New Teacup Families Toys: A Family Of Teacup Sized Animal Toys

New Teacup Families Toys

Following the success of the Teacup piggies, makers of the pint sized toy animals Toyeck are due to release a new series called the Teacup Families.

Due for release this Fall, Toyeck’s range of pint size animal families take the term ‘pets without the mess’ to new and exotic levels with the new teacup toy range including family favorites like Teacup Puppies and Kittens as well as the more exotic Panda’s, Sheep, Elephants, Monkeys,Tigers, Rats, Bears and Bunny families.

A total of 11 new Teacup Families each with their own personality, style and a teacup. In case you are wondering what the significance of the teacup is well this could be inspired by the real life Teacup Pigs small enough to fit into a teacup.

Each of the Teacup Families comprises of different characters and play sets. The Teacup Family toys are likely to feature in this year’s holiday toy list and definitely make great stocking fillers, let’s see why.

Teacup Families
Teacup Families

What Do Teacup Families Toys Do?

If you are wondering what sets these toys apart from their counterparts, well Teacup Family toys are interactive they have movable arms and feet and speak up to 25 phrases. The diverse range of animals featured in the new Teacup family toy series is a great way for kids to learn about different animals and their habitats while they play. He Family theme highlights the importance of families as well as principles of sharing and looking out for each other. This can be a great tool for little siblings who have difficulty sharing their toys.

Teacup Puppies
Teacup Puppies

Teacup Doggies and Puppies

  • Dogs are man’s best friend it is no wonder that kids love them and often wish for them as holiday gifts. Toy puppies make a good substitute for teaching kids the responsibility of having a pet. The new Teacup Puppy toy range features 2 different dog breeds including the Domini Dalmatians Family and Woofus Retrievers Family.

    Special toy sets in the Teacup Puppies toy range includes the Mommy and Lil’ Doggies Bedtime set.

Teacup Families Domino Dalmation Family Home Sweet Home Playset

Teacup Families Domino Dalmation Family Home Sweet Home Playset
Teacup Families Domino Dalmation Family Home Sweet Home Playset | Source

Teacup Kitties

The Napscratch Cat family includes Mr. and Mrs. Napscratch and two kittens and pink teacups.

Teacup Bunnies

Teacup Bunnies

The Skipper Bunny family also includes 2 adult and 2 baby bunnies. The teacup bunnies come with lilac teacups.

List of Teacup Families Toys

Teacup Families Toys
Teacup Families Toys

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Teacup Families Crusin Family Van
Teacup Families Crusin Family Van

Teacup Families Clothing and Accessories

  • Similar to the first series of Teacup Piggies the Teacup Family toys will have their own outfits.
  • Accessories for the Teacup Families includes 12 limited edition sets called the Cruisin’ family Van, which can be used for any on the teacup families as well as a Neighborhood Playground Playset once kids have expanded their Teacup to collection.

Where to Buy Teacup Families Toys

  • Teacup Family Toys will be available at the following retailers:Target,Wal-Mart,Toys“R”Us,Kmart, Radio Shack, Walgreens, and QVC

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tlpoague profile image

tlpoague 5 years ago from USA

I am glad you shared this hub. Now I don't have to shop around for gifts for my nieces. I know we could only vote for one, but I loved the bears and mice. I am sure my nieces will love them all. Thanks again!

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 5 years ago Author

Hi tlpoague thanks for stopping by..glad you find this useful I am sure the Teacup Families will be a hit with kids the pint sized animals are simply adorable. I do find the bears rather cute too.

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