanics, add story elements, quests, make the world itself, and so much more..

Hopefully, it will not have tons of glitches like fallout new vegas

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