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Tickle Me Elmo

We all know he is one of Sesame Street's most loved characters but is the Tickle Me Elmo worth buying? He was once one of the most hyped toys in history. He sold for up to $1500 with parents desperate to get one of the most popular toys for their little ones for Christmas.  But is TMX Elmo really a great toy?

Check out a review of the Tikle Me Elmo and see him for yourself on video. And if your child or even you (let's face it he is the character most of us grew up with) are an Elmo fan find out what other toys are available.

Adotable Tickle Me Elmo
Adotable Tickle Me Elmo

What Does Tickle Me Elmo Do?

The saying goes that laughter is contagious and this is the idea behind Tickle Me Elmo. This 15" high  Elmo has 3 tickle spots. If you tickle him on his chin, tummy or toe Elmo will start to move,laugh,giggle and talk.

It really is surprising quite how entertaining this is! I admit that I was reluctant to buy this for my toddler but he kept looking at it in the store and many times just didn't want to let it go. Finally of course I gave in and my 2 year old has had so many hours of fun from this toy. And yes I admit that I have a bit of a soft spot for Elmo too. You can't help but join in the laughter!

The TMX Tickle Me Elmo is a great interactive toy. The more you tickle him the more he moves and laughs. The Tickle Me Elmo does use six AA batteries which are included - these do seem to last quite a while. Any drawbacks? Don't buy this if you want a cuddly Elmo. Whilst he is very cute - this is Elmo after all - under the fur he has a hard body. But your child will love the interactive features and my son still carries his around with him so this really didn't seem to put him off.

Who can resist Elmo Live?
Who can resist Elmo Live?

Fisher Price Elmo Live

The Elmo Live toy is a great alternative to the Tickle Me version. He talks,waves sits and stands. Elmo is activated either by a tickle or a squeeze of the hand. He tells jokes and stories, even sings songs. This is a great toy for any preschooler. It is a very clever toy as it is very interactive and believable for your child. Elmo will ask for a hug and when your child responds he will even say 'Thank You'. It is features like this which make it very special for your child as they believe that Elmo really has come to life.

Elmo works best on a hard flat surface or he does tend to fall over. But even this is cute when it happens as Elmo will ask you to help him get back up!

This is a really good alternative to the Tickle Me Elmo. If you are looking for more interaction then this is probably the one you would choose. 

The New TMX Tickle Me Elmo

TMX Extra Special Edition Elmo

This is the newest version of Tickle Me Elmo. This one has all the features of the original Elmo toy but with some added special features. You have to find out the sequence of movements which will unlock even more interactive features. The TMX Special Edition Elmo arrives with a Rhyming Clue Card to start you on your way. All the other clues can be found on the TMX website.

Many buyers do feel that the Special Edition Elmo is an improvement on the 2006 version. The only drawback again is that under that fur is a very hard body - so this Elmo can't really be described as cuddly. But he is a wonderful interactive toy for a preschool child.

The TMX Elmo runs on 6 AA batteries which again last for a pretty reasonable amount of time and are included in the box. So you are going to be able to set up Elmo right out of the box.

Cuddle Me Elmo

If you are just looking for a very cute cuddly Elmo then this soft plush doll may be what you are looking for.  This 15" tall plush Elmo is a great size of toddlers. 

Elmo Tickle Hands

These new Elmo Tickle hands are a lot of fun and are fast becoming a bestseller. These big fury Elmo hands which have his picture on one side get your kids moving to Elmo's new dance! When your child puts the hands on and touches a surface they will begin to move just like Tickle Me Elmo.  Now it's time to learn The Tickle Hand Grove! Step by step the Tickle Hands will get your child dancing around the floor. Comes complete with an instructional DVD

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lakeerieartists profile image

lakeerieartists 7 years ago from Cleveland, OH

We are long past the stage of this toy. But it sounds like a great gift for young children. :)

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