The First Game of Computer

John Romero, 1967
John Romero, 1967

Once my friend asking me about the first game in computer. I remain silent.

Now i have come to know, it was about 1988 when a programmer of Gra-Basic program the first game of computer, "Dangerous Dave". It was a flash game, programmed for Apple II & DOS.

He was John Romero who done a revolutionary work and create a new era for entertainment and open a new chapter in the field of computers.

He is continue in his work and made most popular games like Half Life. Some of his games are

Shadow Knights (1990)

Shadow caster (1993)

DOOM (1993)

Rise of the Triad: Dark War (1994)

DOOM (1995)

Quake (1996)

Half-Life (1998)

Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows (2005)

The original Dave
The original Dave
Different Stages
Different Stages


It was a single player flash game, programmed on DOS. The basic object of the game was to collect diamonds (of different colors having points according to their color) to move on to the next stage. It has total 10 stages and some "wrape zone" which is an additional bonus stage. After  the original 1988 publishing of Dangerous Dave , there have been three sequels and three parts of the original to other platforms.


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